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Guardienne apologized and he says, ‘she shouldnt blame her, he is really touched by her reaction and he doesn’t do this usually’. And she asked ‘really?’

THIS GOD THAM MANPIECE. HE’S so adorable!!!! 

IDOLiSH7 Anniversary Chapter [Drunk Sougo]


This is a spoiler. Read this at your own risk.

Tsunashi Ryuunosuke
“Sougo-kun, are you okay with your body tilting around?
……I meant, why are you leaning on me?”

Osaka Sougo
“This position is high……”

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I like how Kubo didn't really have a happy ending. It had a peaceful ending, yes, but it's still sad that Kubo's parents are gone. If I recall correctly, he even said something about wishing they were there for longer so he could say it's been a happy story. The past three Laika movies have ended on a happy note but I like Kubo's ending because it shows the beginning of the healing process


YES! I was so, so pleased with the ending. Of course I was a little sad, but still pleased. Many other animation studios dare not tread on the subject of death, or they treat it jokingly or glaze over it. With Kubo, it’s totally different. Death and loss becomes a huge theme. I applaud Laika for taking this huge step and not having his parents magically brought back to life. The ending we get is bittersweet, and handled well.


Pictures and info is from: Nuka World - Info Compilation by MrInspirer

There are a lot of simple retexes of vanilla outfits, but some pieces looks really interesting. The ghoul chair is well… I would never ever place my rear on that :S
We will get a new companion named Gage and he will be in the first picture under the cut, there is also some fine shots of a guy in the nuka suit XD

More spoilery pictures down below, so heads up!!!

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