Spontaneous and very emotional for me



Fe: Empathetic and warm-hearted. Other people are one of the most important things to me and I find it hard not to care about them or to want to keep them happy. I’m a lover of people

Fi: Emotional and opinionated. I have strong feelings about who/what I value and what is truly right, so I let my personal values influence myself more than anything else. I’m an idealist

Te: Driven and responsible. If I want to get something done, I’ll quickly find the most efficient way to do it. I’m a go-getter

Ti: Rational and independent. I love making logical sense of what I don’t know and figuring out how things work to solve problems or just for the hell of it. I’m an analytical thinker

Ne: Very stimulated by ideas and concepts. My mind is always energised by interesting thoughts and connections between them. I’m a visionary

Ni: Detached from the moment by itself and perceptive of the bigger picture. My 5 senses only take me so far, I’m mostly concerned with intangible possibilities and hidden meanings behind things. I’m a contemplator

Se: Spontaneous and highly in tune with my surroundings and happenings in them, which I’m almost always confident in experiencing and interacting with. I’m a realist

Si: Quite in touch with information I’ve gained in the past. My memory is very strong and I’m constantly comparing what I experience in the present to things I’ve experienced in the past. I’m a traditionalist



Fe: Highly values peace and harmony.

Fi: Is very in touch with their emotions and their sense of right and wrong.

Te: Takes charge to organise their environment and accomplish objectives in it.

Ti: Thinks logically and analyses information as objectively as possible.

Ne: Has an active imagination when it comes unrealistic/abstract ideas and possibilities of what could be.

Ni: Has clear plans and goals for the future along with a good idea of how to realise them.

Se: Sees things as they are and has no problems with improvisation or immersing themselves in the moment.

Si: Lets past experiences guide them and influence how they see the world.

When needed, I can…


Fe: Be gregarious and charming to get others to like me or to keep a social situation running smoothly,

Fi: Remind myself of my emotions and ideals of right and wrong,

Te: Do whatever it takes to complete a task or solve a problem,

Ti: Step away from emotions and make sense of things rationally,

Ne: Consider multiple possibilities and play with novel ideas,

Ni: See beyond my senses and pay attention to the intangible and to what could become of something in the future,

Se: Indulge in sensory experiences and be open to spontaneity,

Si: Thoroughly compare an experience or an idea to one that’s in my memories,

but many of my faults come from…


Fe: Not being very empathetic or sociable and not fully understanding how to properly act in some social situations.

Fi: Being too objective and not being able to foresee what feelings certain things can provoke in myself and others.

Te: Being reluctant to ignore my personal values and consider objective measurements of value and achievement.

Ti: Placing too much value on my own and other peoples’ feelings and not enough on objectivity and rationality.

Ne: Not being very open to novelty or uncertainty.

Ni: Failing to plan for the future or to perceive what my senses can’t.

Se: Being uncomfortable with living in the moment or interacting with my physical environment.

Si: Being bored by constant routine and predictability.

In 1988 as his record-breaking Bad World Tour rolled on, Michael Jackson penned a rare note to Bill Pecchi, a camera operator who, due to his recent work on the movie Moonwalker, had been asked to film crowd reactions prior to and during each of the 123 concerts. The letter followed a clearly emotional conversation between the two en route, and in it Jackson offers words of encouragement; politely tells Pecchi he can do better; shows glimpses of his perfectionism, and finishes by proclaiming his love for all people.


I very very seldom write letters but in this moving occasion I couldn’t help myself. I want to thank you for putting the effort forward to capture the magic and excitement of the people of the world. What you do is a very personal and powerful medium to me. It is the art of stopping time, to preserve a moment that the naked eye can not hold, to capture truth spontaneause truth the depths of human excitement in human spirit. All else will be forgotten but not the film generations from now will experience the excitement you’ve captured, it truly is a time capsule. I will not be tottally satisfied until I know your at the right angle at the right time, to capture a cresendo of emotion that happens so quickly, so spontaneously.

What you have done was good, but I want the best, the whole picture, cause and effect. I want crowd reaction wide lens shots - depths of emotion, timing. I know we can do it. It is my dream and goal to capture TRUTH. We should dedicate ourselves to this. The person who makes a success of living, is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication. There is no other way to perfection than dedication perseverance. Just tell us what you need to make it happen. Take the leadership to direct the other camera men. I’ve enjoyed working with you that is why I asked you to come, you have a gentle spirit thats very likable. Maybe I look at the world through rose colored glasses but I love people all over the world. That is why stories of racism realy disturb me. You hurt my heart and soul when you told me of your boyhood in Texas. Because in TRUTH I believe all men are created equal, I was taught that and will always believe it.

I just can’t concieve of how a person could hate another because of skin color. I love every race on the planet earth. Prejudice is the child of ignorance. Naked we come into the world and naked we shall go out. And a very good thing too, for it reminds me that I am naked under my shirt, whatever its color. I’m sorry to bring up such past news, but in the car I was hurt by what you said. I’m so happy though that you have managed to overcome your childhood past. Thank God that youv'e graduated from such beliefs of ignorance. I’m glad I’ve never experienced such things. Teach your kids to love all people equally I know you will. I speak from heart saying I love you and all people especially the children, I’m glad God chose me and you.

Love M.J.

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Hi, there has been something bothering me about the series lately, the thing is in twintuition the twins say that hiccup is a logical thinker and over thinks things. Hiccup himself is all about responsibility when in the movies hiccup is spontaneous and careless always coming up with crazy ideas on the spot he has a witty personality. I feel the over thinking is more of fishlegs or astrids thing. Sorry that came out longer than expected.

No worries, friend! This commentary isn’t too long, but rather a good and succinct description of an interesting facet (or, perhaps, facets) of Hiccup’s personality. 

Hiccup is an individual who does indeed demonstrate many instances of coming up with profound ideas in the moment. He’s always jumping and doing things right in the moment, sometimes carelessly, sometimes brilliantly. So there certainly is a unique sense of Hiccup thinking and acting on the fly. At the same time, I do think that the idea Hiccup is all about logic and careful thought is correct, too. Hiccup is a complicated character, and this multi-facetedness of his character can be seen in how he acts responsibly sometimes, acts impulsively sometimes, acts carelessly sometimes, acts spontaneously sometimes, or acts with a lot of prior thought sometimes. As with many humans, just because he’s one doesn’t mean he can’t be another.

Hiccup and Spontaneity

Hiccup is undeniably an individual who acts with spontaneity. One of my favorite descriptors for his character is “impulsive.” Hiccup is impulsive in his choices, decisions, and “plans.”

In the first movie, Gobber walks Hiccup back to the house after the dragon raid. The reason Stoick has Gobber walk Hiccup back is to “make sure he gets there.” However, the second after Gobber leaves, Hiccup suddenly charges out the back door and into the woods. It always came off as an impulsive behavior to me - probably because Hiccup stumbles out the door so quickly that he falls on his hands. Even if we don’t consider that choice impulsive, Hiccup’s decision to throw away his cheat sheet was impulsive and gutsy when he was riding Toothless. Hiccup’s choice to have Astrid ride Toothless certainly wasn’t planned - he made this action quickly in the moment. Hiccup’s choice to save Toothless and the tribe by getting his peers to ride on dragons was an idea that came right in the moment. Then, in the second movie, Hiccup flees from Stoick and goes to Itchy Armpit at the heat of the moment rather than attending the planned Dragon Racing event. Hiccup later decides to leave Berk last-minute when Stoick is grounding the dragons, deciding instead to pursue Eret. Much of Hiccup battling Drago on Berk was through heat-of-the-moment decisions, too.

We see this pattern of spontaneous decision-making all the clearer in the DreamWorks Dragons series. Hiccup will make a lot of spontaneous choices in the heat of the moment. Sometimes these impulsive choices lead to reckless and dangerous behavior; for instance, Hiccup deciding to fly to the Isle of Night alone with Toothless, not telling anyone or going with them as planned, results in him being kidnapped by the Outcasts in the episode We Are Family Part 1. Other times, these spontaneous choices are the ways in which Hiccup defeats the enemies last minute, such as by using spoons and other metal to attract the Smothering Smokebreaths and then, through these dragon swarms, scaring away the Berserkers.

