(BHAD Teen Wolf Podcast)

Breathing room is overrated!

This week’s ep was really good and didn’t give us a lot to snark about. So instead we used all that extra free time to rant about EVERYTHING ELSE ON THIS SHOW!

Phew, we’ve been holding some of this in for a while so bear with us while @julianacg17, @metamewrongand Momo and I discuss:

-I messed up the order so the intro and Momo and I talking about the opening scene of Shananana. I might watch that show at some point. Probably not tho.

  • -I really liked this ep! The others? Hmm…
  • -Crazy Flash Forwards
  • -So much ranting about the wardrobe!
  • -A day in the life of Natalie Martin
  • -The Leverage feel of this episode
  • -Scali
  • -Who’s Danny?
  • -Who’s Deucalion?
  • -Malia’s “Man on the Inside”
  • -What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?

And so much more!

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ps.  This is REALLY heavy with Malia/Stalia/Shelley crit.  I know some of you are her stans and you’re long suffering and still listen to the podcast which I appreciate, but this ep… y’all might wanna sit this one out, I’m just saying.  

The next one we’ll do better!  Lol!