Sports Weekend

Isn’t it awkward when someone asks you what your hobbies are/what do you do in your free time… like what should I answer to that? Watch animes and cry over 2D fictional characters? Stare at the ceiling all day long? Do completely nothing but exist? Make graphics?? Do you even know what graphics are? Procrastinate?? ?? What do you expect from me…



I know Raef LaFrentz didn’t dunk this basketball.  Raef LaFrentz didn’t even make the shot.  But Raef LaFrentz did catch it, and that’s what makes it a pass.

If Raef LaFrentz gets hit in the face, or bobbles the ball, it’s not called “The Jason Williams Elbow Pass."  It’s just called a "turnover."  Here’s to Raef LaFrentz.  We’ll be forever grateful for your sole contribution to the NBA.

Conversely, there’s not enough venom and hatred directed at James Posey for fouling LaFrentz, and ruining this moment. All of a sudden, the guy starts playing hard defense at an All-Star Event?  Did you not get the memo?  This was supposed to be an exhibition!!!

I’ve spent a lot of time watching the highlight, but never the context.  Today, I discovered Posey missed a 3-point shot on the other end, which lead to the fast break and Williams’ spectacular pass.  That’s why he fouled.  The guy was, as is the parlance today, butt hurt.  Arrest James Posey.

And to Jason Williams, god bless you.  They can’t erase what you were.




The Worst Dunk in the History of the NBA’s All-Star Dunk Contest is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Baron Davis’ Blindfolded Sham.  A breakdown:

Figure 1:  Baron’s headband/“blindfold” clearly has two holes cut for his eyes, but he can’t line them up correctly on his face.  You can’t even really call that a blindfold.  It’s more of a white, cotton Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mask.  Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Missadunko.

To make matters worse, Kenny Smith, who called the contest for TNT, caught Baron just before his attempt, laughing,

“Look at that hole. I can see your hole, big guy.”

Figure 2:  This is what aired live, on national television.  Baron clearly misses, as the hoop and net never move.  Not an inch.

It’s hysterical to imagine an NBA player taking a ball, jumping, and throwing it straight into the ground.

What followed was great television.  Cuttino Mobley, Stromile Swift and Quentin Richardson were aghast.  His Airness, Michael Jordan, disapproved from his luxury box, and Baron Davis, himself seemed shocked by the performance.

Figure 3:  This replay never made air that night, or since.  It was however used during the credits of what I must assume was an NBA’s Greatest Bloopers VHS tape.

Here you really get an appreciation for exacty how far away Davis was from actually completing the dunk  It’s important to remember this all took place in a competition where people are judged on their ability to dunk basketballs.

Hats off to you, Baron Davis.  As far as I’m concerned, this mega-whiff is right up there beside Jordan’s Free-Throw Dunk, Dominique’s Windmill, and Vince Carter’s entire 2000 repertoire for Most Memorable Dunk of All-Time.