when people fancast patroclus as white in tsoa edits 

On Aces in LGBT Spaces

I’m a member of an asian lgbt group at my university and all of our discussions revolve around how draining it is to listen to our families spout homophobic shit constantly and being forced to sit in silence because the concept of coming out is terrifying.

and how the few of us who are out to our parents about our sexuality couldn’t even begin to breach the topic of gender so we just allow ourselves to be deadnamed and misgendered and internalize the dysphoria until we’re suicidal

These discussions get emotional and everyone in the group is able to participate because we all know that everyone else in the group has had similar experiences with homophobia and transphobia and their intersection with Asian families. That’s why groups like these are successful.

Would anyone in the group feel comfortable sharing these experiences if a cishet was sitting next to them? If someone else who had never experienced transphobia or homophobia but benefited from both was present in the room? Would it be fair to allow these people into the discussion?

This is why asexuality alone cannot grant someone access to lgbt spaces. It’s not fair to everyone else who needs these spaces. There are ace specific issues that require their own communities and their own safe spaces but asking lgbt people to vent their frustrations with their oppressors present is unquestionably cruel.

We quit cold turkey
Because otherwise it kills us
Don’t you hear?

Listen to yourself,
Because you’re killing yourself
Can’t you listen?

I’m trying to see what kind of idea you have
that you want to spout
But for some reason,
It makes me wonder how you breathe,
rattling alcoholic lungs like the bottom of a bottle
But we’re done
Like we’re done
So now we wonder
And yell
Words reflect and shake
And shudder
Like an old flapping rubber, rubber wheel

But you’re just old, and tired
With bending backs that don’t want to work
Wanting to quit but you can’t
So what left is there but the fog,
Equally broken in the middle of a fussy tantrum
As the bough quirks in the corner,
And starts to heave up dry for your lungs to collapse

So, it’s in this way that I’ll never understand
Lords of the dead
Just as dead and sad
And bitter like
Bitter brethren
Who can’t get over
But you can’t see yourself, spreading spittle
like a rabid animal whose eyes are glass
I see you and your glass eyes too
Rim red and itching like a rash,
It’s sad and a sham and I wonder for you
Like if you wonder for yourself
The same way we wonder about you too

It seems in spite of that you would rather just watch,
And wait to sink blunt little quips like achy little cramps
Jutting into old bones and tired mouths,
Just to lay us down faster
But why should it be easy for anyone,
When we all know you’re just tired
And venting the throes of issues that are old and tedious

We only quit cold turkey
Because any other way kills us
Like blood like fire
It’s all red like our eyes if you can’t see yourself

So I wonder if in the morning,
If you can see yourself
And how you will think of the things you say
Like if you actually ever hate yourself
Or the thought never comes up
Because you’re so stable in your head
Old misshapen screws to hold it together
When you talk about us or anyone else,
It could have fooled me
Like I’m the butt end of the joke
The bottom of the bottle
You’ll never actually see me until morning
But rather you don’t want to see it
Too ashamed or embarrassed to admit such
a thing had happened from your mouth

It’s okay, you’ll never see me in the morning
I can stay at the bottom of a bottle
Where it’s quiet
Where I reminisce,
Where I wonder how you found the quiet chaos
It rumbles and shakes up your brain,
makes you want to take a shot off the deep end
Straight into liquor and a warm haze
Forgetting the stress, makes the pressure easy
For what else would you want the burn for,
if not to gather the teeth in your mouth
and split it for a smile.

It’s not done.
But I’m done.
I’m quiet
I reminisce,
I wonder when I will find my quiet chaos.
The beehive buzz splitting the inside of my skull,
stunning me to stolid visions until I spew venom
Until I can relieve the stress and forget the pressure,
chewing and chewing and chewing my  gums
Until I forget what my teeth are for,
Split it for a smile,
If nothing else.

I want to run and claim the finish line in the end,
but maybe if you jump first
stew and stew and stew
Until death becomes putrid and indescribable
Because we can only quit cold turkey,
tired and calling for death that much faster
Otherwise everything else will just kill us,
If nothing else.
—  soren j. // 2016.12.17. Cold turkey death i’ll never be free from smoke

seeing ppl you hate talk about your favs not even spouting bad opinions or anything just talking about them in a way that pisses you off probably because you just hate the person themselves and not because of the actual things they say and knowing full well this is the case and you should just let it go but it still pisses you off

You know, one of these days I hope Trey Parker/Matt Stone do an “Ask me” thing on Tumblr (A-hem @staff/@support so we can finally send things to emotionally hurt them.