It’s to note that, while Hiccup’s impulsive choices aren’t always reckless, they can be. They are often dangerous and might have a low chance of success. Hiccup jumping off a baby Scuttleclaw to save Toothless from falling in HTTYD 2 was certainly reckless. So this is an impulsive and reckless choice. At the same time, some of his choices aren’t impulsive but are still reckless: for instance, Hiccup jumping off a cliff side to test his Dragon Fly invention in The Next Big Sting was a carefully planned event, but still, in my opinion, reckless.

Anyways. Hiccup’s spontaneous choices can be placed into several categories. First, as I alluded above, there are the brilliant last-minute decisions he makes to save the day, and then there are the reckless decisions he makes. To be fair, we often don’t know whether it will brilliantly work out or if it will fail horribly. But the point is that some of these choices are brilliant maneuvers and others feel dangerously reckless. The other category of division we can make about his actions is that some of Hiccup’s choices are made in dangerous moments and others are not.

Hiccup will make choices emotionally and impulsively in some instances, such as by choosing to suddenly fly off Berk in HTTYD 2 before Stoick grounds all the dragons. This is not a dangerous circumstance right here and now. Another example of Hiccup making an impulsive choice in a non-dangerous circumstance is in the episode When Lightning Strikes. Hiccup chooses to mount the top of a ship to show that lightning is attracted to metal. His life wasn’t in danger at this point (at least until he made that bold decision to hold up metal on the top of a ship). So some choices are made impulsively out of emotion and not necessarily danger.

In contrast, sometimes Hiccup has to make a spur-of-the-moment decision because he has no choice otherwise. If he is in the middle of the battle, Hiccup doesn’t have the luxury of contemplating whether or not his latest battle strategy will work. He has to just go and try it on the fly because he’s in danger. For instance, Hiccup fighting the Skrill in the first half of A View to a Skrill shows him acting on the fly. Hiccup’s decisions in dangerous circumstances are very commonly spontaneous because, by nature of the sudden incident, they can’t be pre-planned. He never would have predicted the exact circumstances of being chased by these dragons!

So, since this was a large chunk of text let me recapitulate: yes, Hiccup is spontaneous. Sometimes his choices are impulsive because of emotional reasons. Sometimes his choices are impulsive and can turn out to be reckless. Sometimes his choices are on-the-fly because he’s in the middle of danger and he doesn’t have the luxury of thinking situations through thoroughly before enacting a plan. But in all these cases, we see that Hiccup is an individual that works with spontaneity.

Hiccup and Careful, Critical Thought

Near the start of Race to the Edge Season 4 Twintuition, Tuffnut says, “As usual, Hiccup and Fishlegs are overthinking everything.”

At the same time that Hiccup can be an individual who is very impulsive, I still don’t disagree with Tuffnut: Hiccup can be someone who is a careful thinker and close planner. There are times in which he thinks carefully - something that Tuffnut himself (not a planner) would classify as “overthinking.” Here are some instances in which we see Hiccup not acting spontaneously, but as someone with critical thought:

Whenever Hiccup develops an invention, the creation by nature has to be full of careful thought. His inventions do require testing and modification, yes, but they also necessitate careful planning. Hiccup’s crossbow shield contains clever mechanisms that would have needed drafting beforehand. And even in the first How to Train Your Dragon movie, we see that Hiccup draws blueprints of his inventions before he creates them. He draws up a plan for Toothless’ tail, works methodically on the saddle, and creates his own cheat sheet for how the saddle-tail mechanism works. An organized chart like that is logical, careful organization. Beyond that, Hiccup even has a whole room full of invention ideas and sketches - while we do see his corner of the workshop in the final film when Stoick visits him, we learn more about his various inventions and drafts in the deleted scene “Axe to Grind” when Astrid stumbles across his blueprints. Hiccup here, while inventing, is being a very logical and methodical thinker. This is not spontaneity.

Furthermore, there are many times that Hiccup encourages a thought-out course of action before entering danger. While Hiccup doesn’t always have the luxury of planning battle plans beforehand, when he does have the opportunity, he does outline plans for the gang. This has been done many times throughout the franchise, starting with the plan Hiccup implements to fight the Red Death in the first movie. Hiccup carefully plots how to attack Viggo’s base in Family on the Edge over a period of several days before he puts the plan into action (even making a model of the location in the planning process - careful work!). Hiccup meets with Viggo on the island at the start of Maces and Talons Part 1 with an obvious plan. The raid on Auction Island was not without prior thought. The truth is, there are many times in which Hiccup and his companions go into an enemy engagement with a plan already made: something that Hiccup carefully concocted beforehand. Tuffnut’s used to seeing Hiccup create logical game plans.

Hiccup even yells at Snotlout for going out of line and acting spontaneously at the start of Cast Out Part 1. Snotlout’s spontaneous actions place Astrid in danger, causing her to fall out of the sky and nearly die. Hiccup grounds Snotlout and forbids him from flying because Snotlout’s impulsivity is unpredictable and unreliable. Hiccup is disciplining someone for being too spontaneous! Hiccup wants order here. And then again, when Stoick leaves in Dawn of the Dragon Racers and puts Hiccup in charge, Hiccup doesn’t want the youths to invent a spontaneous new sport. He wants to keep order, follow his dear father’s instructions, and hold to tradition with the annual Regatta. All of this is Hiccup discouraging impulsivity in a leadership position.

It’s to note that even in day-to-day matters, Hiccup likes to have methodical orderliness. He is the one who is upset if the twins are not on guard duty on Dragon’s Edge. He is the one who suggests that they need to create order when they first arrive at their new island home. He is the one who is often the leadership organizing and putting into place all the daily rituals and duties that the youths do on Dragon’s Edge. He is the one who came up with specific flight formations for the youths to follow when they were in the Dragon Academy. He is the one who came up with all the training exercises and strict regiments and trivia games for Riders of Berk and Defenders of Berk. He is the one who leads the youths and expects them to obey his orders on the fly. Hiccup is not always spontaneous and careless. While there definitely are instances where he is spontaneous and careless, there are also just as many instances in which Hiccup is the opposite: careful and methodical.

One of your comments is that Hiccup is all about responsibility seemingly in the television series, but not in the movie trilogy. Because of this, I will leave this section with some demonstration of Hiccup caring about orderliness and responsibility in the movies and material directly created by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders. Hiccup is consistent throughout the franchise (give or take the aging process - but all people metamorphose naturally as they mature) in terms of his beliefs of responsibility. 

In The Serpent’s Heir, written by Dean DeBlois, Hiccup is chief and is trying to keep his chiefdom in order. He’s focusing on the responsibility of his leadership role. Earlier, in How to Train Your Dragon 2, even though Hiccup is running off spontaneously from Stoick sometimes, he also has with him a carefully formulated plan he systematically upholds. Hiccup’s plan is always to speak to Drago and try to arrange for diplomatic peace talks. The reason Hiccup wants this is not out of an impulsive reason (though it sometimes leads to impulsiveness). The reason Hiccup wants to talk to Drago is exactly because he believes it is responsible. When Stoick complains about Hiccup’s actions, his son balks, “I’m trying to protect our dragons and stop a war! How is that irresponsible?” The truth of the matter is that Hiccup, from the very start of How to Train Your Dragon 2, believes that trying to talk to Drago - his goal throughout the movie - is the responsible thing to do.

So Hiccup can be someone who cares about responsibility. Hiccup can be someone who loves to plan and organize. Hiccup can be someone who approaches a variety of situations with critical and careful thought.

Hiccup is, interestingly enough, both someone who can be spontaneous and impulsive, and someone who can be methodical and careful. These personality traits do not clash, but are complicated facets of his three-dimensional character. As we see in how Hiccup tries to talk to Drago in peace, he can use both spontaneous actions and careful thoughts about responsibility to try to achieve his goals.

Tuffnut and the Context of This Quote

Now the question is: does Hiccup’s consistent belief in responsibility and methodical approach to situations count as “overthinking”? After all, what Tuffnut says in that quote in Twintuition is that Hiccup is “as usual” overthinking. Overthinking is a little different from just thinking.

