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waitwaitwait. is the knight's aspect lacking in the session BECAUSE they are a knight, or the other way around? (because they are a knight, they are the only source of their aspect among their friends)

Could people please stop spouting this baseless fucking “a Knight’s session lacks his aspect” broad-brush bullshit that doesn’t make any sense?

You realize that EVERY session is going to have a Time player, right? And that the kids’ session was always going to be an accelerated John’s-birthday affair, right?? And that a session is designed to challenge ALL OF ITS PLAYERS IN DIFFERENT WAYS, regarding EACH of their aspects?!?

Hell, the Maid of Time is supposed to be a class which makes and buys Time, and even the trolls’ longer session didn’t have enough of it to find the final frog!!! How does THAT fit your silly little pattern??!

How many times am I going to have to shut this shit down? Who and where is it coming from? Why do I get constant anons just assuming it like it’s actually a thing, especially when Latula’s session doesn’t fit at all?

*wrings newspaper in frustration, goes off to take a chill pill*

EDIT: shizukateal said:

It comes from the Wiki

What the SHIT?!?

Why would that kind of stuff be on the MSPA Wiki???

Not even MY stuff should be on the Wiki!! It’s too damn subjective/theoretical, even WITH all our research! I’m almost 100% certain of some of our aspect stuff and *I* wouldn’t put any of it up there without a disclaimer the size of Saturn!

I would have like 90% more respect for people who ship unhealthy ships if they just admitted their ships were unhealthy and moved on with their lives without trying to justify the unhealthy ship as being okay. I don’t judge people for shipping problematic ships, but i do judge people who go to any lengths to make their unhealthy ships look better than what they are, even if it means victim-blaming and spouting the most disgusting bullshit.

Yes, I’m looking at the person who called  pedophilia a “mental disorder”.

idk man

if you’re going to label every single historical figure or celebrity who exhibits same gender attraction as “gay” or “lesbian”

if you’re going to call every single lgb-related political movement “gay marriage”, “gay rights”, “gay pride” etc

if you’re going to spout that bi people are confused, that bisexuality is a gateway orientation, that bi people don’t experience homophobia

i reckon you pretty much have to accept that bi people can call themselves “gay/lesbian” or apparently gay/lesbian-exclusive terms

you can bet whenever someone is angrily spouting some white supremacist revisionist history on a thread like everyone else is ignorant, that person is 99.999% likely to be white. they’re mad we’re supposedly making shit up, but they’re buying some straight up lies hook line and sinker.

New rule before spouting anymore BigBang Hate

Watch the BigBang documentary before posting any more bullshit about how spoiled and privileged BigBang have always been and how they debuted with an unfair advantage, or how they didn’t work as hard as other groups!

Getting tired of all this crap! They scraped and clawed their way to where they are now, and they deserve every ounce of success!

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Since Clarke left, do you think there is still a chance of bellarke?

I think, no matter how much JR hates it, Bellarke is going to be addressed at some point or another. And I do still think that they will be endgame. The network will push it, if the ratings get bad enough it will for sure be an attempt to get it back up. All the bs people spout about “telling the story” and “if it happens it will be because the story calls for it” is exactly that. BS. Bellarke will happen when the ratings get bad enough that they desperately need viewers, so they’ll make it canon and hope for a growth in ratings, just like they did with the hug. 

The simple fact for me is this: JR is constantly talking about how “Bellarke will happen when it makes sense with the story.” There’s going to be a point where refusing to addressing the relationship of Bellamy and Clarke in a romantic light will not make sense. And if JR has any integrity at all, he’ll hopefully realize when that moment comes. 

All in all, I know without a shadow of a doubt that Bellarke will happen. The CW is very much for doing what the fans want, even if the writers don’t want to, as seems to be the case with JR. They will be addressed, and they will get together at some point.

Now, the only question left is are they going to pull and Olicity, or are they going to pull a Klaroline?

If you want a more in-depth analysis of how I hope season 3 will go down, and why i think they’ll become canon in season 3, they’re here and here.

I want to roll over and kiss you good morning
I want to wake up in the middle of the night because your squeezing me closer
I want to spend Saturday’s at the park or maybe just walking
I want to spend Sunday’s grocery shopping and doing our laundry
I want to lay up and watch Netflix all day while I massage your feet
I want the spouts of annoying little arguments and the hot and sweaty make up sex
I want to get a pack of markers and let my body be your canvas
I want to roll you some tissue and stick it up your nose cause you’re too stuffy
I want hold your hand when we walk through the mall
I want to spend hours on end making love to you
I want to pick the boogers I see hanging at the tip of your nose
I want to lick the ice cream left on the side of your cheek from the pop you just bit into
I want to lay up and do my homework with you
I want to sit and share our dreams and aspirations

I’m fucking disgusted with Dnews. They’re usually a source of correct, unbiased information based on proven scientific studies. But they just made a video about “what does the transgender brain look like?”. Not only did they say that “gender identity is innate and biological” but said that brain sex is real and used multiple old, biased, and/or debunked studies including the one that says that “male and female brains are sexually dimorphic regarding white matter and pre transition trans women have the same brains as females”

This is what I was concerned about. The science fields spouting out bullshit to fit their own agendas and using any chance they can to use “science” (always debunked, flawed science) to “prove” misogynistic bullshit.

