That's Cool (but not really)

Literally could not find a hotel north of Nashville or in Louisville. Apparently this is what happens when you decide to wing your hotel reservations on your drive home during spring break. Who knows how far you’ll get with kids? They’re so unpredictable. It’s currently 2:30am and all five are awake and we are at that point where we sort of just have to drive straight through even though no one wants to.

Week 12 Spring Outdoor Photography
Taken with iPhone

I see more of this than anything else in my area. Farmers hard at work getting the ground ready for crops. Of course, the one day that I go out to take pics there isn’t a tractor to be found but I thought this got the point across just as well.

@xjustxjanex love that you got down to the level of the subject! It really helps with the focus of the subject! Nicely done, chicky! -MT

anonymous asked:

Are you jealous of Jimin bcs he was ranked higher than you for abs?

Jin: Nahh not really

Jin: Since he has the nicest physique out of all of us and he’s always willing to pose for me when I need him to.. but that’s just because he’s a very nice friend and is willing to help me with my art struggles! 

Week 12: Spring Time - Outdoor Photography

Canon Rebel T5i | f/4 | 1/1000 sec. | ISO 200 | 50mm

Tillandsia. Cute little airplants that are everywhere in Florida.  You can’t walk by a tree without seeing one.  I love them!  I was going to show off our exotic flowers, but….we don’t have any.  I feel like everything is green here. Weeds too. I actually took pictures of some weeds!  My neighbors haven’t mowed their lawn since Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll show off those pictures on my main blog. lol  - MT

March brings spring
And the flowers’ long-awaited
Return to the scene.
The world is fresh and green;
But March’s best flower
Isn’t planted in the ground–
It knows no fear of wilting;
Nary a sun scorch to be found;
Nor any piercing thorns–
Proving not all flowers are grown.
Some are simply born.
—  Happy birthday to the rare flower Shikha @sonador-reveur 💐🎉🎂
  • Stevie Nicks
  • Bella Donna
  • Modern Records
  • 1981
  • MR 38-139
  • 12”
  • 33 rpm
  • Album
  • Significant tracks:
    • “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” [featuring Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers]
    • “After The Glitter Fades”
    • “Edge Of Seventeen”
    • “Leather and Lace” [featuring Don Henley]
  • Record Exchange, Silver Spring, MD

living in trondheim is like a constant mood of wanting to fight the weather


finally, a tori and michael comic … (characters from Solitaire) …. michael is very afraid of storms and tori is sympathetic and i’ve had a lot of sprolden feelings this week

march 12 2017 spring break!

physical science lecture exam is the monday i get back from break! i did really bad on the first exam, so i’m going to use this break to cover all of the material really well and do way better on this one! 😇

do you guys want to ask me question while i take these notes? i love talking to you all ✨💛

🎧 watching friends while i study!!