There can be times in which Hiccup overthinks throughout the franchise, but what is especially relevant is that Hiccup overthinks in Race to the Edge. Overthinking is part of Hiccup’s specific circumstance in the here and now. He’s doing it more than usual because he is interacting with Viggo - someone who is a crafty manipulator. Hiccup, trying to best Viggo, has had to carefully think through situations himself. This results in Hiccup worrying and overthinking through scenarios with Viggo. At this current time in Hiccup’s life, therefore, he is overthinking and overanalyzing scenarios far more than usual. It’s because he’s trying to do everything within his brainpower to stop his current antagonist.

So when Tuffnut remarks that Hiccup is “as usual” overthinking, I think that makes sense in the context of the situation. Since Hiccup and his friends have settled on Dragon’s Edge, Hiccup has been obsessively thinking about Viggo and trying to outmanipulate the man at his own game. As far as Tuffnut has seen, Hiccup recently has been consistently thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking. It doesn’t matter if twelve year old Hiccup overthought scenarios or not. It doesn’t matter if twenty-four year old Hiccup will overthink scenarios or not. But in the here and now, yes, Hiccup is pondering through scenarios exceedingly carefully. He’s still not successfully outmanipulating Viggo, true, but he is certainly pondering strategy closely.

On top of that, there’s an important thing to consider about Tuffnut’s quote: he’s criticizing both Hiccup and Fishlegs simultaneously. Hiccup and Fishlegs are, as usual, overthinking, according to him. This is a little different than Hiccup by himself overthinking. It’s the joint team that Tuffnut’s not thrilled with currently. And it is true that when Hiccup and Fishlegs are together, they tend to engage in deep, intricate scholarly pursuits. The two bring out the nerd in one another, and as is such, like to think critically together. So when Tuffnut talks about Hiccup overthinking, he’s talking specifically about Hiccup-when-he’s-with-Fishlegs overthinking.

The last thing I believe is relevant to consider contextually is that Tuffnut is not a thinker himself. Tuffnut is someone who is intelligent and capable of good thought, but his preferred lifestyle is one of going with the flow. He doesn’t like to plan ahead. He doesn’t like to adhere to schedules or regimental order. Tuffnut likes to casually mosey through life with no plans beforehand. This does contrast with Hiccup’s personality from the first HTTYD movie through the end of The Serpent’s Heir; Hiccup has always been more methodical and planning-oriented than the carefree Thorstons. So from Tuffnut’s angle as someone who doesn’t prefer to think things through at all, he’s going to categorize Hiccup’s careful analysis of situations (in this case in Twintuition, how to break a chain) as “overthinking.”

There is something to be said about how Fishlegs and Astrid think or overthink through scenarios in comparison to Hiccup, but I also don’t think that what Tuffnut says is erraneous with what we know about Hiccup and the present scenario! Hiccup is a complex character, and given the context of our current scenario, I think it makes sense that Tuffnut would make this criticism of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third.

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How about INFJ?

1. Have I met anyone of this type?                                                                  - Yess! Two perhaps the closest people in my life are both INFJs, one of them is my cousin (basically my older sister tho) and another is my friend whom I’ve known for around eleven years now. Also one acquaintance.

2. Do I have any Tumblr friends/faves of this type?                                        - None comes to my mind right now.

3. What type of relationship do/did we have, or how well do/did we know each other?                                                                                                         - I have this “bff” thing with both of the INFJs, we always hang out together and talk about everything from daily events to big future plans and abstract stuff, we bond extremely well and always just get each other. We just kind of speak the same language, there is always a great mutual understanding. They can see sides of me that no one else really does, and I’m able to understand them and help them with their problems. We are different enough for it to feel complementary, but we share same kind of views and opinions.                        

4. First impressions?                                                                                        - Can seem a bit distant and cold at first, hard to figure out, calm, emotionally intelligent, quiet and polite.

5. Positive impressions?                                                                                   - So understanding and emphatic, know what they’re standing for, very deep, excellent balance of feelings and logic, intelligent, interesting, good sense of humor, knowledged, good at reading between the lines, for me very easy to get along with, good talkers and listeners, consider others, consider the bigger things in life.

6. Negative impressions?                                                                                  - Struggle with spontaneity and getting out of their comfort zone, sometimes draw their own conclusions which don’t actually add up to reality, can be overly stubborn about their views, sudden lashes of emotions which can be very tiring to deal with, may be waay too paranoid and insecure of what others think of them, have many huge plans for the future but rarely actually execute them.

7. Stuff I’ve always wanted to do with this type?                                            - Travel somewhere far away.

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Send a ship thingy...? Shizaya....👀👀

who is more likely to hurt the other? Shizuo, physically. Izaya, emotionally. Those two are two ticking bombs full of hurt, ready to explode, whenever.

who is emotionally stronger? This one is interesting. Shizuo is probably more emotionally stable (take of that what you will, since Shizuo is not the textbook example of emotionally stable at all). 

But I think Izaya is rather emotionally … resistent? I think he can take blows better than Shizuo, when it  comes to insults and hurted feelings. He has a much rather thick skin about it.

who is physically stronger? Shizuo, and you all know it.

who is more likely to break a bone? Shizuo was breaking his bones like, all the time when he was a child, but he got stronger, so at this point, Izaya.

who knows best what to say to upset the other? Izaya has a MASTERS DEGREE when it comes to what could possibly be said to hurt anyone’s feelings, including and most especially, Shizuo’s

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument? You know what…? Shizuo. Especially if it involves him going too far on what he says, being too rough, or hurting Izaya deeply in any way. I see Shizuo as someone who would be very devoted to the person he’s in love with, and also somone who would swear to himself to never hurt the one he’s decided to be in a relationship with. If it happens, he would be the first to regret it. And also the first to try and make amends.

who treats who’s wounds more often? It makes more sense for Izaya to treat Shizuo’s wounds since he used to have a lot of them/ get into a lot of fights, but nowadays, in canon, the person who constanly puts himself in danger is Izaya.

So basically, during Raijin Times, Izaya treats Shizuo’s wounds/they treat each others, but when they’re adults, I can see Shizuo doing that to Izaya way more, tbh.  

who is in constant need of comfort? Izaya, I think. But 1)- He doesnt realize it. 2) - He would never outright say anything about it. 

Shizuo would pick it up right away, though. He could be able to read Izaya’s moods, sometimes faster than Izaya himself.

who gets more jealous? Shizuo does. Izaya gets jealous too, but I think he falls more on the “I’ll just let him go if he’s happier with someone else” kind of side of it. He would look for excuses to abandon Shizuo (before Shizuo abandons him), way faster than Shizuo; who’s, on the other hand, trying to salvage the relationship and willing to fight for Izaya, at all costs.

who’s most likely to walk out on the other? hahaha, my last answer also applies! I think Izaya, even while being in love, would look for excuses to leave at all times. But ya know, this is a complicated question, so here’s my thoughts on it.

I think Shizuo could easily walk out of Izaya when he’s like, d o n e with it. But he would regret it. And he would come back. And he would be more willing to try harder. Izaya, on the other hand is like, super scared all the time of emotional compromise. This is why I think Shizuo would try harder to be the stable one.

who will propose? Shizuo will. An spontaneous “I wanna marry you” or “marry me” will come out of his mouth before he knows it. While he’s watching Izaya sleep or reading at their bed, or reading the news while Shizuo makes breakfast. May or may not following a “Fuck, you’re so pretty”. It wouldnt be dramatic, but it would totally catch Izaya by surprise. And Shizuo too.

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Stan the ESFP-T


These will be my own interpretations of each of the main four. Since these are gonna take a while I may as well separate them into individual posts by character. Besides they’re easier on people’s dashes this way.


Extroverted – (”I like getting my energy from active involvement in events and having a lot of different activities. I’m excited when I’m around people and I like to energize other people. I like moving into action and making things happen.”)

While Stan has numerous moments where he’s withdrawn he makes it pretty clear that he likes being the center of attention. Even if he’s not a hyperactive social butterfly as the stereotype of extroverts goes, he definitely loves being the cool kid and having a large reach of friends. He might not seek it out all the time, but he definitely loves to impress people.

Literally when anyone gives the slightest bit of approval he has a 50% chance of making a movie, commercial or presentation about it.

This kind of approval will make him leap before he looks, often regretting it soon after.

He also tends to follow the crowd even if he doesn’t really want to and often doesn’t know why he’s doing what he’s doing as a result of that. This leads to him contradicting himself either intentionally or unintentionally and then being very dejected afterward.

