‘Aisles Have Eyes’ Warns That Brick-And-Mortar Stores Are Watching You

Consumers have grown accustomed to the idea of online retailers amassing information about them, but author Joseph Turow says that now physical stores are doing it too: 

“Sometimes [retailers] get the data based on what you do online. Sometimes they may get the data based on how you’re walking through the store with your phone on, if you have the right app or with Wi-Fi even. Sometimes they may get the data based upon your walking outside and your app is connected to GPS, and they actually can track where you’re moving in the outside world.”

In recent days, there have been reports of:

-a Russian spy ship patrolling off the US East Coast http://nbcnews.to/2kriHzK

-Russian jets buzzing a US destroyer in the Black Sea http://nbcnews.to/2lhLt5u

-a secret deployment of a new Russian cruise missile that US officials say violates a landmark arms control treaty, according to a New York Times report. http://nyti.ms/2lGUaGZ

Altogether, the actions by the Russians are not common in recent years, but they are not unprecedented. Some actions, such as the ship patrols, occur much more often than the rare missile movements.

The Trump administration has not reacted to the actions. Pres. Trump was not asked any questions on Russia during his news conference Wednesday, but as it ended, reporters attempted to question him in relation to Russia and Gen. Flynn, and he did not respond.

It’s a bird,“ a nearby girl whispered.
“No, it’s a plane,” the boy seated behind him said.
“Oh, fuck me,” Alfred blurted out. “It’s a drone!”

The class turned in their seats to stare at him and then several stood up to look.

“Everyone!” Mr. Galante said, setting down his marker, he tried to calm the class. “Back to your seats. What’s this about a…” He trailed off, gaping out the window.

While a couple meters away, Alfred could see the drone’s camera fixed on him. He had never wanted to shoot something out of the sky more than he did now.

Fucking Braginski.

—  Alfred F. Jones, America (Fanfiction, Boys Over Toys by NihonBara)
Hopefully I recall everything correctly

Okay, but also? Danny spied on both Jazz and Sam. Both girls yelled at him, but to be fair Jazz was under partial possession.
Sam expected Danny to apologize after he made it clear that he didn’t trust Gregor and roped Tucker into shunning him until he did so.
Even when he was partially correct, Sam STILL expected him to apologize.
Danny does the same thing to Jazz. She gets frustrated with him and takes him home so their parents deal with him. BUT THATS IT. Jazz, even under partial possession, understood what Danny was trying to do. That he was concerned and didn’t trust Johnny.
Sam and Tucker pull the same shit, except they spy on more than one date. Sam isn’t even doing it because she’s concerned, she’s jealous. Because while Technus was pushing them together, Danny and Val provided the chemistry on their own. Technus gave neither of them false information. And the only reason they spied on them was that Technus was up to something? Then tell Danny so he can fix it. His relationship may have been originally spurred by Technus but he was still capable of fighting him. No one apologized to Danny for spying and eventually ruining his relationship.
Jazz and Johnny, Sam and Gregor? Both would have collapsed eventually. Sam would have found out the truth and someone(probably still Danny) would have gotten her out of there. Spying on others still isn’t okay, I don’t endorse it. But Danny didn’t ruin anyone’s damn relationship.
(Feel free to go back to these episodes and bring specific examples to confirm or deny if you like.)

Despite what you’ve heard, Signal and WhatsApp haven’t been compromised…. yet

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks trumpeted the release of what they proclaimed is a treasure trove of damning CIA documents outlining the agency’s portfolio of hacking tools. They call it “Vault7.”

And then, in a few now-deleted tweets, WikiLeaks said the CIA can “bypass” encrypted messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp, effectively implying users who believe they are safe communicating confidentially with these apps are vulnerable to CIA surveillance. Read more. (3/11/17, 12:14 PM)