Ffs guys stop jumping to conclusions about Gian and this girl. he hasn’t announced anything so calm tf down. Also this whole “waiting for his grande amore at the airport” thing is a load of bollocks, there was no airport even involved it’s just completely made up. I believe that Gian is dating Marty but oml guys don’t spread rumours before he’s announced it lmao

As far as I’m concerned...

Now, I don’t want to disrespect anyone, but I think it’s wrong to ship two real people and even worse to be aggressive or offensive about it. Colin and Jennifer have great chemistry on screen and I’m so glad they’re also good friends in real life, but fans shouldn’t confuse the actors with the characters they play. I’m the first Captain Swan shipper and literally adore Colin, but he’s happily married with a son and he’s devoted to his family, and while I keep swooning over his devilishly handsome self, I’m satisfied to know he’s happy like this. Some people claim he should be with Jennifer, or spread bad rumours about clandestine relationships etc., but our favourite actors’ private lives should stay so, in respect to Jen, Colin and his family, without people confusing Hook and Swan with Colin and Jen and trying to interfer with it on the web. Colin and Jennifer are close friends, and that’s it.

Before you talk shit about another person, ask yourself these three things:

1) Is it true?
2) Is it positive?
3) Is it in anyway useful to the other person?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then shut the fuck up.

—  Girls, lets have each others backs.