Sensing – (” Paying attention to physical reality, what I see, hear, touch, taste, and smell. I’m concerned with what is actual, present, current, and real. I notice facts and I remember details that are important to me. I like to see the practical use of things and learn best when I see how to use what I’m learning. Experience speaks to me louder than words.”)

This directly ties in with Stan’s cynicism. He is constantly critical of anything and everything and is the first, if not second to Kyle, to call something out for what it objectively is. 

This is what grounds Kyle, a potential idealist, back to reality. 

When Kyle saw one cold reading that insisted his dead grandma wanted him to go to Juilliard, Stan did some investigating, whipped out some books and went out of his way to convince Kyle to snap out of it and see the situation for what it really was.

When Kyle came to him with stars in his eyes about his great new business, Stan was skeptical. Kyle knew by instinct that Stan, the objective thinker would be just as hype about it if he just saw it with his own eyes. The video of two deformed babies struggling to grab a ball of crack, along with Stan’s “I don’t need to say anything. Listen to yourself.” approach broke Kyle’s illusion because it was so painfully objective.

When Kyle was believed he was being a martyr for the middle east, Stan looked at him and said “You’re just sucking farts and being all high and mighty about it.”

He’s always the first to call something out for being stupid.

Stan thinks in facts, not in ideas. What is, not what might be or what it could mean. Even when he’s caught up in his friends fantasies, which he does enjoy, he is usually the first to stop and call it stupid. This puts a great balance in his group, considering when he’s not caught up in his own ego, he provides solid ground for his friends.

Feeling – (”I believe I can make the best decisions by weighing what people care about and the points-of-view of persons involved in a situation.”)

Despite clearly having an ego, when Stan is faced with a situation where he has to conserve something he deeply cares about, his ego generally doesn’t get in the way. Most of Stan’s calls to action are either because of ego or purely out of sympathy. 

Like hijacking a TV show and doing blatantly illegal acts of violence for the sake of saving whales. Or kidnapping a bunch of baby cows so they don’t get turned into veal. Or writing a hit song or tricking one of his friend’s to get an operation, both to save his best friend’s life. Also trying to do the right thing and turn himself in because he felt guilty about ruining people’s lives.

Stan unfortunately isn’t that in tune with other people’s feelings, but this doesn’t mean he’s not empathetic. He just gets really caught up in whatever’s in front of him and ends up hurting people in the process.

Despite his lack of malice, this happens frequently. He doesn’t mean to fuck up, but he does. His conflicting objective thinking, ego and emotional decision making constantly fucks him over. His peers abandon him, and his biggest support is gone. This quickly goes in a downward spiral and ends with Stan beating himself up about it.

Percieving – (” I use my perceiving function ((whether it is Sensing or Intuition)) in my outer life. To others, I seem to prefer a flexible and spontaneous way of life, and I like to understand and adapt to the world rather than organize it. Others see me staying open to new experiences and information.”)

Percieving personalities are very flexible, but they also often don’t plan ahead.

This is already evident in Stan in the form of lack of control. His biggest conflict is prone to repeating itself time and time again. He doesn’t plan or prepare to avoid letting himself crash and burn, and in turn has no idea what he should do when the situation arises again except in that moment try a slightly new approach, but by that time, he is so caught up in the emotion of the situation that little to nothing changes.

However, Stan does get the good in the perceiving category as well. While he does tend to fuck up a lot, if he still has friends around who are encouraging him to do something new (most of the time) he will roll with it (provided his Extraverted Thinking doesn’t make him a total stick in the mud.)

The double edged sword to this is when he’s down in the dumps he’s more prone to trying new, addictive things like drinking and freemium games. But hey, anything for a change of scenery. This kind of flexibility is also what allows him to jump into new ambitious things that his ambitious friends might scheme up– 

–like abandoning his subpar relationship for the sake of getting successful and being dripping in bitches.

In summary Stan’s traits seem to be very tightly knit together in all his actions. He loves to impress and entertain anyone he comes across, but is also cynical and gets caught up in what he’s doing and loses what he values most in the process. Despite this, he does have a tendency to maintain his confidence and stick with his true friends.

gif sources: @south-park-gifs

2 down, 2 to go!

Kyle the INFJ

bgzyanya  asked:

Guess my sign Very spontaneous and get bored of things super quickly. Weird with reacting to emotional situations. I'm sort of closed off at first until you get to know me, then I'm a chatter box. Insomniac to an extent. Tell you things straight forward even if you don't wanna hear it. Rbf all day honestly, but I couldn't hurt a fly unless it bites me first. Warmhearted, equalizer, determined & in love with a good view. Take me to a sunset and we're cool.

Sounds like an Aquarius actually.

Past-Life Recall: why is this so hard?

Got an ask along these lines:

I’ve been trying to meditate to uncover past-life information lately, and I know I’m having really intense dreams.  I wake up several times a night, and I always feel like a lot of energy has moved.  However, I don’t remember anything?  Why am I not remembering anything?  And how can I change this?

The way I feel about past lives is this:  you will remember what you “need” to, if you need to, when the moment in your life is right.  This isn’t to say that we have no business poking around in our own past, but, generally, we don’t need to put our focus there.  If you want to remember things more vividly, approach your explorations with intent:  ask your guides/angels/Higher Self/the universe to present you with images, words/phrases, characters, and synchronicities that will help you unlock what you most need to know or what is in the very highest interests of your healing or of your growing into your fullest potential.

Intention generally yields more than idle curiosity.  There is nothing wrong with idle curiosity, but it can be more of a distraction than a powerful tool.  We are living now because there is something to focus on in the now.

However, of course, past lives are sometimes very relevant to the now – because everything is actually happening all at once.  If you feel fiercely drawn to exploring your past iives, follow your intuition about it.

And remember that the universe absolutely will (and does) bring you past-life information in myriad ways, as it becomes relevant to deal with it.  Most of us go through many lifetimes wherein past life information is just about entirely irrelevant to what our soul is working on, within the scope of that current life.  And that’s fine!  :)  But some of us seem to “need” to become more aware of past-life challenges in order to heal more fully, or in order to reawaken to old strengths, and so on.  In these cases, the universe absolutely assists.  And if the universe is not assisting right now?  It’s because it’s not necessary for you to focus on right now.  (Believe me:  you’re still meeting past-life companions and working out karma with them, even if you have no idea what’s going on.  We are doing this all the time.)

I’ll talk a little bit now about why recall is not always so easy:

First of all, some people go to psychics for information on their past lives.  This can be helpful, if you find a psychic you trust, but in my experience, there are limits to how much this information, externally accessed, will assist you.  Why?  Because there’s a difference between being told what you’ve been through and actually recalling it and experiencing the event within your memory (or your dreams) along with all of its attendant emotional energy.

For example, I once spontaneously recalled, very vividly, a lifetime wherein I had been trading sex for survival – and then had been punished for it.  Just before the vision hit, I was in a very energetically open state and felt suddenly FLOODED with intense shame.  Shame wasn’t something I was used to feeling.  I had no idea where the feeling was coming from.  So I asked (I was connecting with Mother Mary, actually, in that moment.), “Why do I feel so ashamed?”

And I heard, inside my head, “It’s because of what they said to you.”

What they said to me?

I just allowed those words to come – having no idea what they were referring to, not trying to make sense of them, just “allowing” the explanation to bubble up.  And then, all of a sudden, with those words, an ugly vision unfolded.  The visuals themselves were hazy, but the scene was easy for me to understand; I re-experienced myself as cowering somewhere on the floor/ground, surrounded by a group of people in some position of power, who stood over me, jeering at me and coldly humiliating me for being a “whore.”  As I sat with the “vision,” I realized that, throughout the entire duration of that past-life experience, I had been internalizing every insult through the whole nightmare, hating myself to the core, knowing it was 100% “true” that I was a “whore” (in that other life) and feeling so small and worthless and terrible because of it.  Emotionally, it was very intense; I felt wholly safe and very much loved (in large part, thanks to Mother Mary’s energy with me at the time), but I also felt the old emotions, realizing with mild detachment, I think, out of all of my lifetimes, that was the most that I EVER hated myself.  Right then, in that moment.  Again – I allowed the emotions without attaching to them.

