Samurai Jack season 5 art was wonderful I love it so much!!!!

but….it’s too short to explain many things in the end, so I imagine to draw what happened ashi can change back herself!!! i hope the English not too wrong lol.

AT LAST I MUST SAY!!!!why don’t let them finished to get marry!!!!!

American Gods Author Neil Gaiman on Laura’s Big Episode, George R.R. Martin, and His Plans for Season 2
Why Gaiman’s very favorite episode has so little to do with his novel.
By Joanna Robinson

My favorite episode is Episode 4, and there is scarcely a line of my dialogue in there. My favorite scene apart from that is in Episode 5, when we get Gillian Anderson as David Bowie, chewing out the Technical Boy. It’s straight out of Bryan’s head. Those are, so far, my favorite moments, because I got to be surprised and delighted. 

Akatsuki no yona-the prophecy

This is kinda spoilerish for chapter 141
I have a feeling that this part of ik-soo s prophecy:
The blood of the dragons will revive once again,  and the ancient pact will be kept

Has not yet come to pass. I mean, sure the four dragons are around but have they done anything to keep the ancient pact?
No. I dont think so.
Then we have this xing arc, with those fishy pristes and almost every one claming that the hell with gods, we do whatever is our objective.
It feels like something is gonna happen with those black clad prisetes that would likely force a chain of events. Starting from wind tribe doing as Hak asks to Hak himself going to aid his dragon family and the dragons to finally keep their pact.
Then there is this part:
When the four dragons are gathered,
the sword and shield which will protect the king shall awaken

I have a feeling that this arc is going to introduce them. If they are people not things. Well that was all. I hope this arc continues to deliver.