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Charvy, Squirtpig and Bulbawott

Charmander and Snivy, Squirtle and Tepig and Bulbasaur and Oshawott fusions

Charvy: Fire/Grass type, Squirtpig: Water type, Bulbawott: Water/Grass type

Abilities: Charvy - Blaze, Squirtpig - Torrent, Bulbawott - Overgrow

Charvy - The Fire Salamander pokemon, Squirtpig - The Shelled Pig pokemon, Bulbawott - The Bulb Cap pokemon

These three fusions all like to play.  Charvy is very friendly but is very self-conscious of its tail as it is made of fire.  Squirtpig squirts water out of its nose; it thinks its charming but its actually disgusting.  Bulbawott’s bulb cap releases spores that make other pokemon feel calm and bring a smile to their face.

Request for snoof5.  These were fun to make. I hope you like them!