And with that experience, in my very open frame of mind, suddenly, a LOT of details from my life made perfect sense (about experiences, interests, fears, social justice passions, even about health problems of my own).  I also very clearly understood where the fear and self-consciousness came from whenever I had contemplated the prospect of past-life regression.  Somebody, like a psychic, could've told me I was trading sex for survival in another life and that I’d been made to feel bad about it, sure.  But how would that have helped me to hear?  My ego (and my current-life values, worldview, and personality) would have fiercely resisted that information.  “What?  No!  That’s ridiculous!  Why would I feel bad about prostitution?!  I would never judge anyone for sex working!  That doesn’t make any sense!”

I never would have believed it.  Therefore, I never would have allowed the memory, and, therefore, I wouldn’t have been able to be helped by the memory either.

Bottom line:  sometimes, you need to unlock the memory yourself (perhaps with the help of Spirit).  And this can only happen when you’re ready.  “When you’re ready” means “when it will most serve you to know.”  And if you surround yourself with the love of “Heaven,” everything you uncover will be much, much easier to bear.  You will feel more courageous about it and be able to “allow” the memories to form within your consciousness when you feel secure and are wrapped in Divine Love.

So one note:  allowing.  Remember that you were a very different person in another life.  So was everyone else you know.  Suspend all judgments.  You don’t know how those people used to think/act, what motivated them, and so on.  Every lifetime is another role we play in this grand cosmic theater.  If you receive a psychic impression, just accept it.  You don’t have to believe it, or internalize it, or ruminate on it, but just don’t dismiss your intuition right off the bat.  You’ll be surprised (and awed) as you start to notice the universe confirming these details for you.  And they’re only coming up – irrelevant as they might seem in their moment – because they are capable of shedding much light on things.  Don’t tell yourself you’re “only imagining” it.  Don’t cling, don’t obsess over the details either, but just allow, allow, with nothing but love and compassion for anyone who might have been involved, and the whole picture will become clearer in time.  If you resist, it will be harder to allow the details to arise from your subconscious.

Life-changing visions of past lives might not be a common thing in your healing process, but that’s still okay: sometimes healing can be so intense that the energy just rushes through us quickly, so quickly that we can’t keep pace with it with our own stream of conscious thought.  Other times, what is being healed is very traumatic, and we’re being spared further pain, confusion, and/or fear by having to re-witness it in the now, without being aware of its complete (past-life) context.  In these cases, we will often either repress the visions/dreams, OR, if there’s some kernel of information within them that is important for us to observe (so we can overcome an old, unhelpful pattern), then the information about the past life might come through in a watered-down, symbolic way.

Another example:  shortly after I first REALLY connected with one of my soulmates and recognized him as such, I developed this terrible, nagging anxiety that I would never see him again.  It was entirely irrational, and I felt stupid for it.  I’m not a clingy person, but I was always scared that he was going to disappear… and (here was the really stupid part) die.  Right around this period, I also started having recurring nightmares that he disappeared.  But what was weird was that, in all of these nightmares wherein he was missing and I was mourning his disappearance – there was a war going on.  Those details were always consistent:  there’s a war.  He disappears.  Nobody wants to talk about his disappearance, and yet nobody seems surprised that it’s happened.

The nightmares weren’t particularly graphic, but they always filled me with an enormous amount of anxiety.  I would wake up from them panicked about him, and I’d remain panicked about him for weeks thereafter.  The dreams were sort of “random.”  With very few exceptions, nothing within them looked out of place, gave the impression of being in another place or another time.

It wasn’t until he called me one morning, totally unaware that I had just had a vivid dream set during WWII, that I stopped seeing the nightmares about his mysterious disappearance as so “random.”  Because on that day, within the first thirty seconds of what was our first phone call ever – without my prompting – he just casually mentioned that he’d recently gone to a Holocaust museum.

“I don’t know why,” he told me, “but I used to research the Holocaust a lot when I was younger.  I was just always very compelled by it.”

Suddenly, I knew why I kept having nightmares about him disappearing during a war.  And spending weeks at a time filled with fear and sadness at the thought that (for no good reason) I’d never see him again.

This is how the universe may help you out with recall as well:  it may give you a vague impression of what happened, or a symbolic impression of what happened (e.g., recurring nightmares of a friend’s disappearance) while you’re working through a larger pattern (e.g., an imbalanced attachment to that individual).  It will do this to help give you clues as to where your irrational or unhealthy patterns might be coming from.  And it will deliver some unmistakeable “confirmation” when and if you really need that.

My point is, past-life recall isn’t always clear.  It’s often symbolic, if not wholly (repressed in the) subconscious, even while we are very much working through it.  This still doesn’t mean that healing isn’t happening though.  If you “allow” the impressions to come, they will generally have more “space” to come through your filters.  Allowing means not judging the information or any of the people involved.  This means approaching them with a detached curiosity and letting the pieces fall into place.  You will sometimes learn of events out of order.  It’s like collecting puzzle pieces and putting them all on a box for now, just accepting the fact that the puzzle can’t be completed yet.  And that  that’s okay and does not reflect any deficiency of your own!

Remember though that past-life exploration is a tool more than a source of entertainment.  Your soul incarnated now, as you, because it wanted to be incarnate now, as “you.”  All those other lifetimes are going on simultaneously, yes, but your life experience reflects the particular focus of consciousness on THIS time, THIS place, THIS person, THIS set of circumstances that you are experiencing as a (current-life) “self.”

Therefore, when you are going to try exploring previous incarnations, again, it helps to do this with intent.  Healing, loving intent.  "Show me what I need to know" or “Reveal to me what would help me to overcome (X,Y, or Z)” – these kinds of requests will help you.  “Playing” in the realm of past-life regression just because it feels “cool” will likely have far less powerful benefits for you than excavating your soul’s past with the intention of digging out old gifts, old lessons, casting off old chains, healing old wounds – things that can help you be the fullest you in the now.

If you wake up or emerge from a meditation not remembering, sometimes that’s for the best; there are things you don’t want to see again.  Other times, it’s our fear or resistance itself that prevents the images from being clear.  Either way, you can trust your soul to be showing you only what you ought to be expected to handle at this moment in time.  And you can trust that, what you are shown, is something your soul can handle.

Remember that some of the information will be symbolic or watered-down.  This information is no less valuable and no less valid.

And finally, feel free to ask the universe to send synchronistic clues or “confirmation.”  Quite often, the physical world is easier for us to grasp and feels less intimidating than the world of pure Spirit (while we’re incarnate, that is).  So this might be a fruitful avenue of inviting your soul to communicate with you as well.

I hope these explanations and examples have helped some!

Sending infinite love and light.  :)

Meet Bumbleblossoms

Hi, I’m Miriam, and I’m a surer super amateur poet who just kind of rambles and hopes it will work out. I’m from Boston Massachusetts, and I am a sophomore at Boston University studying psychology. I am interested in both counseling and research, so I’m not sure yet which path I will take, but I have a natural knack to understanding people and helping them mentally, so I am leaning towards clinical psych.

A lot of my writing shows these themes. I like to write about mental health, and I usually have an annoying habit of being unable to simply leave a work as is when it has a depressing ending. I prefer to wrap things up with a little hope when it comes to mental health.

Currently I’m in a little bit of a writing rut, so you will mostly find poems and writing regarding heartbreak on my blog. Heartbreak shows up a lot as well in my writing, and this is because I often use my writing to come to terms with my past experience and understand why and how certain things happened. I hope that maybe if I can also share these understandings, it may help some other person to come to terms with their experiences as well.

I began writing poetry very recently, about one and a half years ago, when I began to struggle to find motivation and passion for the novels and short stories I was working on. The processes for my novel writing was very strict and thought out, and originally, this had worked very well for me. However, as I entered college, I began to feel a deeper need for something spontaneous, to spit out my emotions onto the page. This took the shape in unpolished poems and rambles. Since then, I have loved to create poems to help myself express everything I feel the need to get out.

Very Advanced MBTI

ESTJ - Meanie
ISTJ - Meanie’s minions
ESFJ - Either Grandma or a bitch
ISFJ - Pushover
ENTJ - King Meanie
INTJ - Standard Nerd
ENFJ - Tell me about your *licks face* FEEEEEELINGS
INFJ - Witch
ESTP - Sociopath V1
ISTP - Sociopath V2 with 40% extra Sadism!
ESFP - *Sees a new person* *Rubs genitals on their face as a greeting*
ISFP - *rubs body with flowers* FREEDOM
ENTP - Deluxe Nerd (Now with Free Violent Urges!)
INTP - Quirky Nerd
ENFP - *Spontaneously explodes into glitter*
INFP - Nerds with added Emotions!

