Pokemon Monopoly

Enjoy a game of Monopoly like never before as you play as your favorite starter Pokemon! Combining the series with the classic trading game, you will travel around the Kanto region providing hours of fun, ending in either riches or tears. Gotta buy ’em all!

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If there’s any indication that I’m a slow-ass Nuzlocker, Donahue still hasn’t recovered from the head trauma I gave him two years ago, and you can still see the bruise:

I always thought it’d translate into at least a head bandage in his human form - and make him look like the pathetic sadsack you know him all to be. But let’s be real, Donny’s the five year old you know that LIKES to show off the places where he scraped his knee. 

Let’s just be glad Moira’s the grownup in this relationship.