@damoselcastelsaid: Makes sense! Especially with Lana’s whole speech in that fic. At first I was thinkign that was the only 2nd Gen fic I’d seen pregnancy featured in- but now I think I remember in The Other Side of the Telescope Nana was also preggers, so. Just Jugdrali with its preoccupation on bloodlines.

Yeah, basically there are only a couple of Gen2 het pairings I ship that I assume do not get down to the business of producing heirs lickety-split:

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I decided to make a list of my favorite Captain Swan fanfiction I read in 2015. This is the year I really got into the fandom and the year I started reading fanfic for it. So, some of these will have been written before this past year. But 2015 is when I fell in love with them. I’m only including completed works here since this list is massive already, and I’ll do another post with WIPs I love. Some are well-known and others aren’t, and most descriptions are those provided by the author.

My all-time favorite is Halfway by @charmingturkeysandwich. (Rated M.) A multi-chapter modern AU take on Captain Swan that has smut, fluff, angst, friendship, and romance. It’s just so real – the fights, the making up, and the humor are all so true to life. Not to mention my favorite fan depiction of Ruby. I think I’ve read this story four times, and it won’t be the last. (Keisha, you are so great.)

Another fave is Sometimes It Hurts by @captain-k-jones​. (M) It’s a divorce AU, but the angst is delicious and deserved, and the pay-off is so worth it. 

My other completed loves are below the cut.

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anonymous asked:

hi there! i just joined the fandom and i was wondering if you could tell me your favorite multichapter cs fics? they can be completed or wip :) oh and i love your blog <3

Welcome, cupcake! Your wish is my command :) (I apologize for the delay I know you sent me this like a week ago, but I got distracted with Comic Con lol)

This is probably gonna be huge, because the writers on this fandom are incredibly talented (also because it’s author appreciation week so I’m not holding back) and I read a shit-ton of fics lol. But here we go.

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