Gemini Sun and Pisces Moon Confession, submitted

I am introverted and shy, and definitely not the “life of the party.” My best friends, however, are lifers, and around them I become incredibly talkative and silly. I’m observant and have an issue with thinking too much. Words commonly used to describe me are passionate (often to a fault), intuitive, empathetic, and open-minded, but I’m also highly critical and I don’t tend to give second chance.  I love to read and write, I function on caffeine, I like to spoil people, I love animals a lot, I have a fear of losing people close to me, I’m not good with emotions, I feel very deeply but don’t share it, I stay up very late and tend to wake up early, I volunteer at animal shelters, I’m a very messy person, I like giving advice but when it comes to taking it I don’t, I like to push my boundaries. I want stability and comfort, but I also want to be spontaneous and crazy. I never really know what I want. [info on sun and moon signs]

Thoughts on Spirit Work

I was having a private conversation with another Tumblr user which branched off into the topic of spirit work. I felt some of the opinions I expressed seemed worthy of being shared publicly, so here’s my take on spirit work…

What is a Spirit?

In my understanding, a spirit is [basically] the energetic imprint of a physical manifestation. Spirits can be residual energy of things that are dead, or dynamic energy of things that are still very much alive. In fact, these seemingly opposing life and death energies overlap one another in a way, but I won’t get into all that here. Spirit is ultimately what animates physical form– everything has a spirit in my belief, some more subtle and dormant that others. 

What is Spirit Work?

Spirit work can be defined as so many numbers of things– from working with deities to communicating with plants and animals to conjuring the dead. It typically involves consciously convening with some type of spirit for whatever reason. 

Everyone is Different

Everyone communicates with spirits in different ways and in varying intensities. Some people are acutely receptive to them, hence the many convincing stories of unmistakable spirit encounters. But for most people, including myself, it’s a subtle sense that is usually easier to ignore or “shut off” than acknowledge and sustain. In all honesty, I don’t do much spirit work, as in actively communicating, working, and building relationships with spirits– it doesn’t come naturally for me so it requires a lot of practice and effort that I don’t always have energy for, so it’s not a huge area of focus for me at this point in time. But many times it just sort of happens, either spontaneously or inherently as part of my practice. 

My General Method

When I do actively attempt to communicate with spirits it is usually just a process of meditating for a few minutes– clearing my head and getting in a receptive and objective state of mind. I usually have particular spirit in mind I intend to target, but I try not to declare that intention/make that connection before I clear my head. Once I feel “open” enough, I typically burn sage or other herbs and evoke the nine directional powers, reinforce protections, etc, then state my intention and try to make a connection.

How I Sense and Communicate With Spirits

How one communicates with spirits typically reflects how they sense them. I am a “feeling” type. I can feel them, somewhere deep within my chest, but very rarely do I ever “see” anything I feel confident calling a spirit. The people who often have the most convincing experiences tend to be “seeing” types it seems. My partner and his son are receptive to seeing spirits– they could probably be considered “naturals”. I’m not usually as receptive as they are, even in my “feeling” aspect; I usually have to actively tap into it, hence the use of the little meditation ritual I described. Even then, I don’t always get results. But how they communicate to me is in direct relation to how I sense them. I feel them– sometimes it’s an empathic impression of pure emotion, other times it’s loosely articulated thoughts, spontaneous imagery, or vague concepts that I have to translate into words to make sense of. It’s all very internal and “feely” for me though, which makes detection a bit obscure.


Now, discerning whether or not I’m actually communicating with a spirit is tricky for me. I can be rather skeptical (especially of my own experiences– ironic, right?). But there have been a handful of occasions when I just knew, half of which happened before I began actively practicing any kind of spirit work. From my experience, the best way to develop confidence in your own judgment is to really get to know yourself– your thoughts patterns, your emotional tides, your behavioral tendencies, etc. Being intimately familiar with your own internal processes is tremendously helpful when distinguishing between a thought/feeling/vision that you created (i.e. your “imagination”) and externally influenced extrasensory information (i.e. a message from a spirit). If you can identify the space where your thoughts and ideas originate (a skill best developed via meditation), it becomes a thousand times easier to determine when you are in fact perceiving information communicated by a spirit.

Making Pacts? 

It is never necessary to make any kind of pacts in order to communicate or work with spirits. While it can be helpful in certain circumstances, especially once you become further acquainted with the practice and the spirits you work with, it’s never something I would recommend to anyone who isn’t entirely confident in doing so. 

signs as people i have been close with.

aries: tall, blonde, quiet but talks mad shit about everyone and everything. teases, cute, very very gorgeous but never admits it or believes it. long ass eyelashes. dates alot of people.

taurus: short, light brown hair. really really likes books. realistic thinker. intelligent. perfect grades. very pretty face. likes looking at cute boys. athletic and plays hockey. passive aggressive. VERY stubborn.

gemini: clever, funny, annoying as fuck. nice hair, grey eyes, very playful. teases. like alot. to everyone. has strong facial features but his jokes make him seem less serious. nice to everyone.

cancer: VERY argumentative when pissed off. blue eyes, long dirty blonde hair. very introverted at first but once you get her talking she NEVER stops. has a cute laugh. emotional and sensitive. on her phone alot. listens to every genre of music. takes snapchats of everything secretly (oh but do i ever notice it)

leo: very quiet at first. lots of shy smiles and nervous giggles. but once you get really close with her, quiet turns into conversations about anything and everything about the universe, shy smiles turn into really big smiles and nervous giggles turn into loud, hearty laughs. very artistic. long hair. interested in photography. confident and being around her feels like home.

virgo: hazel sleepy eyes, messy light hair, slight jawline. gamer. always on his phone during class. humor that always has a deeper meaning. great conversationalist, always keeps the conversation going. lots of funny interesting stories. remembers every single detail you tell him. an amazing listener. very kindhearted and welcoming. mutters the word ‘hostile’ everytime i win an arguement with him. which rarely happens.

libra: elegant and graceful when she walks. VERY AMBITIOUS AND DETERMINED. thinks ahead alot, able to predict what im going to do before i even do it. intense eye contact. rants about her job alot. black hair and blue eyes. great fashion sense. likes the colour black. scary when shes mad, i try not to mess with her. apologizes ALOT after she gets angry. very pretty.

scorpio: very passionate about his girlfriend and the people he cares about. striven. blue eyes. obsessed with the ocean and the outdoors. likes to be in control but is able to let little things go. smokes alot. eyes go really big when talking about something he’s interested in. very detailed stories, never leaves out a single detail which makes them kinda long. very intense emotions.

sagittarious: outgoing, adventurous. rants about people. down to do anything, no matter how crazy. not afraid to act silly with me. tall, cat eyes, stunning. spontaneous and dares me to do alot of funny things which is awesome because im alot more free than i was before i met her. fangirls about everything. ships and fangirls about couples who arent even couples. but i can see right through her. and secretly, she has a deep side.

capricorn: controlling, sarcastic, and ambitious. likes his job alot. loyal, cares alot about his family. use to be a hippie headbanger in highschool. listens to rock. little bit lazy and tired alot. plays games, likes taking friends out to movies and nice restauraunts. likes camping. likes the outdoors. really bad temper and throws things when angry. has alot of emotions bottled up inside. logical thinking and rebellious when he was younger. likes to be right.

aquarius: really chilled out and alot of dark humour. great voice impressions of morgan freeman. doesnt fall in love easily, kind of sensitive and clingy though when he does. talks about his life experiances alot if you ever get close. lots of friends, plays guitar, VERY TALL HOLY SHIT. plays drums, listens to music alot. kind of mean and blunt and honest. slight sarcasm, gets annoyed easily.

pisces: plays soccer, talkative and sweet. has graceful facial features. outside alot and always doing something. intelligent, great comebacks, wants to be an aries. very opinionated, always listening to music and not noticing that hes quietly singing/humming along which is adorable. always fidgets half conciously and can never hold still.

MBTI from an INTP

This is from my personal point of view on stereotypical shit.

