Ahh, I stll can’t believe he went through all that ‘I won’t let anyone else have her’ 'He won’t go near her anymore’ 'I will save her’ that the guys usually spout yet still managed to end up as the only guy (okay, not the only guy, there’s the other brother but we already knew he was the actual garbage can) who left her out to soak in the rain as she pleaded for the life of the person who actually DID have the courage to do somtehing to save her. You never fail to impress me with your absolute regard for yourself, Prince Wook.

Now, I understand that he has his mother and sister to worry about because of what his sister decided to do but the man could’ve at least had the decency not to give her false hope by walking towards her and THEN just completely stop and turning his back on her. Like, the man can’t do anything without slapping someone in the face for caring about him.

I think we found out who is most like their father.

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Found out that it was Hairu's bday, looked on the TG wiki and saw something ...off? Not really off but certainly unexplained. The trivia section mentions that she used a certain dialect in the Hokkaido region of Japan. Either this hints at a possible location of the Sunlit Garden or, I dunno. I think that the poems on "Ainu" are related to the region and I originally thought that Hairu just saw the book that Arima was reading and got it that way? But obviously there is nothing to back it up.

Yup! I’ve noticed that, too (I actually spouted off some crack shit about Arima maybe having some Ainu heritage on twitter a few days ago lol). The Ainu people are predominantly from [a couple spots in Russia and] Hokkaido, where both Hairu and Furuta get their accents from, apparently.

It would definitely be interesting imo– especially if the poem reminded Arima of something– but it doesn’t really explain why Shao is from Taiwan, etc, etc :T

kinda reminds me of those old(?) theories that Arima was kidnapped or orphaned as a small child tho

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From "Shit-nans-say" site": But I will point out that even as a professional Benedict has performed for maybe 5,000 people at most. This was Pink Floyd... crowd looked like about 10,000. -- Fact: RAH holds just over 5,000 but then the SGB has never been into "facts", have they? They just spout any old BS. Just like gator saying repeatedly that BC was acting like "a single guy out on the town" WHILE BTW HE IS WEARING HIS WEDDING RING ALL NIGHT LONG!! Bloviation pure and simple!

Yup, Sewage Corner, where the facts are made up and the truth doesn’t matter!

I almost made a post yesterday predicting what the haters were saying about all of yesterday’s goodness, it would have gone something like this:

  • Interview with Hiddles: Shoe-horning Shoe-horning! How DARE he mention his non-existent child in this interview! This was supposed to be about Tom, not about him! How selfish! Besides,Tom was throwing shade at him anyways, he knows all about the sham and the fake baby and succeeded in embarrassing Benedict!
  • Tilda Swinton’s comment: Tilda’s totally throwing shade at Benedict because she knows he’s faking it! And of course he’s facetiming with the rent-a-kid in New York, that kid needs to be familiar with him so that he won’t pitch a fit the next time Benedict is in New York and takes him for a pre-arranged pap walk that will end up being photoshopped!
  • Comfortably numb: OMG, how dare he spend a night away from his child AGAIN! What a terrible father he is! And his voice sounded terrible, how embarrassing! All the people in the audience cheered because Benedict paid them off ahead of time, he’s just a petulant man-child who wanted his moment in the sun and didn’t want anything to ruin it! Oh, and Gator would say her Sooper Sekrit Sauces™ had told her that when Benedict was supposedly on holiday, Adam and other friends held another intervention just like the one in China, and that Benedict hadn’t been on holiday, he was actually in rehab again but that he’s already fallen off the wagon again because he was totally drunk and/or high while he was on stage. Oh, and he fucked at least one groupie backstage.

So it sounds like I was at least partially right, if Gator was screaming about him acting like a single man all night. I don’t know how going to a concert given by a friend (do they all remember that David Gilmour is in the Hay Festival meadow picture that they all insist was photoshopped?) who’s a member of one of his favorite bands and singing one song on stage with David constitutes acting like a single man all night. With, as you pointed out, his wedding ring on the whole time.

The stupid really does burn, doesn’t it?

