Spyro Ripto's Rage

What your fav Spyro 2 level says about YOU!!

glimmer: aesthetic as all hell. watches steven universe and collects gem geodes. hates moneybags

idol springs: likes to dance!! takes a lot of aderral PROBABLY. still cant figure out the yellow blocks puzzle

collusus: obsessed with cryptids?? probably calls mothman their bf or whatever.

hurricos: SUCH a nice and calm person!! looks moody like all the time but we all know they just straight chillin

sunny beach: idk what to tell you. you’re probably a sadist

aquaria towers: kinda scary but in a good way?? listens to deep house and likes neons. wants to go to the club every weekend. Chaotic good

crush’s dungeon: their default setting is ?????????. uses ‘like’ all the time

summer forest: so full of sunshine and joy. Possibly a fairy. still likes flower crowns and probably wants to go to coachella

skelos badlands: actually quite popular but they are really kind so a lot of people are drawn to them! they have this like…..iconic aura.

crystal glacier: has an aesthetic that knocks people dead,, the ‘hard shell soft inside’ stereotype. INTJ maybe. hates money bags 

breeze harbour: a night owl!!! loves drama and lurks on social media. A “fight me in the pit” type person. authoritarian left 

zephyr: a history buff with straight As in school. an Earth person….and theyre under 5 ft. authoritarian right 

scorch: super bubbly!! in a million fandoms, calls people their cinnamon roll. misses gravity falls

fracture hills: gay 

magma cone: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh lawful evil. meme dealer. hates moneybags 

shady oasis: kind of closed off but they are SUPER COOL. watches chopped and Hell’s Kitchen..has some really weird secrets 

gulp’s overlook: watches lets plays and speedruns like all the time. likes hans zimmer. doesnt know how to use makeup

autumn plains: ACTUALLY fell from the sky cos theyre an angel!! they just radiate peace omg 

mystic marsh: they are so weird I love it!! We all do!!! they have the best stories but are waaayyy too clumsy i am sorry 

cloud temple: loves metal gear solid. people dont joke on them because they will DRAG them back..impossibly high standards

metropolis: unironically likes vaporwave. watches too much anime. they are really intelligent but have zero street skills

robotica farms: disattached from the social dogma 

ripto’s arena: is a theatre kid and broadway stan. likes to play games on the difficult setting.

winter tundra: they are just so cute and sweet, really anxious too. and they run like 7 aesthetic blogs for some reason.

New Spyro Pattern!

Hey Guys!

I’ve recently put up a new Spyro pattern in the shop featuring Zoe (who’s wand has transparency info!) Hunter, Mr. Moneybags, Sparx, Fodder sheep and fodder butterfly. All the elements in this pattern are also listed individually in the store.

There’s also another Spyro pattern in the works right now. It will feature Sheila, Sgt. Bryd, Bently and Agent 9! Agent 9 is already up as well!

Here’s just a few examples below, if you want to go check it out, click here

Thanks guys!