Squier Telecaster


kinda also want to put this one up jazzblaster.

this is an entry level squier affinity, but they don’t usually come in seafoam or whatever, so i was intrigued to see what that was about. 

turns out this one is one of a couple hundred squier affinity telecasters they shipped as a custom order to this UK supplier in the 90’s and it has full thickness alder body rather than half size or plywood or whatever. Fender pickups, strung through body and rosewood fingerboard. Pretty weird find I thought? sounds immense, so much beefier than the other affinities!

I’m getting this baby in a few weeks.  I could have gotten the Standard Telecaster, but I honestly like the sound of the Affinity better.  Which is cool, since it’s cheaper.
And then I’m going to fix up the pick guard with a pattern of these cool Ouran High stickers I found… and then maybe find some plastic seal or something to protect the stickers…  Anyway, I’m so excited!

Squier Stratocaster , Squier Telecaster, Dean Vendetta XM?

I’m considering buying an electric guitar and because I’m a new player, I don’t want to spend a large amount of money on a guitar until I know for sure and certain that this is what I want to do. So anyway, I’ve narrowed it down to three: the Squier Stratocaster, the Squier Telecaster, or the Dean Vendetta XM.

For my musical tastes, I listen to a lot of hard rock/metal like Motorhead, Pantera, Nirvana, Dio, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Black Sabbath, and the Scorpions however I do like more mellow tunes. Not like Eric Clapton or maybe Bruce Springsteen although I do respect those two as artists but I mainly want the option open. If I want to play ‘Ace of Spades’ on it, I can play 'Walk’ on it. And if I want to play something like 'Polly’, I can. So for the qualities I listed, which of the three is the best for that?


2003 Squier Affinty Telecaster 

I was given this beat-up Telecaster a few months ago, it was in a right state with a very dented neck, jack held in with tape and the odd smattering of blood. Well I managed to find a suitable donor Telecaster to provide a new neck, pickguard, jackplate, saddles etc. The knobs came off a baritone Telecaster though. Bit of a mongrel but plays pretty well, ready for some more abuse!

Not my first guitar, but the first one I ever bought with my earned dollars. In October of 2000 I bought this Squier Fat Telecaster from Steve’s Music in Toronto. $350 paid in monthly instalments. I had to sell it a few years later when times were tough but I always loved the sound of this badboy, and would gladly buy another one if ever I come across the same model.

The acoustic next to it is a MIJ Aria which I sold along with the tele. It had beautiful low action and a helluva sound.

On the desk was an SM-58 and a Yamaha MT-50 4-track, which I used for several years to record all my tape demos.

Good days they were.


you’d think after playing bass for a few years and guitar, i would finally develop some….what the hell….it shouldn’t be this hard…i know i have random spells where i’m not playing a lot because i don’t have the time but i’m sick of it hurting when i wanna do a marathon session….all i wanna do is use my pick of destiny guitar pick on my rolling rock squier telecaster and play some iron maiden…is that too much to ask for?