One Day Away (closed RP with legacyofchaxs)

it had been yet another day of dealing with his commanders, something Daryl hated with every fiber of his being, those pompous desk jockeys as he saw them, spouting nothing but complaints and bitchings about how his style of instruction caused people to leave in droves, and the hardened soldier had had enough. “when will those cocksucks get it, it takes a fire to make steel”, he grumbled as he walked into Maps, the small bar that practically bordered his base, “hey barkeep, get off your ass and pour me some Jack Daniels, straight.” he ordered as he took a seat within arm’s reach of the main bar


Special Airbending Techniques.

[firebending] [earthbending] [waterbending]

Latest addition:

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The 10 best vines of Harry Styles spouting water onstage (x)

Bill’s Powers

This is some analysis of Bill’s AMA. Because I have 2 hours of sleep in me and for some reason think this is a good idea.

So the AMA gave us some interesting worldbuilding information about Bill. Prior, we knew he was an all knowing dream demon, but a lot was left to interpretation. Now we’ve got some more information.

1. Bill is omniscient and omnipotent.

We now know that Bill spies on the world through images of him. Whether this requires a triangle with a circle in the middle or just a triangle is unclear, but either way he’s EVERYWHERE.

From windows, carpets, drawings, trees… Bill has an easy view of almost any room in the Mystery Shack, Gideon’s room, the forest, and even has his image on money and makeup,  which EVERYONE has. Bill is so widespread that he can basically see everything and everyone at all times. All he needs is a “peephole.” Which we all readily supply on the margins of our math notes.

How else does Bill spy on us? Well…

2. Bill can enter anyone’s mind at any time.

With these two answers, we see that Bill can watch the people of Gravity Falls through the “skulls of the gullible,” which is basically everyone in the town to be honest. Even if it isn’t, there are plenty of people in town to use. Furthermore, any dreams are free game. All someone has to do is fall asleep…

…or he can to put them to sleep.

And once that’s done, he’s in. Free to watch dreams, make deals, or something… darker.

3. Bill can see potential futures and alternate universes.

Bill’s LOTS OF THINGS flashes revealed some images that occurred later in the show:

Suggesting he had at least SOME knowledge of the future. Yet, he went through with Gideon’s deal and was really mad when it didn’t go through. He made the deal with Dipper, but didn’t know where the journal was. From this, and his answer, there are two conclusions we can make.

A) Bill can only see possible futures, similar to Garnet’s future vision in Steven Universe.

B) Bill sees the future and acts like he can’t. All of his “defeats” are orchestrated to manipulate those around him to act how he wants.

Bill’s rivalry with the Time Baby may suggest Bill is trying to change the future. In Dipper and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun, one code said “Time Baby is worried about Bill.” Could this be because he will change the future so he’ll never come to power? Who knows…

4. Bill’s power is always increasing. And he needs more.

Bill gains power the more he knows. He is angling for a promotion. He wishes he had physical form. (although that comment could also be interpreted as “well, that would have happened if I had physical form”)

Bill is gaining power by becoming more known. Perhaps this is a fourth wall break in a way– we are adding to his power by enjoying his character so much. Look how eager he is to make a deal with the first person.

5. Bill is beginning to gain power outside the Mindscape.

This one is more of a theory than fact, however….

This suggests Bill is in fact the “invisible wizard.” DaMGtMaNF has a cipher that says “The invisible wizard keeps untying Dipper’s shoes.” The wizard is “seen” in in Little Dipper

and in Carpet Diem, which also explains Bill’s comment in Sock Opera.

But here’s the troubling thing: how was Bill able to be kissed by Grenda if he has no physical form outside the mindscape?

Take another look at the cipher from DaMGtMaNF: “The invisible wizard keeps untying Dipper’s shoes.” 

How can Bill untie shoes without physical form?

All the followers Bill is gaining, and all the power he gets as a result, is beginning to help him get the physical form he desires. He is beginning to break out of the shackles of the mindscape.

…in theory.

This is basically all we’ve gotten about the extent of Bill’s powers at this time. His plans remain unknown. His relationships to various characters remain foggy. But we’re learning more and more about our favorite demon, which can help us figure it out.

