So the date is 30 September 2016

This is day when Sinbad fans around the world got MENTALLY RAPED by OHTAKA and their HEARTS was also RIPPED from their CHESTS!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭. This Tragic day will be BURNED into our memories Ohtaka Hope your HAPPY!!!

Steph thinking like a Detective in Detective Comics #941

There is a lot going on in this issue. The events in the caves, as we see above, turn to worse and Steph, Cass and Bullock have to fight against angry mob with mushroom hair. And I just love how the moment com links are down Batman is willing to abandon everything and run see if Cass and Steph are alright. Batwoman has to rein him in by reminding him to have more trust in the girls., another thing I like. There is also a lot going with Gotham Girl and Nightwing, showing very well how a person of Claire’s power being controlled by fear Psycho Pirate injected into her might be dangerous – she’s fighting like a maniac, trying to prove she’s not afraid and  not caring about the people she puts at risk. Which of course leads to some disturbing results.

Also,it occurred to me that this is less Batman vs Pacific Rim and more Batman vs Attack on Titan (Attack on Gotham? Attack on Batman?). Maybe Hugo Strange is a fan of the show and it inspired him to set up this plan?