What if….? 

Based on this ask I got yesterday - what if Sandstorm & Dustpelt became mates? Like I said i don’t think their relationship would last very long, as Sandstorm would be too bossy and dominant over Dustpelt and she wouldn’t be satisfied with him as a mate. The two break up before their kits become apprentices, and Dustpelt eventually becomes mates with Ferncloud, with Sandstorm going on to become deputy. 

Shrewkit, Leafkit, Squirrelkit, Spiderkit 

Took a little break from the AU babies to draw some other babies! Have a good firedad with his many beautiful children (and wife)

Also, I know there’s a significant age gap between Bramble and Squirrel but I still thought it would be cute for him to end up crawling into the nest with them as babies. Consider it an AU if you will.

Warrior Cats: Untold Tales characters! My niece got the game and we played it together, she named what few cats she could and they’re actually pretty good. The top is our character SunFire, then her mate BreezeWhisker and, their kits (two of which are made up) SquirrelKit, RingKit and, GleamKit. I tried to be a lb it more stylized in their designs but not much, so if you like this I’ll try to do more of it!

Also sorry I haven’t been posting as often I got a job recently and haven’t had much time to relax, let alone draw. Anyways, have a good day guys and enjoy!

IDK if chattering is a house cat thing or not but I’m just gonna assume it is (and, therefore, it is for this kitty world), since feral cats don’t really make a whole lot of noise.

So just imagine Firestar and Graystripe laying around Sunningrocks (y’know, between fights for it) in the middle of Greenleaf, and this sparrow happens to fly by. Firestar lifts his head off his paws, mildly amused (they’re all well-fed and it’s too high to catch anyway) and starts chattering at it without even thinking about it.

Graystripe immediately sits up. Bro, bro. Bro, what in StarClan was that?

Firestar stops because AW CRAP THIS IS A KITTYPET THING ISN’T IT and gets all worried that cats are gonna start whispering about his blood and whether he’s a true leader again but Graystripe is like nah, dude, just tell me how to do that. That noise was so weird, I like it.

So Graystripe becomes the first ThunderClan-blood warrior to chatter, and he’s, like, so into it. He thinks it’s the silliest noise a cat could make and he wants everybody to hear it. The kits laugh and join in- the apprentices do it as a joke but it ends up sticking. The elders scoff and put their heads on their paws, ultimately giving it a try when some uppity apprentice dares them to try. Firestar is walking around camp one day and almost trips over his fluffy ginger paws when he hears Sandstorm- his serious, no-nonsense Sandstorm- chattering at Leafkit and Squirrelkit. She tells him it’s something she imagined the kits would have a lot of fun with.

The other Clans are baffled and oddly amused as chattering sweeps over the Gathering every full moon. The odd warrior will latch onto it, but mostly it’s just a ThunderClan thing.

And that’s how ThunderClan got the name for being a Chattering Clan.

one of my fave things is thinking that the clans have certain nicknames / cute lil phrases like:

riverclan - calls their kits guppies / it’s sorta an affectionate term for others; usually most fish names can be used in any sort of way but GUPPY is the biggest one

windclan - BUNNY is their main term of affection like. “you’re a cute bunny!” or “all of you bunnies come out for training” things like that, bunny is basically a big term of endearment ok

shadowclan - tadpole is their main one, and it’s where sasha got tadpole’s name idea from; shadowclan cats seldom show huge affection, but the nickname still carries on

thunderclan - fledgling became apart of their vocabulary after some skyclan cats moved to their clan, and squirrel(s) is surprisingly another term of endearment!! it’s cute cus firestar didnt realize that squirrel was a cute nickname in thunderclan and he was like “yeah im gonna name my daughter squirrelkit cus that’s all sandstorm ever called me haha”

I have this headcannon that since sandstorm got stuck in the queens den with her children she became bored so she gave them terrible relationship advice on how to act towards your partners based on how hers turned out. So Squirrelkit is listening intently and Leafkit is standing there in confusion at what they’re talking about. Maybe I’ll make a comic of this one day…

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I hope Firestar told Squirrelkit and Leafkit the tales of warriors from when he first joined the clans bc I refuse to believe those two came up with Lion- out of the blue.

probably!! i like to think that gray, sand, fire and dust all sat around telling stories and jokes about when they were young apprentices to leaf, squirrel, spider and shrew 

honestly i love thinking that longtail was sorta nervous to meet squirrelkit and leafkit at first bc even if he and firestar were cool now and friends even, he still didn’t know how firestars beloved daughters would react to him

so i can just imagine squirrelkit & leafkit sorta crashing into the elders den and finally asking longtail some questions and asking for stories and then finally:

“so is it true our dad fought you??? like he really fought you when he first came to thunderclan????”

and longtail lets out this Deep sigh that he gets whenever he has to retell the story and he just flicks his tattered ear like “yeah, his first day here, when he was six moons old, he gave me this tear in my ear and really showed me up.” and longtail is just sorta smiling as leafkit and squirrelkit sorta chatter in amazement bc they didn’t realize their dad was SO COOL

Brambleclaw was made a warrior at the very beginning of Firestar’s Quest, and Squirrelflight was born toward the very end, so I’ll bet baby Squirrelkit latched onto him because he was Firestar’s apprentice once.

