Lucy is so brave.

She’s grown so much from the girl who used to hide inside Horologium when times got tough. She stared Dimaria’s blade in the face without blinking. That’s character development done right. Love is so very powerful when she wields it with all her might. And the love she has for her guildmates is insurmountable.

This post maybe contains massive spoilers to Digimon Tri.

Episode pictures are taken from Episodes: 01-37; 01-45; 01-54; 02-43; 02-45 and 03-12.
I am open for discussion ^^

At first have a look on how the banning field for Apokalymon and the Backup field from Izzy are stunningly looking alike:

Then remember this qoute from whatever took over Karis body in 01-45:

Not impressing? Remember Vamdemon’s last words:

Remember Demon’s short quarrel with Ken and Arachnemon (which was brought into the Digital World by the will of Vamdemon via Oikawa and therefor is a part of Vamdemon):

What did the “we” Demon speak of want?

Take a close look at the forces of Ken’s D3 exspecially. It can not only open gates to the Digital World, but even to secondary worlds. Remember Himekawa using THIS Digivice!

Demon was not very impressed by it nor was he killed. It is likley he can return this way.

Vamdemon/ Oikawa seems not to be very impressed neither. BTW, which gate did he mean? Far more, he used to be part of Deamon’s army once, but he was “destined” (see above) to do something on his own.

But the most interesting thing of all: Look what Piemon planted inside of Gennai back in the castle.

I really hope to see Demon soon. I am looking forward to it. Great work so far, TOEI.

This is a SPOILER for Critical Role!

Well, this happened because of a conversation I had with @quite-probably-lying about Percy. Basic stuff like that Mercer can’t do this etc. But we came up with the idea that if Percy was to come back as a ghost, he would look something like this.

Smokey with the effects of Orthax and he will never be able to break free of his hold, he’s chained to the demon with smoke.

Basically a horrible tormented spirit of Percy haunted and grounded to the mortal realm by his demon…fun!