It’s a very Bonnie day! Actually the Bonnie level at my apartment is at a high level right now; I just finished these two and I am now getting ready for one more of each! Along with two Foxys and my giveaway winner’s Fredbear. I’m looking forward to Fredbear and can’t wait to finish him and show everyone! You may notice I am using buttons now for Spring Bonnie along with improving the rabbit ears; I have five Springtraps due in October so you will be seeing some progress for those handsome guys in the coming weeks, as well. They are based on the FNAF 3 design, and will be different than the classic Spring Bonnie pictured. Suffice to say September will be one of my busier months but I look forward to fulfilling these orders and making people happy with these plushies. :)

“The combat boots on his feet came from a special lot made for elite Russian naval infantry paratroopers during the Soviet era. The pistols in his nylon shoulder holsters are 1911AI government-model .45 automatics from a production run shipped to Russia during WWII that have been retrofitted with high-spec heat-treated recoil springs and tritium night sights. The numerous spare magazines are stainless steel and loaded with jacketed hollowpoint ammo. The body armor built into his fire-resistant combat togs is an experimental Swiss design, lightweight and flexible. He has knives, grenades, garroting wire, nerve-toxin injectors, and other lethal devices jammed into belt pouches, pockets, and hidden compartments. But the deadliest weapon he possesses is his metal arm.” - novelization of The Death of Captain America