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I don't know if it's the weather (it's cold in here) but i was thinking: what if toshinori starts to get depressed since the last reminders of OFA vanished? I mean, in the manga, he only appeared in the special move class and his thought after being saved from a boulder is "I had become someone who need to be saved?" What if, after the kids gets their provicional license toshi started to get more and more depressed? I really want happy 1-A family and this thought just make me sad.

Hello dear anon!

It’s definitely the weather – at least where I am. Grey, wet, cold, a bit depressing.

But alas, back to your little headcanon. And I have to say: Yes, I can definitely see Toshinori getting a bit (a lot?) depressed over losing his powers and becoming almost completely unable to protect himself. As we has seen so far, he isn’t… really content about his situation. He is glad to be alive, but from what we’ve seen, he’s mostly glad about that because it means that he can further train and prepare Izuku and the rest of his students. He is not glad about being alive just for the sake of living. At least that’s what I’ve gathered.

So while he is able to train the children further and is happy about that, he also has to realize that else whiles, he can’t do much hero-ing anymore.  He can’t fight, he can’t catch villains, he can’t protect others in this state and with his fragile health. He can’t even protect himself, which means that he has to be protect by others should something happen like with that boulder.

Knowing Toshinori and seeing that he is the kind of person who puts other’s well-being over his own, he probably is berating himself because he thinks himself a burden to others know. They have to watch out for him, would probably even put themselves in harm’s way for him (we all know Izuku would – the boy already broke his own legs and jumped into a bunch of villains head on just to give All Might some precious, life-saving seconds.)

So, yes, I can definitely see Toshinori getting depressed now. Especially since, now that the children are taking exams for their license, he has nothing to do. No hero-ing, no teaching. We don’t know yet, but that probably means he is sitting around somewhere without knowing what to do, and berating himself for being weak and helpless now.

But I also believe that the children, especially Izuku, will catch on that soon enough. And then I whole-heartedly believe that they will everything in their power to cheer Toshinori back up. So that he won’t fall into depression completely! =)

(I’m really considering writing some of that cheering-up, mind you. Thanks for inspiring me! ;) )

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Thoughts on tonight’s episode?

On the Michaela front, I wasn’t too enthused with tonight’s episode. They lost me with Asher being an ass in her apartment, but I was drawn back in by Michaela acting like a mean girl. I loved her telling Laurel that she couldn’t sit with them. Towards the beginning, Michaela seemed to be off her game (with the wrong answer on the test and when she presented her strategy in class), but it wasn’t so since she was the one to discover the truth about their client. I laughed out loud when Drake said he was coming for her. Yeah, okay, I’m sure she’s really scared. Part of me liked the Michasher confession scene (because I’ve wanted Michaela to have someone in her corner since the beginning of the show), but another part is like yeah I’ll believe it when I see it. These writers do love to screw Michaela over when it comes to her love life. Also I wish Michaela had told Asher what’s offensive is him mocking her accent and discussing their sex life publicly with the entire group (in addition to him trying to force her into a relationship without talking to her about it first). That line Michaela said about never having a family went straight through my heart.