So I saw a certain photoset of Genrations Arcee doing some heavy lifting, and I was skeptical as to it being done without external support. So I cracked out my Arcee, to see if she could do it

I started small, to see if she was even sturdy enough to hold any other bot. She was

Next size class up, and still no problems

A bot more than twice her size, and barely breaking a sweat

It took a while to find the right position, but she managed to god damn hold Ultra Magnus, who I can assure you is not a lightweight

But now I wanted to take it one step further than the original. I wanted to try for a combiner. Annoyingly all the smaller combiners were so awkwardly shaped and weighted she couldn’t even get a grip. However the biggest one, while way to big to hold by the middle, was a success

So yeah I now love this toy even more, and we’re getting married.

herebelife  asked:

please tell me all about erke, how long is he with you, who are his parents, what's his personality, how soft are his gorgeous curls, how big are his feet, how big is his tongue, whats his favourite game??

Sure!! I’m staying with him until his owners (sister+husband) come home on Monday. He’s 5,5 years old, and he is by Night Wish Darrem Canis and Barecho Fly Me To The Moon.

Erke is a big, wimpy, clumsy, loving, loud, hearty puppy. He was intended as a hunting dog - his breeders are no strangers to field and tracking champions - but alas,  he’s dumb as rocks and botched his trials.

He has curls any 30s actress would kill or die for, and an endless supply of them. And thanks to medical needs keeping him on a diet that makes his coat kinda meh, they will stay on you and with you, always. He’s also one of those rare dogs that look very balanced and still manage to have about 20lbs of nozzle, which he demonstrated earlier today by planting it on my face in the middle of a vertical jump.

Erke hardly ever barks. Erke screams and howls and whines and yowls instead. You tell him to stop licking your bare knees in the morning, he’ll respond with sorrow loud enough to give you tinnitus. You leave him out a minute too long in the afternoon, the neighbours start preparing for a funeral. But when he’s happy he says hoff-hoff-hoff and if you sit down with him and hoff back he says HOFF-HOFF-HOFF and is a cheerful dog.

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Oh, and his feet are alright I guess.