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Throughout history, regardless of culture or country of origin, some firearms have been decorated to exquisite detail. These pieces, usually commissioned by those of wealth and status, were displayed like works of art and rarely actually discharged. This trend went into decline during the mid-19th century, when industrialization made mass-production possible and thus individually crafted firearms became a thing of the past.

1. A Sri Lankan “toe-lock” gun with an ivory-inlaid butt. Early 18th century. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

2. Christian V’s rifle, signed Lars Berrig, Trunheim. Made in Norway, c.1685. Tøjhusmuseet, Copenhagen

3. Charles XI’s rifle, made in Sweden, c.1650. Livrustkammaren, Stockholm

4. Small-bore rifle made in France, c.1640. A.R. Dufty Collection

5. Rifle, signed Marin le Bourgeoys, Lisieux. Made in France, c.1605. State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

6. Rifle, signed Jean Conrad Tournier, Massevaux. Made in France, 1646. Tower of London Collection


Melanin from the South Asia: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. 

Many people from those countries are underappreciated for their skin and beauty. Sometimes it’s our own people think the lighter skin is more glamorous than the darker/brown skin and because of that many people (especially young girls and women) feel insecure of their skin, including me. I just want to point out that having a dark or brown skin is not a flaw but, a blessing and those who have dark/ brown skin should embrace it. 

Thank you. Please reblog it and spread this around. I want people to notice how beautiful my people are. 

Help Save Mayuran - A 22-yr old Sri Lankan Male

Mayuran was born in 1989 in a small town in Sri Lanka, he migrated to Canada with his family at the age of 4. Mayuran completed his elementary and secondary education in Toronto and was just starting to live life peacefully with many hopes and ambitions. In the summer of 2011 Mayuran noticed a big bruise on his right leg which he thought was from playing basketball. Then a few days later his testicles started to swell and he was rushed to the emergency. Blood tests soon revealed the truth: leukemia.  Testing at Princess Margaret Hospital provided him with a definitive diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), cancer of the white blood cells.

Mayuran has spent a total of 5 months at the Princess Margaret Hospital battling not just leukemia but also anemia, kidney failure and blood clots. His first round of chemotherapy wasn’t successful as it relapsed.  A second round of chemotherapy was administered, however he responded with severe fever and infection and he was sent to the ICU at the Mount Sinai Hospital. While in the ICU Mayuran was in very critical condition and was put on oxygen and dialysis. After spending 6 weeks in the ICU, he was transferred back to the Princess Margaret Hospital.  He was unable to walk and was in bed-rest for 4 months.  Mayuran is now at Bridgepoint Hospital receiving rehab treatments for neuropathic pain so that he can gain the ability to walk again.

In February 2012 Mayuran received devastating news that he is in need of a bone marrow transplant, however there is a very limited donor population among the South Asian community. Ethnic groups are underrepresented in the network and finding the perfect bone marrow donor is quite difficult.  Mayuran desperately needs a bone marrow transplant to survive.  His best chance is a bone marrow match from a South Asian donor.  

So anyone from a South Asian descent who is between 17-50 years old and in generally good health is asked to get a swab test done to identify if they are the right match. Even if you are not from South Asia please donate as you could be the perfect match for another individual battling cancer or other life threatening diseases. If you know someone who is from South Asia please encourage them to get the swab test done also and please pass this message on. 

You may be the one to save Mayuran! 

All that you need to do right now is a simple mouth swab.  In order to register you just have to visit

For people in and around Toronto:

1. Event - AMYA -Tahir Hall
Location - 10610 Jane Street, Maple ON
Date/Time - March 18, 2012 1pm-5pm

2. Event - National Chinese Stem Cell Drive
Location - Splendid China Mall, 4675 Steeles Ave. SC,ON
Date/Time - March 31, 2012 11am-5pm

3. Event - National Chinese Stem Cell Drive
Location - Agincourt Mall, 3850 Sheppard Ave. SC,ON
Date/Time - March 31, 2012 11am-5pm


Sri Lankan Elephant - Mixed media 18x24"- Watercolor, pencil, acrylic and charcoal - Crystal Smith

Did you know that the endangered Sri Lankan elephant is protected by their government and killing one of these animals carries the death penalty?

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