The new episode of Baman Piderman has sealed the deal for SquibxPumkin to be my newest OTP. Lindsay and Alex, you guys know how to make your fans happy.


First off, if you’ve never watched “Baman Piderman” then you have never seen the greatest, funniest, cutest web series on the planet.

Secondly, this is my all-time favorite episode ever. You won’t understand it completely, but when I watched it, I died of cuteness overload.

And that’s not something I say very often.


Okay, my lover tried to pull a prank on me…. But failed! We had been talking about having another squib week, and they decided they wanted to pull the first prank. They basically ended up pranking themself.

We were trying to figure something out on a website because the link wasn’t working for me, and they tried to jumpscare me with a scream that sounded like it was from fnaf. It didn’t scare me, but it went off a second time and scared Squib.

Try harder next time, babe.