ESFP: I’m sure you’re a great person, except I read books and you remember what the sun feels like. Also stop inviting me to parties. I never want to nor will I ever.

ESTP: Your abrasive reckless Bro personality pisses me off. The fact that you have the guts to be an entrepreneur makes me respect you. No offense, please don’t hurt me. I’m small and weak.

ISFP: Make more art….even if you’re a modern artist. Because selling a blue line on a white canvas for millions is hilarious.

ISTP: I respect you deeply. Not as a person, but as an inventor. I don’t know you as a person. I don’t secretly fight bears with a makeshift weapon made from a rock and your own hair, so we couldn’t get along.

ESFJ: I appreciate the effort you make into being nice and meeting everyone, but that’s as much as I appreciate it for. Leave me alone.

ESTJ: Pretty sure you’re my manager who breathes down my back everyday. You’re good at your job, but I sometimes plot to end you…I’ll never act on it though.

ISFJ: I AM A FULL GROWN ADULT! STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE I’M A CHILD! Yes I would like some graham crackers.

ISTJ: You kinda bore me, but you’re a great source of information and efficiency without hovering over me. Please teach ESTJ your ways.

ENFP: You either range from a hilarious ball of fun and a joy to be around or a spontaneous idiot, who needs to go away.

ENFJ: You were a boyfriend I had. It was fun for the first month, until you tried to be my mom. I don’t believe in incest, it’s either one or the other. As people I enjoy being around you in small doses.

INFP: You ARE my mom. In general you are very creative and intuitive, plus you like to listen to me ramble about whatever interests me and then let me retreat into my shell for as long as I want to. Unless you’re emotional, then it goes all down hill.

INFJ: I call you a cinnamon roll and there’s nothing you can do about it, Cinnamon roll.

ENTP: Have not had the pleasure of meeting one. I would love to argue with you until I learn to hate arguing with you.

ENTJ: You are the sole reason I’m dragged out to do social things with INTJ, but I swear if you backseat drive me one more time, I’m throwing you out of the car.

INTP: When we agree on something, literally no one can prove us wrong. When we disagree, we argue for an eternity because both our points are valid and logical. 10/10 would avoid emotional baggage with cold logic again.

INTJ: As my usual partner in crime, I think you’re great. I wouldn’t tell you that, however, because your head is big enough as it is.

Vernon as your bf (17)

[Thank you for the request, please send more. Hope this is okay!]


Originally posted by i-wonwoo

  • so dorky and awkward and giggly
  • it would have been mission impossible asking you out, and you’re so lucky that there are twelve members of seventeen because one man less and they might not have been able to manhandle him toward you
  • would get kind of shy about skinship at first but slowly become addicted to it
  • probably trips over everything when he first gets to know you cause he’s too busy staring rlly hard
  • is not lowkey at all, the members called it out in 0.003482 seconds 
  • not confident enough for total PDA, just hand holding and hugs work
  • doesn’t get overly emotional very often, but sometimes he’ll just say things out of nowhere and you’ll be left speechless
  • or he’ll randomly lean over and just be like “You know you make the world spin for me, right?” and then go back to eating some freaking noodles or something
  • pretends to be smug whenever you fangirl over him but secretly he’s freaking out too
  • would be kind of possessive and jealous but only internally, so he’ll see you sitting with a guy and just start screaming in his mind, but outside he’s like :)
  • so unpredictable and spontaneous like one day his idea of a date is lying around watching anime and the next “We have to go skydiving,”
  • watch out for his hugs!!!! they might feel rare but they are suffocating and inescapable
  • cannot cook to save his life but he’ll let you feed him any day
  • type to get you something but shy away from it like “I got this thing….but you probably hate it um I don’t know bye,”
  • so clingy when he’s sleepy/tired like you have things to do? no first you must stroke his hair what a brat
  • type to accidentally call you in the middle of the night when he’s away and then realize halfway through the call that you were 100% asleep and then get so embarrassed he won’t be able to call again
  • would 10/10 be super proud and happy when introducing you to his family/friends
  • type to let you get a matching couple phone case and pretend he doesn’t like it but rlly he does
  • very lowkey matching things like blankets or socks or something
  • accidentally talks about you to the members when he’s rlly tired so you’ll get messages from the guys all raging on about your very private pet name
  • type to always smile and stare at you but then act nonchalant when he gets caught; “Oh no I was just looking at that thing behind you….” “The wall?” “Yes, I love walls,”
  • if you ever argue over anything he’d probably be rlly confused at first and then eventually just give on cause he can’t sleep or function if you aren’t okay with each other, the world just won’t spin
  • type to get rlly excited if you ever wear his stuff but also be kinda mad that you look so good in it like thats his wtf
  • would joke and play around all the time but still be able to have kind of serious talks
  • just a rlly cute smol bean who would still die a little whenever you hold his hand bc cute
My Experiences with the Signs as a Scorpio Rising/ Aquarius Sun/ Pisces Moon

Aries: The good parts about Aries is that they are eternal optimists and constantly want to move forward. They don’t like lingering in the past, unless the have a more emotional moon (especially a water moon). They are the most honest of the signs I’ve run into, which is refreshing for me. They have no trouble confronting problems. I have issues with their need to be the leader and things to go their way. They can throw a lot of temper tantrums which gets on my nerves. A lot of Aries I know tend to also be kind of pretentious. They have a tendency to challenge things that don’t need to be challenged. However, when I go with their flow it’s amazing, when I want to do my own thing or try and say what they’re doing is wrong I can get an earful. Overall, I do love Aries as they only want to have a good time and keep moving forward, something I need having a Pisces Moon. 

Taurus: I love or hate Taurus. There is really no in between. My Grandfathers were both Taurus and so is my brother. Things I respect is their AMAZING Work ethics. They are slow and methodical and they get the job done. They are very emotionally stable, which I respect a lot, but they can be harsh towards more emotional people, such as me. I ran into a taurus who said I was an attention whore because I had a panic attack. I’ve also had a Taurus say I’m very volatile because I act on my emotions rather than reason, and that set me on a path of reevaluating how I go about life. So in a sense, Taurus play a very important role in my life, but it depends on who the person is. 

Gemini: I can’t begin to explain how much I love Gemini’s. They keep me going intellectually and know how to keep my brain entertained. They are witty and I’m the perfect Straight man to their ridiculous humor. This sign also has a very big place in my heart as my first straight best friend is a gemini (I’m a gay man) and he never Judged me for anything I did, unless it was REALLY stupid. We keep each other in check and that’s what I love about him. They are awesome people and I love being around Geminis because our conversations can go on for ages and we don’t get bored. 

Cancer: I don’t know many Cancer Suns, but the ones I do know are super nice and very emotional people. They tend to cry a lot. They love taking care of people and are some of the most thoughtful people I’ve met. Other than that I don’t have much to say. 

Leo: Leo is another one of my favorite signs, surprising right? I took a second and thought of all the Leos I know and I really only had an issue with one and I love the rest. They literally just want to have fun and entertain. That’s their goal. To entertain and make people laugh. They have the biggest hearts and all they want is people to appreciate what they bring to the table and I definitely do. The can be a little egocentric, but I need people to remind me to think of myself every so often because I REALLY don’t.

Virgo: I have some really strong connections with Virgos. I love their detail oriented approach to life with a realistic view. This is in stark contrast to my emotional big picture, but it compliments me. They are super critical only because they are critical of themselves and they hold everyone to the high standard they set for themselves. I like that I can bring the more emotional view to their rational mind, while they can do the opposite for me. One of the biggest motivators in my life is a friend with a Virgo Sun with a Sagittarius Moon and he, with just being himself, always inspires me to be a better person. 

Libra: I love a good Libra. Artistic, Gracious, Funny, AND OH SO EFFING CHARMING. A Libra’s Charm gets me going and my pants are off, literally. Libra’s tend to be really my right hand man when we’re doing something together, or some sort of weird partner in crime. If it’s one thing I hate about a Libra though is their indecisiveness. They just can’t make decisions and it annoys me, especially when the right decision is so easy, however when I’m pissed at them they just charm my pants off and I’m in their good graces again. Probably the sign that can influence me to do anything and that’s scary. 

