Theory: Midoriya and Uraraka Having a Heartbreaking Fallout

I’ve been thinking about this…if Uraraka’s crush on Midoriya becomes a dominating factor in her character development, I think MHA should go balls to the wall with it.

Let me explain.

The series so far has been tying Uraraka’s feelings for Midoriya with Toga.

Think about who Toga is. She’s an example of someone who takes her romantic feelings to a dark extreme: Killing, obsessing, and imitating those she loves. Toga believes Uraraka and herself are similar. There is some truth to it in a way. Uraraka has Midoriya on her mind a lot and continues to emulate him even when she tries to push her feelings down.

Right now, in the manga, Uraraka puts Midoriya on a pedestal and aspires to be like him, and as sweet as that is on face value, I don’t think that’s a good thing.

I’ve seen some fans complain about how her feelings have been dominating her arc, and what if that’s the point? What if her feelings take a bit of dark turn where she continues to think and act like Midoriya to the point where she can’t think straight and really doesn’t know how to handle it? She can’t sleep, and the feelings keep distracting and stressing her out. Furthermore, mimicking Midoriya hurts her progress as a hero rather than helps. Her life centers around him, and she becomes too dependent on him. What if Uraraka can’t simply push down her feelings no matter how hard she tries and it ends up damaging her and Midoriya’s friendship?

I’m not saying Uraraka will get as bad as Toga, but I do think there’s a chance Midoriya and Uraraka’s seemingly pure friendship will crumble. Shounen mangas tend to take a more idealistic approach to friendship and romance. “Love always win”, “follow your heart,” “be true to your friends,” “believe in your friends” “friendship will always win.”

It’d be interesting if MHA takes a more cynical approach to this and teach us a hard lesson: not all friendships can work. Uraraka simply can’t push her feelings aside. Her unhealthy fixation towards Midoriya is ruining her life to the point where not only does she need to push down her feelings, but she needs to distance herself from him and stop following him or using him for inspiration. The less Midoriya in her life, the better.

Uraraka can’t be by his side. She can’t continue to support him. They’re not good for each other. She can’t follow her heart and be there for him. Midoriya is doing her more harm than good. And like that, their seemingly perfect relationship crumbles.

As I said before, it’s a very cynical approach to human relationships, that even the purest of friendships can’t work. It’d be an interesting twist to their relationship and not unrealistic either. Sometimes friendships get screwed up to the point where the friends need to separate and heal. Nobody is at fault here. They’re not fighting or anything. Sometimes things trigger unfortunate emotional responses that are out of their control. I think it’d be interesting if Uraraka separates herself from Midoriya so that she can focus on herself and get her feelings under control because he’s not good for her at the moment.

Later, when Uraraka gets her feelings under control and notices that Midoriya isn’t the perfect being she should strive to be like, she can continue the healthy friendship they once had and better understand who he really is.

This is a bit of a outlandish theory. As much as I ship Izuocha, there’s not really much conflict or disagreement between the two. They always seem like pure and compatible friends. They support and believe in each other unconditionally. They’re almost too good for each other. Her unconditional faith and admiration in Midoriya is sweet and also kind of weird. Like, she tends to avoid criticizing or disagreeing with Midoriya as much as possible.

The comparisons she has to Toga makes it kind of creepy. So I thought, why not roll with this creepiness and fuck up their relationship for a little bit? Show the world that friendships don’t always win and that friends need to break apart sometimes.


Fear The Walking Dead 4x08 ~ 4x10

“She lived because my kids didn’t give up on her. They gave her a chance when no one else would. There’s not a whole lot of that left anymore. That’s why I need to find a place where things will be different. Because that’s still in my kids. But that light… It’s getting fainter every day we’re out here. And I can’t… I can’t imagine that part of them dying. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep it alive.” - Madison Clark

One was a robot sent by a corporation to accomplish a mission, doggedly devoted to their designated purpose.

The other was someone past their prime, living a secluded life with only his pet to keep him company, having lost the life he once knew.

Their relationship began with some hostility.  But soon the mission-driven robot learned that there was more to life than just their mission, and eventually prioritized their new friend over everything else.  And their new friend finally found the one thing he’d wanted for years more than anything - someone to love.

I’m sorry, I just fucking love WALL-E so much.