Stephanie: Bad News - Tim lost his keys to the room.

Stephanie: Good News - We didn’t have to wait around for a locksmith.

Stephanie: Bad News - Tim finds it very concerning that I know how to pick locks, and tried to unlock my Tragic Backstory™. I was too embarrassed to admit that the reason I learned was because, at thirteen, I figured that was the kind of skill that would impress hot people.

Stephanie: Good News - A hot person saw me do it.

Stephanie: Bad News - It was Cass, and since she’s already seen me fall out of several trees, cry because I saw a fawn that was just too small, and knows I can ride a unicycle, she’ll never think I’m cool no matter what I do. It’s too late. She knows.

What I need from next episode? The White Fang attacking the Belladonna family and Kali suddenly pulling her weapons out, fighting like a huntress. Please give me badass Kali Belladonna, RT, please.

No matter what people say I really enjoy this movie to the fullest, There is warmness in this movie. Like a real family, they build it from scratch, they are all heroes and trying to make a team together. Fitting their each roles, The dynamic is totally there, Batman as the Leader, Diana as his equal in leading this team, Superman is the reliable who they could count, Aquaman The reluctant but willing to do what’s matter for Justice, The flash and Cyborg the Kids that eager to do what ever they can to help this team defending humanity ! The kids have so much potential in themselves but understand they still need guidance of what should they do so they wait for command. I love everything in this movie ! Especially Barry allen, everytime he appeared in the movie, a cheerful mood come to the screen. Oh, the ever “just put the blame on me I don’t care as long as I can save people” batman, the most human of them all yet feeling he is lacking with humanity, I just love their personalities okay, I certainly want to see where this superhero league going. I wish for more movies of course. I don’t understand all the hate ! I enjoy this movie so much. I will give this movie a 9 !

JL spoiler!!

Tbh, it wasnt as bad as i expected?!?

Although the difference between zack snyder and joss whedon shots were soo obvious it was fckin sad, they cut a lot of good shit we were ROBBED

Diana is a queen as always i love her 💙

Barry was actually really cute??? He is so wholesome and funny and i laughed a lot it was good

When Barry ask bruce ‘what should i do idk how to battle’ and bruce answer with “save one” IT WAS BEAUTIFUL CAN HE ADOPT BARRY PLZ, I WANT FATHERLY BRUCE HGGNNNN

And jason momoa aquaman 💙💙💙 hot damn, i would like to see more mera tho i luv her too

Cyborg was ok, but i didnt really like his suit design…. And the Amazonians armor design wtf?!?

I love the light tone this movie had, but it wasnt joss whedon it was zack snyder guyss!!!! Joss cut so much?!? The engagement scene w clark and lois, the cyborg and flash scenes, the diagram, the alfred talk about hope in the trailer, just…. so much

Bruce have a very obv crush on clark if anyone missed this, he bought the whole BANK instead of just the farm. Everyone was like 'bruce no lets not ressurect clark’ but bruce just jumps aboard like 'hell yeah bitches we doing this fo real’. Also, the part where clark said 'so u didnt resurrect me cuz u like me.’ And bruce was stuttering 'wai.. what…. I..I dont…. not like..u’ HAVE U EVER SEEN BATMAN STUTTER??? EVIDENCE THAT BRUCE GOT A BIG CRUSH IM JUST

im still sad they got no hal BUT THERES SOME GL SO IM HAPPY

Cyborg also said BOOYAH 💙💙💙

The moment that barry knows that he fucked up 😂

When arthur sits on the lasso of truth… Priceless

And the extra credit where barry and clark race? Fcking adorable, these dorks


But i dont like the wonderbat romance, just.. Plz no its unnecessary, why cant diana be bi or les and just… Idk,love mera or anyone is better

I Dont like the boobs faceplant midfight plz fuck no joss fuck off please

Steppenwplf was kinda weak tbh, hes suppose to be a lot stronger?

Overall it wasnt bad but it could be better. I want my cut scenes. The plot is simple light tone and not too much sadness, i guess it also depends on diff ppl.

anonymous asked:

Just want your opinion as to how the Blake Yang reunion will go and the repercussions. I want the two to get back to being partners eventually- just not right away because Yang just welcoming Blake has issues. How do you think everyone else would react to Yang still being mad at Blake? Like I can see Qrow understanding but telling her to suck it up because there’s a war to fight and Ruby just not getting that Yang’s going to be afraid of Blake leaving again.

Blake leaving Yang was a major reason Yang completely broke down after Volume 3. She would have needed her and I think that Blake coming back might bring all those bottled up emotions and trauma to surface. Yang is so clearly not okay and there is only so much she can take before she can’t pretend she is anymore. 

Yang might act really coldly at first. Watching while Ruby and Weiss hug Blake, looking away and then just saying “Hey” before she walks away. But I think she will have some sort of emotional breakdown. She will be mad and they will have to have a long talk to work this out. Maybe there will be some time between their reunion and the talk, a fight that almost ends in a catastrophe because Blake and Yang just don’t get along. 

I think the others will all understand. Ruby might be the one who doesn’t know what to do, but she will understand why Yang is hurt and it will probably break her heart to have her team back together but Blake and Yang not getting along. I think Qrow will be understanding too, he clearly cares a lot about Yang and remembering the scene in Volume 3 where he tries to cheer her up I think they will have one or two heart to heart moments in Volume 5. Weiss might be the one to talk to Yang about it all. I just feel like she has grown the most and might be the right person to listen to her but also give her good advice. Also someone definitely has to talk to Blake about this because it will absolutely break her heart. 

Something that would really break my heart would be Jaune talking to Yang, telling her that yes, Blake hurt her, but she is here and alive and worth trying to work this out. Because life is too short to wait and not to spend it with the person you love. 

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I'm a bit surprised at Blake being the one apologising to Sun but at the same time I'm not. Your thoughts on that scene?

I have watched that scene over and over again and maybe I’m stupid, but did she apologise to him? If anything she sad ‘thank you for being there for me’ and not ‘Sorry’. Or are we talking about a different scene here? 

Blake wanting to be there for Ilia almost made me cry. She deals with her past in a much healthier way now. I really hope that Ilia will come to sense and let Blake help her, because there is some blonde brawler in Mistral who also really needs Blake’s help. 

A little detail I also loved is how careful Sun is to bring Adam up. He mentions him and immediately apologised when he feels like she doesn’t want to talk about it. He really has learned and he cares about not pushing her in any way. They have learned to understand each other better now. 

Master Key ep. 6


Daniel is still cute, even when we screams.

Anchovy soup (or broth) was on point… wth were you doing Eunhyuk?

Heechul hitting on anyone anytime.

Jackson aka the naive guy aka the only one clever aka thank god for him.

I can imagine Seongwoo lying in his bed covered in gold keys while Daniel is staring from behind with a massaging tile in his hand ready for revenge, lol.

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With the revelation of Raven not being on Ozpin’s side; the scene in the episode “A Much Needed Talk” where a raven is looking down at Qrow when Ruby asks if there is anything more he would like to say, makes more sense & is ten times more terrifying, because it pushes the idea that Summer was possibly sacrificed in order for Ozpin to try & defeat Salem, & now Ruby may suffer the same fate. It could mean something else entirely, but this is just my theory.

I think this is what happened. Red like Roses pt. II talks about a Sacrifice Summer made and that she doesn’t want Ruby to follow her example. Summer was a victim to the war Ozpin has fought for centuries, using the same methods, one he can’t win that way. He didn’t mean to kill her, I definitely think he cared, but I’m think it’s possible he would sacrifice her anyway if it was necessary and I so want this to come up at some point.