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"So you say you don't like to cuddle, yet that one time you got spooked by a bunch of bats, you clung to me for dear life."

“Hey! That was different!” Trixie snapped, immediately jumping to her own defense. “Is clinging to someone out of fear really considered cuddling?”

“You have no solid evidence to back up this.. this cuddling claim.”

A Night at S'mourice's ((NSFW RP with askspookthebat))

What seemed to be just a normal study session with Spook turned into a sleepover for him. To recap, after their studying, Spook discover’s S'mourice’s dark secret. This had led to a heartbreaking explanation between the two, which resulted in a renewed bond of love in the end. In addition, Spook’s parents said that he should sleep at a friend’s house while they work out things at their job. Thus, resulting in S'mourice allowing Spook to sleep at his house.

After a good dinner served by S'mourice, the two boys head upstairs again to his room. Once inside, he turns to the closet door on the left-hand side of the room and approaches it. He opens it up, revealing a walk-in closet filled with clothes for every kind of occasion. The masseur ruffles through his sleepwear as he searches for a suitable article to wear.

“This will be fun. I wonder which pair of pajamas I should give to you?

Studying at S'mourice's ((Possible NSFW closed RP with askspookthebat))

“Where is he?”

S'mourice stood by the gate of the school’s entrance, waiting for his friend Spook to exit. Today, he was confronted by the grey-haired child and he asked the honors student for help regarding a particular subject. He, of course, accepted to help Spook and told him that they would meet by the entrance after school. Right now, the young student in question was about five minutes late from their meeting time.

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omg can you please write a fic where Jason and Percy and Piper burst into the Hades cabin to tell Nice something and hey nico why is Will's hand down your pantsOH MY GOD ARE YOU GUYS DATING

(Apparently, I can! This was actually really fun to write, thank you anon :) Anyone is now free to send me prompts, and I hope this does your request justice!!) 

Jason was currently having a slight crisis. It was more than slight, if he was honest, no; this was a horrifically disturbing image that he just could not erase from his mind no matter how tightly he squeezed his eyes shut. It was seared into the back of his eyelids, permanently burned into his subconscious.

Piper was still giggling somewhat hysterically to his left, little bubbles of uncontrollable laughter that Jason would normally have found cute, if he weren’t in this middle of his slight crisis.

“My eyes,” Percy moaned, from somewhere behind Jason’s right shoulder. There was a small slap, which Jason assumed was Percy clapping his hands over his eyes.

“Just, get your hand-”

“I can’t, your zip is-”

“Oh Gods, just shut up, shut up and find a shirt!”

“You’ve changed your tune- ow! Alright, alright! Although, if you hadn’t thrown it across the room it might not take so long to get dressed.”

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