When I’m feeling bored I like to imagine Spock and McCoy just sitting down together and leaning in real close…then having an entire conversation just using their eyebrows. Even better, communicating like this on the bridge and Kirk just being so confused as to why they aren’t speaking to each other this time.
Also known as foreplay

Spock was walking down the corridor when howling laughter interrupted his thoughts on his latest experiments in the lab. A quick examination revealed it was coming from doctor McCoy’s quarters with the door left open. ‘Curiosity is a valuable tool for a scientist’ Spock reasoned.

“Your mama so fat her high school yearbook picture is an aerial shot!”

“Yo mama so stupid she got hit by a parked car!”

“Your mama so ugly people were asking her why she was wearing a Halloween mask in July!”

“Yo mama so fat people think she’s a part of the landscape!”

Another bought of laughter choked off any response. Jim fell out of the chair he was sitting in and Leonard, did Leonard have tears in his eyes?

“Pardon me, gentlemen. I fail to see how insulting one another’s maternal parent is amusing.”

It was Leonard who spoke first, “It’s more about creating a creative response than actually insulting. We just use mamas ‘cuz that’s how the game is played.”

“Yeah, Spock,” Jim said, “Didn’t you play yo mama when you were growing up?”

After a short pause he said, “My human heritage, and in turn my mother were regularly insulted, however it was hardly in good humor you are suggesting.”


“Well, I’ll teach you how to play. It’s practically human tradition for pre-adolescents.” Leonard stated.

Needless to say it was a disaster. However when a few weeks later a mission between two parties required the Enterprise crew to insult each side per custom, Spock saved the day with a matter of fact, “Your mother.”

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I was gonna draw something else tonight but then a picture of these nerds in Errand of Mercy crossed my dash and this…. happened. I gotta say, Kirk actually looked fabulous in this episode, but Spock’s outfit was a goddamn collection of bad fashion choices. Jeeze Spock, next time just take Kirk’s example and keep it simple. 

SpockFact #47

Vulcans have very large lungs; an evolutionary trait developed as a result of a low-oxygen environment. It became a popular challenge on the Enterprise to see who could hold their breath longer than Spock. While the Commander claims it is a frivolous and wasteful way to pass the time, he will also admit that after a few years stuck on a starship there’s only so many times you can play chess before it loses its excitement. He remains the undefeated champion.

Legally Blonde au (w one difference) where Jim is Elle, Spock is Emmett and Bones is Paulette.

Jim goes to law school to prove to his crush he can be enough. Spock helps him study and realises Jim has something worth nurturing.

Bones runs a walk in medical center and Jim swings by a fair bit after getting patched up once. Bones’ ex is a problem and Jim helps him get his pet tortoise back.

Spock has a spare job as a mail delivery guy (this is where i deviate from legally blonde canon) and he comes by the medical centre and he and Bones get surprisingly steamy.

After Jim gets his big win at the murder case w the perm game changer he sees Spock and Bones having a serious flirt. Jim offers to let them date, he’ll be happy with his career, but they both explain, tripping over each others words, that they want Jim too. Cue legally successful mcspirk au.

Fort DayQuil

A Mckspirk comission for @tricksterangelgabriel.

Honestly, they should know better by now than to leave Jim alone in the apartment when he’s sick. He’s a grown man and should be perfectly capable of looking after himself. But heaven forbid he actually rest like he’s supposed to. Still, this is a new low, even for Jim.

“Spock,” Leonard said carefully, taking in the state of their living room. “Are you seeing this?”

“Indeed, Leonard. It appears as though Jim taken the contents of our linen closet, as well as every pillow in the house, and erected some sort of architecturally questionable monument.”

“Yeah, a blanket fort. All right, just wanted to make sure we were seeing the same thing here,” Leonard responded, his voice a little distant, but somehow fondly exasperated at the same time.

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