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you recently made a post about how seaworld doesn't mislead its trainers. why do they spout incorrect information about orca lifespans and reasons for why the dorsal fin droops? I'm not trying to be hostile, I genuinely don't understand why they would give the wrong info (like orcas max lifespan is 45 years) unless somebody was lying somewhere down the line.

First off, the average lifespan of wild southern pacific residents is 45, and that is true (and seems a little high, IIRC). I was writing a whole article on this at one point and I guess I should really go back and finish because people keep asking. Basically, if you read the wild census, you get a lot of young deaths - and then any animal that lives to adulthood will probably live into their 40′s. Most female whales go into what is effectively thought to be menopause and lose the ability to reproduce about 25 years after their first surviving calf… which is right around 45-50. Now, there are definitely outliers, and that’s what people get mad about - because you get people saying a normal lifespan is about 50 years shy of how long Granny lived - but you can’t measure a general population lifespan from a single animal. 

Second, I actually had the same question - what’s up with the dorsal fin collapse stuff people keep getting told weird things about? Since I was able to visit the parks through the AZA conferences I’ve attended, I asked someone.The response was that they’re absolutely allowed to tell the current theory - it’s even been talked about by some of their vets in public videos. So they’re not, as a company, trying to obfuscate that truth. I do know that Seaworld has been owned by a number of different companies, and that the way they trained educators was pretty different under each - Anheuser-Busch was the era of educators being trained to withhold animal names and only refer to them by stage names, avoid specific buzzwords with emotional connotations, and during that period educators didn’t have the ability to answer some questions - like about animal death - really at all.

I’d say it is likely that what is happening is educators or volunteers haven’t fully switched over yet. Not everyone you talk to outside a tank is going to be a trainer, and sometimes education departments and animal staff do not communicate as effectively as they should. Not to mention, when you’ve been trained for a long time to respond to the public a certain way, it takes time and practice to shift your responses away from those old habits. It’s also entirely probable that the people who are still giving weird messaging are worried enough about public backlash that they’re afraid to communicate more correctly - which is not great practice, but it’s not evidence intentional dishonesty from this current iteration of the company. 

Dorsal collapse absolutely does have to do with the animals spending more time at the surface, which wild whales don’t have the luxury or the chance to do (which is a luxury in the sense of it’s very rare for big mammals that have to eat a lot to be able to just chill out and stay still in the wild). This produces a very different pattern of air and water resistance on the fibrous tissue in the fin - and it probably starts to droop because it’s not getting as much underwater resistance or it’s being used unevenly. The direction the dorsal fin flops will be influenced by the animals preferred swim patterns, because  In addition to gravity, it’s theorized that UV exposure and heat does weaken the tissues causing them to sag. While it’s abnormal, for sure, it does not appear to be maladaptive - it’s not pretty but there’s not evidence that it actually causes health problems or harms the whales in anyway. 

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How to tell someone to stop saying racist things when they claim their black friends don't mind? And then they talk about crime statistics and say "it's just fact?" ~signed, a basic white girl who's trying to be a better person

Tell them to back up their facts with actual sources not from YouTube white supremacists and the gatewaypundit. Tell them that they need to at least prove they have black friends and if they do and those black people are allowing them to do this remind them that Dylann Roof also had a “black friend” so “black friends” don’t mean shit at the end of the day when you’re spouting racist mantras.


and i just want to add: lateral aggression is definitely a thing. there have been instances where i see bpq/non-lesbian wlw saying things about lesbians that are obviously borne from intracommunity issues (and vice versa) and that i understand. i’m willing to meet halfway.

but don’t fucking spout straight homophobic rhetoric word-for-word while laughing alongside straight girls at those creepy man-hating lesbians and expect to count it as “lateral aggression”, because it isn’t

that sort of thing is violence and rhetoric of straight people that is enacted exclusively against lesbians. you do not get a free pass because you’re bpq/wlw, and you need to be aware of this behavior because it hurts us no matter how you identify

wail tales & whale tails

they watch the watchers
and their landward world
with bated breath
and misty spouts
rising and breaching
diving and reaching
playing hide-and-seek
with the sleek rumbling floats
remembering too well
the wailing days
of harpoons and hell
red waters and the flotsam dead
the price that weighed so heavily
on their heads
now the water-walkers
give chase as if for sport
and the whales
watch the watchers
warily ever after
and praise The Deep
for a lasting standoff
to their last stand.

litglob © 2017

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(Random ask anon, I guess?) I'm glad you enjoy them :). Also hypothetically speaking if mercy was an inanimate object she would be a water spout and the itsy bitsy spider (widow) would climb up that spout just to see it rain.


(yes i do enjoy them)

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Hermione's ruthlessness is cool and badass UNTIL she's the face of an aro/ace positivity post? .... Interesting...

lol when ppl rlly hate aros

The best thing is very young!Hermione in a questionable way trying to end slavery is part of what they think makes her a Bad Person no one is allowed to call kind

Like sorry the only nasty ppl here r the ones spouting and uncritically reblogging that shit

Things My Brother And I Have Said To Each Other’ sentence starters

  • What are they gonna do? Take my sandwich? This isn’t high school. 
  • Nothin’ like a good opossum. 
  • Do you remember when you dug a hole in the garden, sat down in it, and fell asleep? 
  • What if I just took a bite out of it? 
  • Help me get this fire extinguisher off, I wanna play jazz for the soul. 
  • My girlfriend and I are like you and Luigi. 
  • Sometimes you spout off some really good meme material, you know that? 
  • Your cat only screams to ward off the skeletons. 
  • For Christmas, can you get me one of those shirts that say “I eat ass” in Japanese? 
  • Half man… half skeleton… Skeleton man!
  • That’s not my arm, that’s my tongue. 
  • *in a European accent* ❛ Get up outta bed! 
  • Put me in one of your stories. Make me the pizza dude. Gay robot porn or not, just lemme be in your story. 
  • Why pay ten bucks when you can just pirate the thing? 
  • I can hear him bump into things while he walks around in the dark. 
  • *while petting a cat* What a soft doggo. 
  • Let me play my shitty RPG in peace. 

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The itty bitchy wonka climbed up the lover spout, down came a blow and knocked Wonka down Out came his tears and drove Bask away The itty bitchy Wonka may never love again

(( h h  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa o h mj tthis is literally the best thing I have ever seen.  Yes thank y o uu, ,  this is bizarrely accurate and I lov it. 

 My favorite line “The itty bitchy Wonka may never love again”.. I lov it because in all likelihood, he probably won’t.  I was surprise he even felt love for Bask.  He kinda gave up on love back in the late 50s so at this point he probably will never love again.  But you never know. I j ust  ,, ,  whoever you are t than  ky ou for this, , ~ Magpie mun))

the NPR review of “Beauty and the Beast” is not messing around:

Mrs. Potts, the genteel teapot matron voiced this time by Emma Thompson, fares slightly better, in that her face is clearly painted onto the side of her fine china (minus the iconic spout-nose of Angela Lansbury’s animated incarnation). But when that penciled eye winks at the camera in horrifying IMAX-vision, we realize that our demand for Disney remakes is the 21st century’s witch-curse that dooms these once-lovable thingamabobs to a different kind of bodily prison.