Throwback Thursday: Travel Edition - Greece

Time for my first throwback post! There will be several more of these recounting my weekend adventures when my computer was broken, so make sure to check in every Thursday :)

Let me start this off by saying I’ve never really been any where ~cool~ for college spring break before. I’ve always just gone home to relax and hang out with friends and family…what better way to have my first real spring break experience than to spend 10 days island hopping in Greece??

The trip started by taking a cruise to the beautiful town of Corfu where my friends and I stayed at the Pink Palace hostel. If you’re in Europe and want to spend a weekend in Corfu, this hostel is perfect if you’re looking to have some fun on the beach. Our days were spent lying on the beach, playing beer pong, and going to a pink toga party that included awesome music and traditional plate smashing. Yes, plate smashing. Needless to say, not many pictures survived this place, and it’s probably for the best. However, there are plenty of hilarious memories I’ll hold onto forever.

After Corfu we headed to the capitol city of Athens. This consisted of taking a 7 hour ferry where I slept on the floor…which I have to say is MUCH more comfortable than sleeping on a bus (which we had to take after the ferry ride). We arrived in Athens super early in the morning and after checking into our hotel, we went on a walking tour of the city. We saw amazing views of the ruins, walked down winding streets lined by adorable homes that were covered in plants, checked out the thrift shops, and ate amazing food at a huge family style dinner for everyone on our trip. There was lots of wine, lamb, tzatziki sauce (which I’m obsessed with by the way), and french fries involved - it was perfect.

We were in Athens for only about a day and a half before we set off for the island of Santorini. When you try to picture Greece, this beautiful island is probably what you think of. Beautiful white homes stacked against the cliffside with their iconic blue roofs…can it get any more picturesque? Even though it rained a lot of the time we were there, we did a ton of exploring. We were there in late March so it wasn’t quite tourism season yet, meaning the whole island was basically void of foreigners - besides our group. We stayed at the Fira Backpackers Place and spent our days exploring the little shops and restaurants, enjoying the fact that we basically had the island to ourselves. 

One day we all decided to go ATVing and basically almost got blown off the cliffside because a storm was following. It took me hours to untangle my hair after that haha. We also spent an afternoon riding donkeys from the docks up to the main part of town. The donkeys were decked out in beautiful halters adorned with shells, bells, and vibrant colors and they were so much fun to ride.

I will never forget the awesome time I had spending spring break in Greece with the amazing friends I made while studying abroad. We laughed, danced in togas, had plenty of drinks, ate gyros every day (aka my favorite food in the world), and made memories I don’t think any of us will ever forget. 

PS: I will be posting many more Greece photos, don’t worry :)