Spoils of the Spoiled

one of the new show runners for shadowhunters just replied to a tweet of a fan saying they wanted to see a flashback of ten year old jace meeting isabelle and alec for the first time with “have faith and your prayers will be answered” y’all…………are we really about to be this blessed……………i’m crying 


Oh look! Morrigan finally stopped being a bitch. (to draw) (also me, every playthru, when I finally get her approval high enough.)

I headcanon that Morrigan’s resting bitch face is epic, and this may be the basis for my affinity with her. I have major soft spots for characters who have zero patience, too much sass, giveth no fucks, and taketh no fucks.

(Plus I headcanon that the dark ritual is ALWAYS a threesome) :)

Requested by @milee-cosgrove <3 <3

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Cage Update
Why having a cool cage when you can create rattie heaven?
I moved to a new flat and my mom made me an amazing gift. She got me the exact cage I already had so that I could join them together. Now the boys cage is 2 meters wide, almost 2 meters high. I need to add some small details to it but I already love it and so do the boys!
What do you say? Any ideas on what to add or change?

Tout à l’heure, j’étais dans le grenier, et j’ai eu envie de relire un peu One Piece. C’est donc vers l’arc d’Enios Lobby, avec le passé de Robin toussa, que je me suis tournée, et que dire d’autres à part que j’adore cet arc ! Le passé de Robin m’a encore fait chialer (surtout la fin quand elle essaye de rire devant son île en feu), et la déclaration de guerre au gouvernement est magnifique !

J’ai aussi relu la fin de cet arc, quand Pipo (ou Ussop, ça me perturbe trop) dis à Luffy qu’ils vont repartir ensemble (Rien que le titre du tome me fait chialer: “Rentrons”), puis que Luffy dit à Robin qu’il est temps de rentrer ensemble. 

Puis la mort du Vogue Merry, qui m’a définitivement achevé pour la fin de ma vie !

Lisez One Piece, lisez cet arc, et pleurez bande de gens !


Hey guys, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m gonna take an extra week off from Sabers, so it’ll resume on the 12th! I’m a lil sad to delay an update, but I guess the toll of everything has finally got to me. I wanna put out better quality and make every update worth the wait! 

So with that, it’ll be a while till we get Ch. 4 !! Gives me more time to flesh it out, and I hope you guys don’t mind QvQ Thank you so much for being so patient! 

With that, if you’d like, I can do a tiny Q & A here with drawn responses! I know some of you already know all the characters and their names, but for those that don’t know, we’ll keep it confidential till their names are fully revealed (aka, we learn the names when Noel does)! Thanks again guys <3

even though im complaining about nuka world i just wanna say i am enjoying it!
the raider gangs are interesting (so far), the radio host there is pretty fun (although super repetitive, he has like 4 stories), and the overall area has a lot of cool animals and things to do! i cant really say if its “worth its money” so far, i havent really got to the meat of the main arc or anything.

Journal 3 update:

I’m getting p good at decoding Bill’s messages B) I classified the letters to make it faster, and it’s working! So far, I’ve decoded 6 of his messages

I still gotta decipher the numbers, and the NLOO PH SOHDVH one and I’m suspecting the boxes of varying sizes are ALSO a code

So are the circles that look vaguely like gallifreyan I think ? And I’ve seen some alchemical symbols but I’m not sure if it’s for aesthetics or if it rly means something (knowing Alex IT PROB DOES)

ANYWAY I have a lot to decipher yet holy fuck

EoS spoilers are out, hate is being sent to SJM, the fandom is losing its damn mind, and I’m trying to avoid all of these spoilers while also freaking out over WHAT COULD’VE HAPPENED TO CAUSE ALL OF THIS…

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