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New way to produce carbon nanoparticles found – only honey and microwave needed.

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Researchers at University of Illinois have created a new inexpensive and simple way to produce carbon nanoparticles. They are small enough to evade the body’s immune system, reflect light in the near-infrared range for easy detection, and carry payloads of pharmaceutical drugs to targeted t…

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EGYPT: Court Issues Travel Ban Habib al-Adly, 12 Other Officials

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Habib al-Adly is accused of “abuse of office” by issuing rewards to police officers and ministry officials.

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SAG Awards 2016: Big Wins For Leonardo DiCaprio, Brie Larson & Spotlight

The 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards took place yesterday in Hollywood, and saw honours awarded to many of the performers and pictures hotly tipped to clean up at the Oscars.

The awards ceremony, which is unique in its focus on acting, is dedicated to celebrating the best performances of the year on both the big and small screen.

Best Actor and Best Actress were awarded to Leonard DiCaprio for ‘The Revenant’ and Brie Larson for ‘Room’ - both of whom are widely anticipated to pick up the smae awards at next month’s Oscars. 

Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role was awarded to Alicia Vikander for ‘The Danish Girl’ (an Oscar nominee in the same category) whilst Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role went to Idris Elba in ‘Beasts of No Nation’ (infamously snubbed by the Oscars).

This made it a double for Elba, as he was also named Best Male Actor in a TV Movie or Mini-Series for ‘Luther.’ 

However, unlike other awards shows, the SAG Awards have specific categories for ensemble casts - and these are perhaps the most coveted awards of the evening.

This year saw the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture go to ‘Spotlight,’ whose big name line-up includes Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schrieber and Billy Crudup.

Given the sensitive nature of the film’s subject matter - the real-life Boston newspaper expose which lifted the lid on child abuse in the Catholic Church - it’s perhaps unsurprising that some political comments were heard from the cast in their acceptance speeches.

Michael Keaton told the audience, “this is not only for the survivors of this horrific situation, but for me personally… this is really for the disenfranchised everywhere.

“This is for every Flint, Michigan in the world; this is for the powerless; this is for the powerful who take advantage of the powerless.  

“You can hang me for that, I don’t really care. That’s why I’m proud to be part of this. It comes down to two things: there’s fair, and there’s unfair. And I’m always going to vote for the fair.”

Nor was Keaton the only one to get political as Viola Davis - who was named Best Female Actor in a TV Drama Series for ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ - seized the opportunity to address the #OscarsSoWhite debate. 

Davis said, “diversity is not a trending topic. It’s just not. I’ve always considered myself an actor since I got my equity card in 1988. I’ve never put any limitations on myself…

”No matter what is going on in the business, I will find a way to practice my art. And all of the actors of color that I know don’t place any limitations on themselves either.”

Other small screen winners included Queen Latifah, named Best Female Performance in a TV Movie or Mini-Series for ‘Bessie’; Kevin Spacey, Best Male Performance in a TV Drama for ‘House of Cards’; and ‘Downton Abbey’ for Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

In the comedy category, Best Ensemble went to ‘Orange is the New Black,’ whose own Ozu Aduba won Best Female Performance. Best Male Performance went to Jeffrey Tambor for ‘Transparent.’

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05/02/2016 ~ Lighthouse Cinema, Cuba


This movie was seriously wow. Incredibly impressive film, with such a special & incredibly important story.

The true story of how the Boston Globe newspaper uncovered the huge child molestation scandal going on within the Catholic Church, not only in Boston, but all over the world. A massive & shocking story which was not only ignored by a lot of people, but purposefully covered up for the benefit of the church & to maintain their reputation.

Really, the kind of stuff that makes my stomach turn. The reality of the story was so powerfully & accurately shown in this movie it really did impress me very much, something I guarantee will stick with me for a long time. I definitely urge people to check this film out regardless of their interest in the theme. Something so incredibly important that I feel like it cannot be ignored any longer.

