Since it’s spooooky Halloween time I thought I’d create a little Spongebob ambiance. It’s 6 minutes of constant screaming.
I went episode by episode through season 1 and picked out some of the best screams (most of them, but not all of them!) and stuffed ‘em all together.


***I have no idea how loud this is… brace yourselves just in case… or embrace the chaos.. I don’t know.. you do you!***

I like a lot of things that don’t go together

Today was a particular shitty day so I whipped out my sharpies and produced some cartoon vomit and it made me feel better. That’s the point, right?

Not a Simple Sponge

Spongebob Squarepants | June 28, 2018 | Broadway | mp3 | Tracked

Tracked by bikinibottomboots


Jesse JP Johnson (u/s Spongebob), Lilli Cooper, Gavin Lee, Brian Ray Norris, Danny Skinner, Wesley Taylor, Gaelen Gilland, Kyle Matthew Hamilton, Catherine Ricafort, L'ogan J'ones, Brynn Williams (u/s Pearl), Tom Kenny, Kelvin Moon Loh, Lauralyn McClelland, Vasthy Mompoint, Oneika Phillips, Brandon Espinoza, Alex Gibson (u/s Jenkins), Abby C. Smith, Robert Taylor Jr, Allan K. Washington, Jordan Grubb (u/s Buster)

The only audio I’ve ever seen of Ethan Slater’s second understudy! Jesse rarely went on in the first place, so its really cool that there’s an audio of him! I love his voice- he goes for some of higher notes here too!

Full audio for trade on!