Scorpio: I’ve met the Good Types of Scorpios and the OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING Scorpios. On the good front, they are just as charming and charismatic as a Libra with a magnetic sexiness that makes me instantly drawn to their gaze. Good Scorpios are so positive and helpful that when I run into a bad scorpio I’m surprised by the stark contrast. They can be manipulative, over emotional, irrational messes that no one can talk to and push everyone they love away. 

Sagittarius: A favorite sign of mine again. They are so easily excitable and spontaneous I love them. I just love Sagittarius. They are perfect human beings and are the best. Is there anymore to say? No. Sagittarius are great. End of Story. If theres one negative its probably their tendency to not care about tact, but I don’t either so….we good. 

Capricorn: Honestly, I love me a funny Capricorn. They have a very dark sense of humor that I can work off of VERY well. They, unlike Taurus, I have an easier time venting my emotions to. They are much more open to helping a person out and hearing other’s problems. They have the best advice for me and I usually follow it. They are great grounding energies for me and I appreciate them a ton. 

Aquarius: When you put me and another Aquarius in a room, you best be ready for some really ridiculous conversations. Sex, murder, taking over the world. Nothing is off limits when there are two Aquarius in the room. I have to say though, we tend to be rather cool on the surface and over everything…that’s true because we just don’t have time to deal with bs. Our unpredictability, however, is rather annoying. We can just do it just to annoy people and I can see that getting old. 

Pisces: I love a Pisces, but at arms length. Where I have a Pisces Moon and Venus, a Pisces Sun can be WAY TOO in the clouds for me. Remember I am an Aquarius Sun. Pisces can be so out there that I can’t get their wishy washy selves to commit to ANYTHING. I can’t get them to see reason. I can’t get them to see what’s clearly happening in front of them. They can be so jaded by their feelings and intuitive selves, they forget to combine that with realism. 

From Favorite to Least (excluding my own sign): 












A little more about my chart. 

ASC In Scorpio DSC in Taurus

Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Aquarius

Moon and Venus in Pisces

Mars in Cancer (Retrograde and Fall….yay)

Jupiter in Libra

Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn

Pluto in Scorpio

MC in Leo

North Node Sagittarius South Node in Gemini. 

Below is a Three-page handwritten letter from Michael Jackson to William Pecchi Jr., written on Capitol Tokyu Hotel stationary c. 1988. The letter is affectionately addressed to “Pecky.” Pecchi was a camera operator on Jackson’s film Moonwalker (Ultimate Productions, 1988). After Moonwalker, Pecchi was asked to travel abroad with Jackson during the Bad tour. Pecchi rode to and from venues to capture the crowd’s reaction to Jackson. It was during these rides that Pecchi and Jackson talked at length and one such conversation in Tokyo provoked this correspondence. The letter discusses Michael’s goals for the film, encouragement to Pecchi, reactions to conversations about racism and Jackson’s vision of the world.

I very seldom write letters. But in this moving occasion I couldn’t help myself. I want to thank you for putting the effort forward to capture the magic and excitement of the people of the world. What you do is a very personal and powerful medium to me. It is the art of stopping time, to preserve a moment that the naked eye cannot hold, to capture truth, spontaneous truth, the depths of excitement in human spirit. All else will be forgotten but not the films. Generations from now will experience the excitement you’ve captured. It truly is a time capsule. I will not be totally satisfied until I know you’re at the right angle at the right time, to capture a crescendo of emotion that happens so quickly, so spontaneously.

What you have done was good, but I want the best, the whole picture, cause and effect. I want crowd reaction, wide lens shots, depths of emotion, timing. I know we can do it. It is my dream and goal to capture truth. We should dedicate ourselves to this. The person who makes a success of living, is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication. There is no other way to perfection than dedication perseverance. Just tell us what you need to make it happen. Take the leadership to direct the other camera men. I enjoy working with you that is why I asked you to come, you have a gentle spirit that’s very likable. Maybe I look at the world through rose colored glasses but I love people all over the world. That is why stories of racism really disturb me. You hurt my heart and soul when you told me of your boyhood in Texas. Because in truth I believe ALL men are created equal, I was taught that and will always believe it.

I just can’t conceive of how a person could hate another because of skin color. I love every race on the planet earth. Prejudice is the child of ignorance. Naked we come into the world and naked we shall go out. And a very good thing too, for it reminds me that I am naked under my shirt, whatever its color. I’m sorry to bring up such past issues, but in the car I was hurt by what you said. I’m so happy though that you managed to overcome your childhood past. Thank God that you’ve graduated from such beliefs of ignorance. I’m glad I’ve never experienced such things. Teach your kids to love all people equally. I know you will. I speak from my heart saying I love you and all people especially the children. I’m glad God chose me and you. Love M.J.  

Pictured:  William Pecchi Jr. and Michael Jackson

Instead of the trope where Enjolras is a stick in the mud who puts work above everything, give me an Enjolras who’s spontaneous.

Give me an Enjolras who when he discovers his boyfriend has never seen the ocean, takes him on an impromptu roadtrip to the beach.

Give me an Enjolras who will take readily time off work to support his friends, should they need him for any reason.

Give me an Enjolras who is hopeless romantic at heart and is fond of grand gestures.

Give me an Enjolras who is the first to remember his friends’ birthdays and will make a heartfelt handwritten card for everyone each year.

Give me an Enjolras who isn’t completely oblivious with his emotions, but instead feels everything very deeply and he knows it.

Give me an Enjolras who goes alone to art museums for fun because he knows he doesn’t really understand art, but he appreciates it all the same.

Give me an Enjolras who is nostalgic and keeps everything from ticket stubs, old photographs, and little notes in a scrapbook.

Give me an Enjolras who isn’t one for parties, but will go to every single one the Les Amis hold because he loves spending time with his friends.

Give me an Enjolras who takes up dance classes on a whim, and sticks with it even though he’s uncoordinated, because you’d never catch him taking up a project and not finishing it.

Give me an Enjolras who is just as passionate about living his life to the fullest as he is about working.

painted-light-pagan  asked:

Hey beautiful! I'd love a love reading from you if they are still open. I'm single 😢 lol

Hello! So to bring a relationship into your life you are gonna need to be like the fool and take a leap of faith. Spontaneity is going to be your friend here. Not everything needs to be planned. The next time you feel the urge to do something spontaneous (but not dangerous of course) do it and see where a little bit of faith and trusting in the unknown will get you! 

Your next relationship is going to be a good one! 9 of cups! This relationship is may come from spontaneity but its going to result in a feeling of security. This card denotes emotional security and luxury to me so I feel as though this person is going to be protective, warm and very caring. They want to take care of you so let them!

I hope you liked this reading and found it helpful! This is kind of a new reading for me so I’d love some feedback if you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts! If you want to show a little extra gratitude for this reading my tip jar is always open! Good <3

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The silent prayer

Yesterday I woke up with a splitting allergy headache since I realized only the night before that I had no more allergy meds and obviously couldn’t leave my child asleep alone to go get more. Although I felt like going back to bed after taking my child to school, I decided to tough it out and go on a walk instead. It is during these walks that I talk to Jesus with complete trust and openness, with all the freedom and spontaneity as when I was a child, and still as I grew up my prayers never became very structured and formal, but mostly random thoughts transitioning from asking God for help with various things, asking Him to see over and protect loved ones, asking for forgiveness, to expressing gratitude for the abundance in my life. But during this walk as I focused on my breathing and took in all the sites, sounds, and smells of nature around me, I started to feel so emotional and felt unable to put my thoughts in an aligned pattern that would resemble anything like words in a prayer. The more I tried to pray, the more frustrated and guilty I felt for not being able to focus. So I took a deep breath and I stopped walking. I sat on a large rock and I closed my eyes. I decided that I would stop trying to talk to God, and that I would let Him talk to me instead. I would just breathe, and I would just feel His presence, and allow my thoughts to be whatever they needed to be. I decided in that moment that just by existing, I am a living and breathing prayer. I am the manifestation of my needs and my wants, and God knows what they are. Just by opening my heart to God and allowing Him to guide my actions towards people, my feelings and my thoughts everyday, I am already solemnly asking Him to embrace me and others around me, and I am already demonstrating immense gratitude. As I walked to my car I felt heard. I felt that He heard all the words I didn’t say. I felt clean and renewed. I felt ready to get out there and be an instrument of his love. If God lives in me, He radiates from me.