Not like “Lol u suck” but rather “How does it feel knowing that literal Nazis are spouting your talking points verbatim because you were such a formative influence on them ideologically?

Or, “Does ManBearPig still work as an episode now that the evidence has become viscerally clear that global warming is rocketing us towards apocalyse; and it may be too late because of the lack of action thanks to right-wing contrarianism like yours?

Or “How does it feel that you’ve completely missed the point of Mel Brooks’ transgressive comedy and thusly are becoming more irrelevant by the day?

Stuff like that…

y’all gotta save your energy for more important things at this point, like. if you know someone is spouting off some dumb shit? just let them do it. you know they’re wrong, hella other people probably know they’re wrong. just let them make a fool out of themselves. you don’t need to get worked up over some dumb ass.

save your energy for when the gop rips our health care away, the nukes drop, and it’s mad max fury road up in this bitch or the fucking hunger games or some shit.

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"I don't hate them" continues to spread hateful rhetoric. Did you know "love the sinner, hate the sin", something people like you constantly spout, hurts too?

If you want to see what I say as “hateful rhetoric”, then again, that’s your choice. I’ve explained myself and the motives of my heart to you and many others repeatedly the past two days and if I can be honest, I’m kind of getting tired of hearing myself say the same thing over and over again.

And if you’re set on believing I’m hateful, I don’t really think there’s anything left for us to discuss at this point. I get the sense that no matter what I say, this will keep going in circles.

Audrey: Grandpups! Naw, but if we’re being serious I just want my Pups to find happiness. I want them to be satisfied with their work, and live comfortably. And most importantly I want them to find the mate that will treat ‘em right. Luckily it seems like most of them have, but I’m real worried about Ulric sometimes. He keeps tellin’ us he’s got a lady friend on the internet, but no-ones ever met the gal. I don’t like to listen to Yuri, since the boy tends to spout a lot of nonsense. But he firmly believes that Ulric’s gal ain’t real, and I’m startin’ to believe him.

anyway i really don’t have any respect for people that can’t be funny or interesting unless they’re spouting slurs and other edgy shit constantly

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Could I maybe get smol Eliza? Stuff like learning piano?

• She’s super dedicated to everything

• She’ll sit at the piano practicing for hours. She drills her scales and is the first of the kids to get the perfect

• Her family enjoys it more when she gets to actual songs

• She also studies 24/7- her nose is always stuck in a book

• She’s always spouting random facts that she thinks are interesting

• She never rubs anything in people’s faces, though

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I'm so done with this white washing business! Do some research folks! The lightening of skin is skin bleaching, something Koreans (and a lot of other cultures) desired because it was a sign of wrath not having to work in the fields. White washing is the forced assimilation of another culture. Do some research before spouting all this BS please. If you're gonna be mad you better be mad at BTS themselves too because they practice this. Is a cosmetic thing so you may as well be bad at makeup too

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For requests: some silly uncle vs. niece shenanigans with Genji and Hana? If you're not up to it, no pressure, and I wanted to let you know I love your drawing style :)

she’s strong!!!!! (n he’s light af)


Special Airbending Techniques.

[firebending] [earthbending] [waterbending]

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African Americans leave Black Panther alone.

Aight, I’m tired of your shit and I’m gonna rant about it at 4am.

I’ve been waiting for Black Panther on the big screen for so long. He’s half the reason i saw civil war. He’s literally my favourite superhero, and easily one of the best characters marvel has at their disposal. I trust in the cast and crew of the movie, and the trailer has only proved that that trust is well placed.

But you. You fucking vitriolic hateful pieces of shit have to ruin everything. Black Panther is not a film for you to co-opt for your anti-white agenda. Fuck off. If you were trying this on a character that fit your demographic I’d be less annoyed, but that isn’t the case. Wakanda is a fictional AFRICAN country full of AFRICAN people. If anyone gets to claim the movie it’s Africans, but we’re not crazy enough to try and claim a movie for ourselves. And no, you’re not African. You haven’t been African ever in your lives. It’s not the greatest fucking thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean you get to put on your dashikis every weekend and spout your bullshit like you represent every black person on earth.

You recently got yourself a parrot. Turns out it’s really good at picking up and imitating human speech. As you come home one night and are just about to go to bed, the bird, out of nowhere, spouts “Hide, and don’t come out till he sleeps. It’ll be easier then.”