Why We Celebrate?

I don’t expect you to understand, but let me try to explain. I hope I speak for most Spurs fans.

Tottenham are not a club that’s going to spend £200m on players in one summer - not because they can’t, but because that’s not their philosophy. Therefore, as Spurs fans the things we take pride in are different to what, let’s say, Chelsea fans take pride in.

21-year-old Harry Winks, who came through the academy and is a life-long Spurs supporter, shining at Bernabéu while players like Toni Kroos and Luka Modrid are on the pitch makes us happy and proud, it excites us. 

The fact that Tottenham were without 4 key players (practically had no left-back and the only available defensive midfielder had to play at the back) and still managed to get a draw against the Champions of Europe, what is more without ‘parking the bus’ makes us proud and is a reason for us to celebrate.

Oh wait! Spurs didn’t just survive, they could have won!

He’s been criticised in the last few months, but Hugo Lloris put on an impressive performance exactly when the team needed it the most. That makes us proud.

The fact that Spurs were drawn into the ‘group of death’ but won 7 out of 9 possible points in the first three games when no one expected them to perform well make us extremely proud.

I could go on but if you don’t want to understand, if you don’t want to see beyond position in the table, trophies won, etc. you will not understand and it’s not worth trying to explain further.

*probably something I will delete later

This man in the Oval Office is a soulless coward who thinks that he can only become large by belittling others. This has of course been a common practice of his, but to do it in this manner—and to lie about how previous Presidents responded to the deaths of soldiers—is as low as it gets. We have a pathological liar in the White House: unfit intellectually, emotionally, and psychologically to hold this office and the whole world knows it, especially those around him every day. The people who work with this President should be ashamed because they know it better than anyone just how unfit he is, and yet they choose to do nothing about it. This is their shame most of all.
—  Gregg Popovich

By the way, did you know that there’s an officially licensed album of Transformers inspired music that isn’t connected to any particular movie or series or anything, it just simply exists because what the hell?

And it’s great?