Marriage isn’t 50/50, it’s 100/100. When you gave your vows you weren’t giving half of yourself, you were giving your whole self, everything you are. So you don’t give half of your self, expecting your spouse to meet you halfway. Real love is when you give your whole self, expecting nothing in return. And when two people both show that selfless love, it paints a beautiful picture of what marriage is really about.
—  Anonymous 


When a person loves Allah (swt), it says much more about them than any words they could possibly say. A person who loves Allah (swt) shows something about their character - that they are fearful and grateful to the Unseen; they will be true and trustworthy to you. Always look for one who has love for the deen of Allah Almighty Insha'Allah.

Juno Meetings

Your Juno sign talks about what helps you to become attached to a partner and create a deep bond. Juno Signs in predictive astrology can go into the topic of soulmates. I find this calculator to be dependable. 

Aries Juno: Likely to meet their spouse/soulmate while being active and out. Examples: At the gym, coffee shop, traveling, convention, even at a club. Could find their spouse later on in life, there is passion and undeniable chemistry between them and their soulmate.

Taurus Juno: Likely to meet their spouse/soulmate in a very comfortable and familiar atmosphere. Maybe at a family get together, through friends, in class, or at work. Might marry into money. Love takes time to build. They might be dating or engaged to their spouse for a long, long time before marriage.

Gemini Juno: Their soulmate/spouse is likely to be a past friend! This position has strong ties to friendship and might be friends with their spouse for a long time before marriage. They could also meet their soulmate through friends or extended family. This position can indicate having multiple spouses/soulmates in life.

Cancer Juno: A family friend or family acquaintance could be their spouse/soulmate, or a child of a family friend. Someone who has been in school with them for a long time or who is a predominant member of their community is likely. This position also has ties to the past, such as a past lover will eventually be their spouse. They’re receptive to their spouse and the emotional connection to them is HUGE. They will know when they’ve met their soulmate.

Leo Juno: They might meet their spouse/soulmate through one of their hobbies or career. The key is that their soulmate will likely share the same talents, passions, and hobbies as they do. This position is also likely to fall for someone in a position of power and prestige. Who knows? Maybe an actor or politician they love.  Can be surprisingly traditional with a spouse. Their soulmate must change their world, light it up.

Virgo Juno: Is very likely to meet their soulmate/spouse through work. Meeting someone in the same field or similair field as them could happen too. Spouse is likely to have a lot of the same interests as them. Great minds think alike for this Juno.

Libra Juno: This position is likely to meet their spouse/soulmate through friends and connections. Could find their soulmate when they are young and marry young. Their soulmate must have a “soulmate” feel.

Scorpio Juno: Meets their soulmate/spouse through some sort of life change or emotional transformation. Some examples could be their therapist (when they are no longer a patient of course…. or maybe not), a distant friend who they can relate to, a fellow artist, or a fellow “tortured soul”. Must be able to have an intuitive and deep bond with a soulmate. Someone “truly meant for them”.

Sagittarius Juno: They might meet their spouse/soulmate through traveling, their spouse could be a traveler themselves and/or has ties to a foreign country. They find their soulmate unexpectedly. Someone who truly challenges them but also understands them.

Capricorn Juno: Will probably meet their soulmate in a very traditional way like through work or friends. Has a connection to marrying “up” in the social and financial world. Likely to only marry once, they have a practical approach to marriage but loves deeply. Their soulmate shares their values.

Aquarius Juno: Likely to meet their soulmate in an unconventional way like through speed dating, on an adventure, blind date, a protest, etc. Might have two or more soulmates at once.

Pisces Juno: Will meet their spouse/soulmate in an emotionally stimulating way. Maybe at a poetry reading, during a night hike, see’s them across a crowded room, etc. Their soulmate could also come at a very emotional time in their life. Might be someone they feel like they need to help.

When we get ‪married‬, let’s say the average age is 25, we have already spent 25 years with our parents. We’ve lived a certain way and there’s a certain system in the house. But suddenly we are in a new home, and we expect our ‪‎spouses‬ to follow the same system that we were used to, behaving the same way that we saw our parents behave with each other. That expectation is impossible because 25 years is a long time to create a culture, and it’s unfair to expect our spouses to adapt to us within 6 months to a year of marriage.
O Allah make us see the beauty of our spouses so that we are blinded to their imperfections, and blinded to the beauty of other people (so that we don’t compare our spouses).
—  Shaykh Ahmed Saad
“I love you.”
Saying those words sincerely in the beginning of a marriage is easy. It is new and exciting. You are with your newly-wedded spouse and you are happy.
Give it a few years.
After all the bad habits pop up and after all the fights break out, it is not as easy to say those words anymore.
But that is when those words matter most.
If you can still say those words, after all those years being together, then you have truly learned what is true love and how to love.
Happy old couples don’t stay together because they don’t fight. Happy old couples don’t stay together because their physical beauty last. Happy old couples don’t stay together because they’re both angels.
Happy old couples stay together because despite what they know about each other and despite all the good, the bad, and the ugly that they have witnessed in each other, they still say, “I love you.”
And they mean it.
—  Aiman Azlan