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Minor Character Spotlight: Hanbee Abara

Hanbee Abara is a tall (190 cm) somewhat scary looking but actually very kind rank 2 investigator who works under Suzuya Juuzou. He first appeared alongside Suzuya in the oneshot Tokyo Ghoul Joker which was set between the events of Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul:RE .

Of the member’s of Suzuya’s Squad Hanbee is technically Suzuya’s partner. But originally not seemingly for his combat experience, as Hanbee was known to become terrified at the sight or sign of ghouls even becoming weak at the knees or running the other way. The reason he is the technical partner of Suzuya in the squad probably has to do with the fact that while he lacks confidence he is a very well organized thoughtful investigator (he often seemingly runs most meetings) with seemingly above average senses.

The reason for Hanbee’s lack of confidence and courage in battle traces back to Hanbee’s childhood when he and his father were attacked by a ghoul. Both survived but Hanbee’s father lost both his legs protecting his son.

According to Hanbee the fear he had that day stuck with him. He recognizes that if he had tried to fight the ghoul as a child he probably would have died but at the same time he thinks then he would have kept his confidence if he had tried to fight, and he regrets and is frustrated by his inability to do so. He became a ghoul investigator because of this wanting to help at least one person but his fear is still a major stumbling block.

Hanbee in the beginning is pretty intense and emotional and has a tendency to overreact very dramatically often to a rather comedic effect.

Hanbee originally has the self confidence of a peanut and is fairly easily frightened. He constantly thinks about how thinks about how he could be wrong and about how he doesn’t have any confidence. He also often berates himself. This can lead him to act slowly or not at all. 

Suzuya however doesn’t completely buy this and while he says Hanbee is completely ill suited for being an investigator he does manage to bring out Hanbee’s protective and fighting instinct by purposeful putting himself in physical peril when fighting a ghoul gang known as the Skull Gang. He proved in this to Hanbee that he indeed was not useless after all, but rather needed a good reason to push him to fight.

Since the events in Joker Hanbee has begun to show himself to be a much more capable investigator specifically when working along side Suzuya. While Hanbee may still not be the best investigator in battle he can fight well enough as long as it is to protect others.

Suzuya and Hanbee have an interesting relationship. Hanbee views Suzuya with great reverence and is nearly always by his side. He is happy when Suzuya is happy, and is generally pretty in tune with Suzuya and his feelings. Hanbee does his best to support him and remain by his side, often doing even small things such a making him drinks and feeding him pudding (cute af).

While Hanbee revers Suzuya he is also fiercely protective of him both physically and mentally and he does his best to understand the man. Where others would label Suzuya’s behaviors as annoying or a nuisance Hanbee just accepts them and even seems to enjoy his eccentricities. (Considering the crap Suzuya has been through this is a very important thing).

In the end Hanbee is a wonderful if easily frightened and flustered man who cares for his boss and would do anything to protect him both physically and mentally.


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