Beautifully performed by the entire cast, I think it was overall very well done & I think each actor was very good in their roles. However, biggest props to Mark Ruffalo, he was really quite brilliant. The way he portrayed his character was both unique & interesting to witness.

The music was beautiful & emotional. Incredibly well put together score by Howard Shore, he never disappoints. The haunting effect of this music paired with the truly dismal & sometimes terrifying themes of this movie was just beautiful. Really had me feeling. There is almost nothing better than an amazing score, even better when it perfectly compliments the feel of the movie. 

This movie I would watch again in a heartbeat. Something which truthfully isn’t all that easy to stomach, but is also the exact reason it is so beautiful & astounding to observe.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ ~ Impressive, insightful, powerful, & important. Such a beautifully tragic story, such a brilliant movie.


Money & Violence Season 2 (Trailer)

Here’s a trailer for the highly anticipated second season of the popular web series Money & Violence.

Stem cell gene therapy could be key to treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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Scientists at the UCLA Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research and Center for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at UCLA have developed a new approach that could eventually be used to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The stem cell gene therapy could be applicable…

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NIGERIA: Chibuike Amaechi, Ben Bruce Dogfight On Twitter

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Drama started when Senator Bruce took to his Twitter handle, @benmurraybruce to condemn statements credited to President Buhari in an interview.

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Hi DC Fans, December 2015  DC Entertainment announced that their ongoing monthly themed variant cover program for March would showcase variants for ten of DC Comics’ most popular Batman and Superman titles.

The variants will be polybagged with a Batman v Superman theme which will be consumed with stunning cover artwork by the comic industry’s most talented artists! Given Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is out in March, DC fans will love the theme!

The ten upcoming Batman v Superman comics will also have three versions, but this time they’ll be published in full color, fade and character spotlight.

DC Comics News has the first set for you. The art for Rafael Grampá’s variant cover to DETECTIVE COMICS #50! Check it out below!

 Bring the month of March on!!

For the full list of comic books that will feature these fun and collectible covers, please see below:

3/2: Detective Comics #50 (variant by Rafael Grampa)

3/9: Action Comics #50 (variant by Martin Ansin)
3/9: Batman/Superman #30 (variant by Kevin Maguire)      

3/16: Robin Son of Batman #10 (variant by Ryan Ottley)

3/16: Superman #50 (variant by Kaare Andrews)

3/23: Batman #50 (variant by Chris Daughtry and Jim Lee)

3/23: Grayson #18 (variant by Stephen Platt)

3/23: Superman/Wonder Woman #27 (variant by Charlie Adlard)

3/23: Wonder Woman #50 (variant by Massimo Carnevale)

3/30: Batgirl #50 (variant by Kevin Nowlan)

Please comment and let us know what you think of the design.

Batman v Superman Polybag Variant Covers Released! Hi DC Fans, December 2015  DC Entertainment announced that their ongoing monthly themed variant cover program for March would showcase variants for ten of DC Comics’ most popular Batman and Superman titles.
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Rich The Kid Interview With The Breakfast Club

Rich The Kid Interview With The Breakfast Club! Doing Home Invasions Before Rap, Finding Frank Ocean, Record With Justin Bieber & More.

The Winners of the Screen Actors Guild Awards are

The Winners of the Screen Actors Guild Awards are

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The Screen Actors Guild Awards® presented its coveted Actor® statuettes for the outstanding motion picture and primetime television performances of 2015 at the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® held Saturday, Jan. 30 at the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center. (more…)

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Nanowire clothing could keep people warm — without heating everything else.

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To stay warm when temperatures drop outside, we heat our indoor spaces — even when no one is in them. But scientists have now developed a novel nanowire coating for clothes that can both generate heat and trap the heat from our bodies better than regular clothes. They report on their technology, …

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AUSTRALIA: Asylum Seekers With Cancer, Terminal Illnesses To Be Deported

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Australia’s High Court last week upheld the government’s right to deport detained asylum seekers to the tiny South Pacific island of Nauru,

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