Spotted Hyena

Here’s your new Draconequus persona KP!

I tried to design her as best I could to both your specifications, art style, and to the design of the show, which means having her be compatible as an animated character.
Which was a bit easier on me considering how much you wanted the design to resemble Discord.

Her body parts are
-your mlp pony head, but more like a horse.
-bluebird body.
-lion and dog arms
-deer and spotted hyena legs
-and a dragon tail

Here’s a size comparison image of her and Discord, along with your pony form and  De Lancie pony. I made her a bit shorter since she’s not as noodly as Discord, and probably couldn’t get away with being hunched over half the time so they’ll fit on the screen with the ponies like Discord does. (so she’s about 2 and a half ponies tall, whereas Discord is usually 3 or more ponies tall)

Hope you enjoy!

And if anyone else would like me to design a draconequus oc for them, let me know at

Dropbox download link for extra KP Draconequus art attests and in progress art:


atla characters + daemon headcanons

This is just my own personal headcanon on what daemons everyone would have. Since Aang and Toph are younger kids, their daemons are both unsettled (btw that is a CRANE FLY, not a mosquito!). Part of me really wants to write a long, epic story that doesn’t necessarily rehash the canon of the original show, but like includes elements such as Dust, the alethiometer (sp?), parallel worlds, Gobblers, witches, all that jazz. Do you think there’d be a kingdom of ice bears living in the north alongside the Northern Water Tribe? That’d be cool.

Also I included all the species in the captions in case anyone didn’t recognize a specific animal.


Spotted hyenas laugh in anticipation of a meal!

When a hyena giggles, it actually means that it’s quite nervous about something. Spotted hyenas will often laugh in response to aggression from another hyena, or similar to the video above, when they are excited and anticipating a tasty meal.


This is finally live! Plushes that I’ve designed and have had samples made of! :D I’m sooo thrilled with the quality and how well they match my original turn arounds~

I’m hoping to get this project off the ground so that I can mass produce these lil cuties! If you’re interested in helping out with the project and getting a cute plush while doing so, you can pre-order on Kickstarter here:

Thanks for looking!!!