It is not a secret that last April 5 / 6, we, fans of The Delirium Trilogy, tweeted with the hashtag #DeliriumDeservesToBeOnTV. Though we didn’t make it to the worldwide trend, it trended here at the Philippines and at Mexico. It really counts for something!

So now, we are asking for your support again, support for the cast and Lauren Oliver, to trend the “Spread The Deliria”. We need this so the Delirium will be picked up by FOXTV. Details are seen at the link, just click at the title!

If we did this last time, we can definitely do this again! The day is set, Invalids! Mark your calendars! April 12/13 and tweet with “Spread The Deliria” then add @FOXTV!

We have one goal. Let’s do this, people!


“There’s no point in looking back….”

I love you. Remember. They cannot take it.

So our professor in literature asked us to make a five-stanza poem, 4 lines each. I instantly thought of The Delirium trilogy as our prof announced it to the class. So here’s what I was able to produce:

If love were a disease
Would you take the cure?
Safety and happiness
I’m not yet sure

If love were a disease
Under the silver moonlight
Can we dance, please?
I dare say yes, with all my might!

If love were a disease
For being untrue
Forgive me please
But I like you

If love were a disease
Should you run away with me?
We’ll cross the borders and seas
Just to set you free

If love were a disease
Would you take the cure?
I don’t know how this ends
I love you. That’s the only thing I am sure

Okay. I know this sucks but whatever I just love the trilogy so much that one day, I will hand down my own copy of the trilogy to my child and she will past it to her child and to the child of her child and so on and so forth. Thank you Ms. Lauren Oliver for giving the trilogy to us! You rock! :)

P.S.: If you see any errors in my work please feel free to send me a message. I still feel something’s wrong with the lines (either too long or does not rhyme). :/ ‘cause I’m no poet.Thank you! :)

I’m not okay with the fact that I just finished reading Requiem. I don’t know what to do with my life.
Well, I do have four short stories to read still, but that’s beside the point.
I had a little mini freak out moment when it ended. Basically I don’t know what to do now.
I’m gonna have to re-read those books this summer. If I had time, I would re-read them now. Unfortunately, I have to read for classes now :(
At least I have all summer to re-read and let the deliria take hold. :)
I’m gonna read, tag quotes, make so many design pieces based on the series, and anticipate seeing it turned into a magnificent television series.
Alright, I’m not gonna be able to sleep now…

Nombre: Pandemonium
Autora: Lauren Oliver
Trilogía Delirium: #2
Numero de paginas: 331 paginas (versión pdf)

 "El amor, la más mortal de todas las cosas mortales.“


Lena consiguió escapar de la vida demasiado controlada de la ciudad para así unirse a la resistencia. Sí, ha conseguido su objetivo, pero ha tenido que dejar a Álex por el camino, y eso la carcome por dentro, aunque intente no recordarle y seguir adelante. 

Vivencias del presente y recuerdos del pasado se unen en esta novela para explicar este nuevo episodio de la vida de Lena, aunque encontraremos más sentimientos confusos y un territorio desconocido para la protagonista y para nosotros mismos, lectores. Tramas, mentiras y nuevos personajes; éstos son los ingredientes principales de esta novela, aunque ya veréis que no son los únicos.

Here we are again, Invalids! The details are pretty much clearer at the title / link above, but we are needed again to support the TV show, the cast, the staff and most especially, Lauren Oliver.

@JuustMel made another project for the show to be picked up by FoxTV … with a twist! Starting today (April 15) until Saturday (April 19), we could send our 10-second video of us telling the world why would we want Delirium to be picked up by FoxTV, what’s the best thing about Delirium, why do we love Delirium, which team are we or something we want to say to Lauren about Delirium.

Details are on the link. We can do this again, Invalids!

Don't Stop The Deliria

I’m so sad Fox TV didn’t pick up Delirium, yes. I’m so sad so I stop spreading the deliria, no. Delirium is a great novel series, and even though Fox TV didn’t pick it up as a new tv series, I believe there will be another door opens.

Please keep spreading the deliria and let ‘em know how much we love it. Please sign the twitition here http://twitition.com/uy6f4 and spread the deliria!