These two designs are the ones I’ve listed on both the Etsy shop and currently, but tons more are coming!

Holy crap NEW SPORTS BRAS (and undies coming very soon in a ridiculous amount of styles, like this evening very soon)!  These amazingly awesome bras are available in size XS through 3X and will be available in all current prints and color variants :D.

I shamelessly designed this bra around MY perfect sports bra. I rarely have the patience to deal with stupid cups and wires digging in and riding up, but I still want to make sure I’m not flopping everywhere because that crap is painful.  I wanted something I don’t care to wear around all day.

I wanted great back support with wide straps, comfy elastic, removable cup support, and breathable, moisture wicking fabric.  I also wanted something comfy I could wear under sheer shirts while still supporting mah girls.  The sublimation process is the same, but this fabric is quite a bit stiffer (more tightly woven) than other types I use for better support and zero ‘stretching out’ before lunch.  These can easily be worn over an existing bra if you need extra support as well.

In short:  I freakin’ LOVE them and I hope you do, too :).