Sprites of @ask-grillby‘s UF Grillbz design for @team-spritedgy-official! They’re making an Underfell fangame and it’s already got a pre-demo! I wasn’t sure what “front” entailed so have this mess. I had a lot of fun with those pants. If it wasn’t obvious.

These are free to use, just like my other sprites. Download the .zip file HERE! (This is a must. The spritesheet above was enlarged so it wasn’t so blurry.)

These sprites are referenced from Grillby of Undertale, by Toby Fox.



Hey! It’s been a while. Working on a ton of stuff at the moment! I need to figure out a good way to make 3D Sprites with more then 4 colors & I wanted to really refine my 3D sprite process. 

I decided to make a little project out of it and… here you go!

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I also have a youtube channel! Mostly Timelapses but you guys might like.