  • Carlos:If I could just reverse the polarity, then I can reroute the power through the main deflector array, and by using an inverse tachyon beam on the self sealing stem bolts... It's very complex science...
  • Cecil:You don't know what's wrong with the toaster, do you?
  • Carlos:... If I just run a level three diagnostic...
In regards to the dream stream

I appreciate you all coming out for it. I really do.

Though I can’t mask the wicked disappointment I got with how it ended (ISP throttling my upload, preventing me from streaming. Tried for 2 hours straight, was on call with them twice, etc.) I at least hope it was a decent ride for as long as it lasted.

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the clexa fandom is the most insanely amazing fandom i’ve ever seen like raising over 100k for the trevor project and putting billboards up and knocking sponsors from supporting a toxic show and making ratings of said toxic show drop like flies honestly that’s making a REAL difference and a REAL statement and it’s so fucking cool to watch

people saying that ladrien is the sin ship are so RIGHT

cause marinette is head over heels for adrien and adrien/chat is practically in love with ladybug. they’d take the opportunity to be close to each other.

cause marinette as her civilian self can’t form a coherent sentence around adrien. but as ladybug, she feels more heroic, braver, more daring to flirt with adrien because he doesn’t know it’s her and she feels so confident behind the mask. elated that he flirts back with her and likes her and wants to be closer to her.

all adrien wants is to be close to ladybug, to know her more intimately, to have his love returned and if his lady doesn’t love him as chat he would be a little selfish and revel in the fact that she likes his civilian self.


Marichat, imo, would most likely be unlikely friends who are surprised by how much they like each other’s company. their friendship and rapport grows with each interaction. they start to notice things about one another they never had before.

adrien would see marinette during school and have to contain himself from calling her “princess.” he’s surprised about how much he wants to come over to her and talk and joke like they do. how, after ladybug and nino, she’s the person he most likes. how he looks to protect her when an akuma attacks and she’s nearby.

marinette would start unconsciously thinking about chat more while she’s her civilian self. fun jokes and cute puns he would laugh at. what kinds of sweets he likes that she could have ready when he comes over. bantering opinions about characters and ships from the books they’ve read and anime/tv shows/cartoons they’ve watched.

how the more they get to know about each other in a personal way, the deeper they fall for one another and how they don’t even notice until it hits them in a moment of unexpected physical closeness and they’re just like “wow, this is so nice… I could honestly kiss you just now.”

when you think about it marichat could actually be so innocent compared to what ladrien could be


both ships inevitably ride the angst train cause on the one hand:

ladrien loves to be with one another but it hurts them that they didn’t fall for their other self, the one that is always trying to get the other’s attention but can never succeed. feeling like they’ve got who they want without being fully themselves

marientte seeing adrien in class and wanting to kiss him senseless but feeling like he would stop liking her if he knew it was her. that the magic would be gone from their relationship if she tells him who she is. wanting to keep him safe from the hawkmoth in case he targets him for being with her.

adrien feeling guilty about not telling ladybug that she’s kissing chat, who’s romantic advances she has shot down. feel like he’s betraying her trust in a way. wondering if ladybug would start disliking him if he started being more like his chat side when he’s adrien.

ON THE OTHER HAND, with marichat, marinette would feel bad about getting close to chat as her civilian self when chat really wanted to know ladybug’s secret identity. even worse as she starts realizing that not only does chat truly hold genuine love for ladybug but that she’s been slowly falling for him the more she gets to know him. not knowing how to pursue him as ladybug while also not being able to fully let go of adrien, who she has felt more comfortable and can’t help but laugh and smile with now.

then there’s chat who is dedicated wholeheartedly to his lady but can’t help but think about his princess just as much now. feeling so torn in half about loving two girls at the same time and wanting to choose but just can’t. getting excited with each advancement he makes with his friendship with marinette again as adrien. wanting to place an arm around her or play with her hair but can’t because they’re not as close as chat with marinette.

angst on all sides of the square I love it and I’m dying