I think there’s a little bit of genius somewhere deep within Rodimus, but even his genius is kinda stupid. I love this guy, I really do, but come on.

This is all transcript from the actual episode, with the exception of the last panel, but that’s only because we never got to hear Springer’s thoughts.

From G1 Transformers Season 3, Episode 4 “The Five Faces of Darkness Part 4”.


Happy Halloween everyone 。・:*三( ε:)) !!!

Here’s some Wrecker babies in Halloween theme!

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My Previews wrecker babies post


Happy 10th Birthday to my handsome Tucker! <3

We were told when he was 8 he had a few months to live. I prayed for a 9th birthday… and here he is at 10. It’s a very emotional one for me since I thought I was going to lose my best friend. I am so very happy and thankful to be able to share his 10th birthday with him and to see him so happy for all of it!

Happy Birthday handsome!! I hope you had a great day <3

I have tons more photos to share, but I could never get through them all today!


transformers is slowly turning me into a decent human being. It’s terrifying.


My gift for Alex Milne~✿✽゚+。

I don’t know what have come to him to follow me nowadays, but I’m honored about it >///<* I adore him and everything he draws very much! I may be such an amateur artist but I hope you liked my drawing gift for you..! I tried hard to practice drawing detailed robots nowadays just so if I could try to apply IDW someday… x_x;; (But I forgot I can’t draw backgrounds wehh) Anyway, Thank you very much again Milne!!! I hope to meet you someday in Botcon next year..!! (๑╯ω╰๑)❤

And also…

Here’s your baby Bee, dyemooch :-0