The King of the Squirrels has returned…


Please try to ignore the fact that these squirrels are both sorely in need of Squirrel Underpants. We know their nakedness is distressing, but the cuteness of these photos makes it well worth powering through the awkwardness. 

Russian photographer Vadim Trunov (previously featured here) ventured into the snowy forest outside the city of Voronezh in western Russia where he set out a variety of props and proceeded to capture an awesome series of photos as a pair of wild squirrels playing on his makeshift winter set. Thanks to careful staging, at one point the squirrels even appear to be building a snowman and photographing each other doing it.

Visit Vadim’s 500px page to view many more of his amazing and entertaining wildlife photos.

[via PetaPixel]


The Brain Scoop:
How to Taxidermy a Squirrel 

WE’RE BAAAAAAAACK in the lab with Anna, featuring guest host Katie Innamorato of afterlifeanatomy! There are a number of significant differences between the art of taxidermy and the preparation of specimens in museums for research purposes. Join us in this gutsy (LOL PUN) exploration of art and science!

The Grossometer level is moderate in this one, but heads up for blood and guts!