Brambleclaw comes home from patrol and suddenly his tail has been possessed by tiny teeth and claws. She refuses to let go, forcing him to drag his tail across the clearing and over to the nursery to get Sandstorm. She likes the stripes on it, she tells her mother innocently; it’s a bit like Leafkit, only bigger.

Brambleclaw eating prey with Graystripe and Brackenfur one day and practically bursting with pride at how ImportantTM this is for a warrior when plop! Squirrelkit’s on his back, demanding he give her a badger ride. The deputy and older warrior are very politely not laughing, but it’s impossible for him to not feel embarrassed. 

“Squirrelkit, please be quiet, we’re in the middle of a meeting. I let you come, didn’t I? Just sit between my front paws and-” “BRAMBLECLAW HAS A FLUFFY BELLY” “That is a very targeted statement. And a lie.”

He gets fed up and starts spurning her, ignoring her existence. Firestar’s kin or not, she’s not worth all this.  Squirrelkit, on the other paw, had actually really enjoyed Brambleclaw, and had thought they were buddies. When he lifts his tail out of reach and rolls onto his side when she climbs him it’s a blow to her kit heart. Didn’t he like her anymore? 

The idea of her being egotistical and demanding begins to form into his mind, cementing as she’s made an apprentice, while Squirrelpaw decides he’s stuck up and boring to shield herself from the hurt, which is why they’re so irritable with each other at the beginning of the new prophecy books. Squirrelpaw had overstepped his boundaries as a kit and didn’t even know it because Brambleclaw never told her.

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I'd love to hear more about the tawnyflower/star au you've got! ur art is adorable btw

!!!! Ty!!! And i’d be more than happy to talk abt it!!

(regarding this post)

- Like I mentioned before, Bramblepaw ends up joining ShadowClan and Tawnypaw stays with Thunderclan. Brackenfur continues to mentor her until she receives her warrior name

- Also like I mentioned before, Tawnyflower views Firestar as somewhat of a father figure (and Sandstorm as a mother figure, to an extent, though Tawnyflower has Goldenflower there for her). When Squirrelkit and Leafkit are born, Tawnyflower immediately views them as baby sisters, and they’re all basically a big family

- When Cinderpelt receives the vision about Tiger and Fire destroying the forest, Firestar tries to keep Tawnyflower away from his kids just to be safe. This really hurts Tawnyflower, who doesn’t know why Firestar is treating her like this, and thought that she had his trust above all else in the Clan (who still treat her fairly poorly, since she has a pretty similar personality to the brash and snappy Tigerstar)

- All of the second arc prophecy cats are the same, with Tawnyflower being the representative of ThunderClan and Brambleclaw being the rep of ShadowClan (and of course, Squirrelpaw joins Tawnyflower, and both these sisters r super happy that they can hang out together without Firestar being weird abt it)

- Crowpaw still likes Feathertail, but the feeling isn’t quite reciprocated. Feathertail heard of the tragedies that befell her mother Silverstream and her great-grandmother Fallowtail, who suffered because of these forbidden relationships. Feathertail regards him like a kid with a crush, and remains friendly with him

- It’s Stormfur who dies for the Tribe, and his friends mourn his death 

- In this au, Crowpaw asked to be name Crowstorm after his dead friend

- Tigerstar is still trying to influence his children to act out to his will. Tawnyflower immediately dismisses him, not wanting anything to do with him. Brambleclaw, however, buckles under the pressure of trying to impress everyone and trains with him. Tawnyflower has to deal with the pressure of keeping her clan under control (ESPECIALLY after being made deputy), keeping tabs on her friends in other Clans, and trying to look out for her brother

- Bramble and Squirrel slowly fall in love over the course of the journey, and Brambleclaw struggles between his loyalty to ShadowClan and his loyalty to his father and his feelings for Squirrelflight. In the end, Brambleclaw leaves ShadowClan to be with his mate, his sister and his mom

