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Jo Pavey was forty years old when she won the 10,000m at the European Championships. It was the first gold medal of her career and, astonishingly, it came within months of having her second child.

Dubbed ‘Supermum’ by the media, Jo’s story is in many ways the same as every other mother, juggling the demands of working life with a family.

Jo and her children were photographed at home by Marcus Lyon of The Glassworks.

Nekoma: Idol AU Headcanons


  • #1 hit single is titled We are the body’s blood and they perform it at every live
  • used to have friendly rivalry with Karasuno (no one really knows what happened to them after their manager, Ukai, retired and they fell off the charts) and actually had a joint single called Battle at the Garbage Heap planned
  • good friends with the members of Fukurodani and also have a friendly rivalry with them, often seeing who has more top charting singles and album sales (if Kuroo gets his hands on helping write song lyrics, he’ll often throw in some jabs at Bokuto, Fukurodani’s leader, who usually retaliates)
  • most of their songs are about teamwork, friendship, and connecting with each other
  • one of their outfits worn to team photo shoots includes a pair of cat ears
  • their most popular outfits that makes the fans go crazy is a red/white sports jersey (no one knows why it has that effect on the fans)
  • Nekomata is their manager but leaves most decisions regarding the group to the actual members
  • Naoi helps out with composing the songs and often enlists Kenma’s help since he has great ears

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Signs at a Halloween party

Aries- playing beer pong with the kids who are “too cool” for costumes

Taurus- sitting in the corner wearing the most conservative costume at the party

Gemini- out with your best friends wearing slutty animal costumes

Cancer- went to the party just to get photos for your Instagram

Leo- wearing a couple costume with your gf/bf

Virgo- leaves after 5 minutes of seeing people act like idiots

Libra- is barfing upstairs in the bathroom or is helping someone who is barfing upstairs in the bathroom

Scorpio- getting it on in one of the bedrooms

Sagittarius- getting high with the kids dressed in sports jerseys

Capricorn- wearing a pun-ny costume

Aquarius- raiding the fridge for food

Pisces- crying because the girl/boy you like came with someone else

Like, and take Tim Tebow seriously. He’s a goddamn horrendous monster who already has the vote of every southern baptist and gator fan and every shithead who still sports a Tebow Broncos jersey they bought from some Chinese website. It doesn’t take much to get elected to the House. This guy’s going to be javelin throwing defense of marriage bills straight into the ground for years now.

Now, I’ve heard that the guy is a fucking idiot, which makes sense because he’s an Adam and Eve hung out with dinosaurs 6000 years ago jackass who went to the University of Florida. I’ve also heard he’s got the personality of a wet paper bag, so who knows how a political career will work out. 

My favorite Tim Tebow story was, and I can’t remember the exact details, but apparently he wanted to get everybody to pray before the Wonderlic test (The written test designed to see how much thePublicly funded colleges have failed football players), and somebody said “Man, shut the FUCK up.”