My first speedpaint of my illustration for @rungs-eyebrows‘s cover fan novel book, Wrecker Babies!! Unfortunately the colors in the video were kinda off, it wasn’t supposed to look like that… But I can leave a preview of the original looks! 

So I saw a certain photoset of Genrations Arcee doing some heavy lifting, and I was skeptical as to it being done without external support. So I cracked out my Arcee, to see if she could do it

I started small, to see if she was even sturdy enough to hold any other bot. She was

Next size class up, and still no problems

A bot more than twice her size, and barely breaking a sweat

It took a while to find the right position, but she managed to god damn hold Ultra Magnus, who I can assure you is not a lightweight

But now I wanted to take it one step further than the original. I wanted to try for a combiner. Annoyingly all the smaller combiners were so awkwardly shaped and weighted she couldn’t even get a grip. However the biggest one, while way to big to hold by the middle, was a success

So yeah I now love this toy even more, and we’re getting married.


Happy Halloween everyone 。・:*三( ε:)) !!!

Here’s some Wrecker babies in Halloween theme!

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My Previews wrecker babies post


transformers is slowly turning me into a decent human being. It’s terrifying.


Tucker here!

I just wanted to give an update that I am doing great! As you can see, I am quite the happy boy. Of course I still have problems once in a while with my IBS, but it is kept much more under control than it once was and I rarely have tummy aches anymore! :)

This is my “play dead” trick - now known as “play silly”!

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And nobody died.

I scribbled something incredibly pointless because I can’t wait for Sins of the Wreckers 5, this is my ideal ending where nothing hurts and things are okay for everyone aka the thing that isn’t gonna happen