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Radio Disney Awards tv spot spells big news for Cars 3 on April 30th! (Check out the new shot of Lightning too)
30 Years of Kimagure Orange Road
30 years ago, an entire generation of anime fans fell in love with the first tsundere - Madoka Ayukawa, from the biggest romantic comedy of the 80s, Kimagure Orange Road.

Something very cool, guys! I was asked by Anime News Network to write an article about the Kimagure Orange Road anime, which turns 30 in April! Hope you all like it!

SYRIA. Damascus governorate. Damascus. January 30, 2013. Free Syrian Army fighters take cover as a tank shell explodes on a wall after their comrade was shot by sniper fire during heavy fighting in the Ain Tarma neighbourhood.

First place, spot news stories at the 2014 World Press Photo Contest.

Photograph: Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

I always got the feeling a lot of these “crazy” right-wing types were in it for the speech tour money and book deals and Fox News host spots, more than anything.

Palin was seen as pretty moderate in Alaska before she rose to prominence. The Dems there didn’t mind her. She was conservative, sure, but she was normal.  She was reasonable and willing to negotiate. Not like how she acts now. 

From what I understand, Ann Coulter’s more liberal, on a person level, than she lets on, too.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an openly gay man who suddenly decided to hate immigrates, feminists and, um, gay people. It makes no sense.

Kinda feel a lot of Republicans have gotten conned and are too foolish to realize it.