- Leaf x Crow still happens in this, with both of them running away, only to return to save the Clan from badgers. In the end, Leafpool stays behind in ThunderClan, like canon. However, Crowstorm doesn’t have the same reputation as she does, and is exiled. His friends try to insist that he’s welcome in ThunderClan, and Crow is thankful, but instead he runs away to join the Tribe

- (I’m not quite sure how Breezepelt is gonna work in this au; I’m thinking he’s probably just gonna be a kid of Nightcloud and someone else who grows up happier than he did in canon)

- Feathertail becomes deputy under Mistystar

- Leafpool still ends up having Holly, Lion and Jay, and they are raised as Squirrel and Bramble’s kits. Tawnyflower has a Pretty Good Feeling that they’re Crowstorm’s kids, because she’s got fuckign eyes, but says nothing

- When the Three end up visiting the Tribe, Crowstorm greets his friends with friendliness; he’s found peace and happiness in the Tribe and honoring Stormfur’s spirit. He regards Jaypaw, Hollypaw, and Lionpaw with warmth, believing them to be the kits of two of his closest friends

- Hollyleaf and Jayfeather keep their usual names (Jay being named after Feathertail specifically); Lion, however, is named Lionstorm after his bio dad

- (I’m actually not sure what to do abt Tawnyflower’s kits??? I haven’t decided on that yet)

- When the secret about the Three’s parents gets out, it’s Lionstorm instead of Holly that absolutely loses it (due to the hyper aggression that had been building up the entire series, as well as the prospect of having these StarClan-granted-powers getting to his head). He kills Ashfur, reveals the secret at a Gathering, attempts to kill Leafpool, and then runs away

- It doesn’t take Hollyleaf long to realize that she doesn’t have any sort of StarClan-granted power. However, she works the hardest out of anyone in the Clan to make things right. She helps Dovepaw learn about her powers (and is her mentor), she sympathizes with Ivypaw about not being ‘special’, and she and Briarlight both make sure Jayfeather isn’t slowly going mental due to stress

- Lionstorm does end up returning to the Clan with Crowstorm, revealing that he had ran away to join the Tribe. They both help the Clan prepare for the battle with the Dark Forest (Crowstorm also knows that he’s the Three’s dad at this point, and tries to be somewhat of a fatherly figure to his kits. Except for Lionstorm, who’s been staying with him and is used to this, it’s V E R Y awkward for everyone; it’s awkward for Jay and Holly, it’s awkward for the Three’s foster parents, and it’s awkward for the entire Clan that worked hard to pretend that these kits weren’t super forbidden.)

- Lionstorm dies in the final battle, and his death is greatly mourned. Crowstorm decides to stay in ThunderClan after that, not wanting the same fate to befall his other two kids if he can’t help it

- Once Firestar dies, Tawnyflower becomes Tawnystar. She offers the deputy position to Squirrelfight, who politely refuses. Instead, Hollyleaf becomes deputy of ThunderClan

- AAAAAAAND YEA thats more or less the au it’s got Tawnystar and Featherstar and future Hollystar and honestly what else could u want

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I love the warrior dad headcanons so much, but do you have any warrior mom headcanons? I'd love to hear them!!!

- sandstorm was a rly supportive mom?? like she was so into both of her daughters interests and was like ‘okay leafkit yeah u help squirrelkit patch up her paw, wow cinderpelt would be so proud!!!” and “squirrelkit ok yes i know u wanna fight spiderkit but maybe fight a mossball instead? for now??”

- goldenflower is like the BEST mom and just,,, the mom of thunderclan. shes a sweetheart and not only did she love her three babies w/ her whole heart, but she still is super super sweet to stormfur and feathertail and checks up on them; she helped willowpelt w/ sorrelkit, rainkit, and sootkit after whitestorm died; she was rly supportive of her niece, brightheart, after her injury and did her best to remind brightheart that no, shes not mad at her for swiftpaw’s death, that shes very proud of both of them

- graypool had the biggest sharp tongue and was sorta super grumpy buuuut the only ones who never got her sharp tongue was her kittens. stonefur and mistyfoot didnt get why everyone was so scared of graypool or thought she was a grouch fndkfdls like they were like “but our mom is cool?? huh”

- frostfur had a pawful w/ raising four kittens but she did the best she could and all her kittens are so,,, so precious to her; she just nuzzles them and does her best to make sure that they grew up loved and happy and knew who their papa was

- willowpelt did her best fro all of her kittens; it was hard, esp w/ her oldest, but willowpelt had a hard life and tried her dang bestest - she worked her butt off to make sure all her kittens had a good life ok

- brightheart was a wonderful mama to whitewing and they’re really close?? whitewing never for a second was scared of her face and the first thing she did as a kitten was give it a big lick and nuzzle her bc she didnt see it as frightening or anything