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People say you're supposed to forgive and forget and not hold grudges and move on but I can't seem to do that. I think about it every single day that goes by and I see him every day when I walk down the schoolhalls and I just can't bring myself to forgive him. People say that the only way to have a healthy, happy life is to forgive but I cant, not after what he did. I don't know maybe I just need more time to process or maybe I'm too young I just dont know what to do. I just can't forgive him.

Anon, you do not have to forgive him at all. It’s another one of those really quite probematic “recovery” things that people spout without really considering the full implications of what they are saying - mostly because it either worked for them or because they have never been in that situation themselves.

Everyone is different. “Healthy” is not a black and white, yes or no kinda thing. If you think about health like a map, each town is a different kind of “healthy”. And some people live in the “Forgiveness helps” town, while other people live in the “I am Angry about that” town. If you’re not someone who lives in “Forgiveness helps”, trying to go there will not make you healthy at all, and trying to force yourself down that road actually takes you away from where you need to be. 

Now, maybe one day you will find that actually forgiveness is something that works for you, or maybe you won’t. Sometimes things change over time and sometimes we stay the way we are forever. And I say this because, there is a trend to invalidate the feelings of younger people and it is plain wrong. Your feelings are valid, and they will be valid whether they change or not. You can’t predict how you will feel in five or ten years, and it doesn’t have any bearing on how you feel now. Trying to force your feelings to change because of that possibility doesn’t help you now at all. 

Not to mention, anger is not wrong. Anger is a powerful emotion, and plenty of people harness it for amazing, good things. It’s only a bad feeling if it is used against people who do not deserve it.

So. You do not “have” or “need” to let go of your anger. If someone has hurt you, you have every right to be angry at them, and you have every right to never forgive them for what they have done. 

- Bea

I’m seriously laughing my backside off.

For those that missed it, and it’ll be hard to, because I defended a line spoken by a self-proclaimed ‘billionaire playboy’ who is canonically a jackass, I was told to “GO DIE YOU LITERAL PIECE OF TRASH TBH”. 

For defending the writing of a movie.

I’m so sorry, your yelling has shown me the error of my ways. Your insults and namecalling have, “TBH”, truly convinced me that I am the most utter, pathetic, garbage and should remove myself from the world. While I’m at it, I’ll be doing the same for my unborn child and destroying the life of my husband and family. Yep. Best plan.

This child really would hate my novel; jackasses galore spouting “problematic” language all over the place.

The more we crash apart ;; Blake + Perrie

With the way things had ended the night before, getting a call from Blake so soon had in a way shocked Perrie. Enough for her to not answer straight away. And when the texts rolled in, she felt bad for not answering the call. Agreeing to meet him in a place that had always been important between them. They seemed to always meet there. The blonde finally dragged herself out of her room and to the park across the street from her house.
Her gaze immediately found the only person in there; it was too early in the morning for anybody else to be there, sitting on the wings alone. He hadn’t spotted her yet so she simply walked over and took a seat on the swing next to him. It took a few moments for her to actually look to her side at the boy. She didn’t know what to say, she thought about spouting a witty comment or to just ask him what he wanted to talk about. But she couldn’t, she didn’t even know if she wanted to know. So she stayed quiet, waiting for him to make the move.

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favorite + least favorite people here?

Favorites? I automatically have to spout off alexmorganjfc, stfu–gabe, isabellemorganjfc, nova btw but I also have to go with fckaurora, httpwesleyg, lottietommotvrp  uhamelia AND tfjared. AND horanwtvr (because Mal is super dumb) because he is the most incredible mentor.  When it comes to least favorites?? They aren’t even worth their names coming out of my mouth. Anyone who is a least favorite of mine is an unnecessary bitch to me for no reason. 


i slept in again and got the bus just in time. i forgot my english folder and so borrowed gaby’s poem to annotate. trudi described the racist narrator of the poem as “eurocentric” and gaby explained her plan for people of colour to take over the world. graphics was excruciatingly boring and it got to the point where i got up and went for a walk to kill time. alf left for mindfulness and i stayed at college, sitting with the twins in the atrium gossiping for a while. i finally got around to calling back my granddad after a number of missed calls and he invited me out for dinner. i posted the earrings i was supposed to post a week ago on the way to meeting him and he drove us to 29, where we waited for nell. i wandered about upstairs as i usually do and went through gran’s stuff which was reassuring, although the whole time i could hear my therapist’s voice in my head spouting bullshit about closure and stability. i found a cd with pictures from my primary school bbq as well as the photograph of me stood proudly beside a snowman in the garden. eventually nell turned up and we walked down to the pub. she had to go for some reason and couldn’t stop for food, so granddad and i had our jacket potatoes without her company. the kind of people that filled the pub made me feel a little nauseous: morbidly obese white people gorging on curry and talking about ukip. i was happy for granddad to drop me off at home, retreating to my bedroom at the first possible opportunity. i went through the pictures and shared a couple of them with the intent of diminishing my anxiety surrounding pictures of me before i knew i was trans. it helped a little, and although i asked that nobody reposted them i felt kinda uncomfortable knowing that millie or whoever had saved pictures of pre-trans me on their phones.