Art by tumblr user gamzee, for a fic-pic trade of epicly Gamkar proportions. eue This fic is a sequel to another short fic I once wrote, which is available through the AO3 link below!  

For the sibling-fic to this one, where I wrote a fic for art that Momo made, go HERE!  (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, DANG THAT ART *fans self*)  

Happy reading! :D

On AO3: [With Pale Voice and Trembling Hand]

You’re going to go fucking insane.

That’s what’s going to happen; your creepy fucked-up pan is going to overheat until it comes pumping out through your auricular sponge-clots and you’re going to do something completely inappropriate like roll over and shit on the floor or do a funny dance and combust.

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Heavy In Your Arms - This Killing Time

[tag] [AO3]

[previous part: Over the Waterfall

[chapter I: Only To Condemn] [chapter II: Both Your Heart And Mine] [chapter III: This Killing Time] [chapter IV: here]

Note: you do not have to read the entire series to understand this part, although if you’re not up to date on the series you might be kind of confused by Emperor Tavros and Religious Leader Karkat and the fracas of Gamzee and Eridan’s backstories…

Regardless of the rest of the series, though, I would read Over the Waterfall, for important context. :) 

Chapter 4: Strong Enough To Stand

There are coldbloods in the crowd.  You should’ve been expecting that, but you still can’t get used to the idea there are people who care this is happening.

Fuck, if it comes to that you still can’t believe that this is happening at all.

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Splickedyhatting: Word-By-Word Summaries

Fun suggested game: with 1+ other people, make a fanfiction summary for a theoretical fic by trading off words one word at a time.  Here are some of ours.  We are definitely not writing them, so if they pique your interest, feel free.  Just link us when you’re done! :D

  1. If everybody were the opposite of their parents, Dave would not ever have gone to the puppet store.  But he did.
  2. Karkat doesn’t take prisoners.  Instead…he takes lovers.
  3. Sleeping dragons should not be awakened.  Rose Lalonde learns this at her own risk when she asks her ashen quadrantmates why they hate each other.
  4. Paradox space has many universes, but only in one has everything gone completely right for Eridan Ampora. This is that universe.
  5. So, you haven’t heard about the scandal involving heiress Feferi Peixes and her new bodyguard, a lowblood named Sollux Captor with no respect for his betters.  Well let me tell you, this is so so juicy.
  6. In the middle of a war, a single soldier can make all the difference by making a tremendous effort to kill the general.  But it’s not the general of his enemy he wants to kill.  (Oh god that’s awkward writing right there)
  7. Blind and alone, Gamzee wanders Earth, searching for some sign he deserves to live.  After he finally encounters somebody from his previous life, everything he knew starts to unravel.  
  8. The queen of the Combat and Defense Squad discovers a traitor in her carefully-chosen battalion.  But the spy makes a very interesting offer; this is the story of the most painful romance ever recorded, and the aftermath of true hate.
  9. Harassment comes back around in this gripping tale of romance and betrayal and revenge and boobs and more boobs.  With a vampire, and a construction worker named Cronus Ampora.
  10. Doctors and nurses sometimes forget that trolls need their moirails as much as a human needs their family.  Getting a moirail into the hospital is the hardest job nurse Harley has ever accomplished.  
  11. On his seventeenth birthday, Jake English finally caves and kisses all his friends.  Some of them start getting the wrong impression and Jake ends up surrounded by amorous attentions as he struggles with a mysterious internet stalker who wants him to choose one cool bro in particular.  
  12. There’s a monster under Roxy Lalonde’s bed.  It’s kinda cute and it tells her stories about clowns.  Her sister Rose thinks it should be destroyed, but Roxy knows her new friend would never hurt her.
  13. John needs something real to hold on to in the aftermath of his father’s death.  When a boy named Dave and a girl named Rose find him having a panic attack in the cemetery, they take him in and introduce him to their unusual family.  Can John heal with their help?
  14. Losing the biggest game of Tavros’s life wasn’t the worst part of his day.  The worst part was the way his father remarried the mother of his opponent.
  15. Only one sign has ever been given to herald the coming of an heir to the holy imperial theocracy.  And this sign was never seen by unsanctified eyes.  So when the church decides to name a successor nobody knows why they have chosen a mutant. 
  16. Jane Crocker has secrets which she has only told to one person.  When that person becomes her enemy, she will face a threat and discover some secrets are not meant to be told.  
  17. Peace is a privilege, bought by the blood shed from the heart of an innocent man.  Kankri Vantas knows this well, and he understands that even if he fights it, death is coming. After he dies though, he discovers that his true purpose is greater than he imagined.
  18. Caliborn discovers his passion for heavy metal and takes a roadtrip looking for band members.  Nobody expects him to succeed, least of all his sister.  But one after another, strange green men begin to audition.  Can Caliborn form the greatest rock band in history?  Probably not.  But he will try, goddammit.  
  19.  Skateboarding was very important to Mituna once upon a time, but after he gets recruited as a helmsman he discovers that starships are even more rad to do flips with.
  20. Pain can effect your judgement for better or worse.  Pleasure on the other hand, always effects it for the worst.  Orphaner Dualscar will discover this the hard way when he falls deeply in hate with a powerful young psychic.  Unfortunately she’s dead.
Just Not Fair [gift fic]

So I prompted Quilly for a headcanon meme with “Gamzee - Naked” and this is what I got back (abridged for post length reasons):

He’s all bones until he hits his final molt/growth spurt. So suddenly he reaches maturity and people get a load of all that delicious new muscle mass (because SUDDENLY SWIM PARTY or SHIRT-SHREDDING INCIDENT), it’s a bit…confusing…for everyone who’s used to Skeleton Gamzee. A collective “oh no he’s hot” moment.

*takes the opportunity for shameless fanservice fic*  Universe with alpha and beta kids, plus Karkat’s team of trolls.  No dancestors, sorry.  Aftermath of a highschool AU, basically.


The whole gang splits up after high school.  

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What The Hell is Diamonds-And-Stars Gamzee Doing With His Life–a triptych.  

(it’s hard when you’re a pale porn star and nobody bothers to tell you.  It’s hard and literally nobody else has ever been uninformed and gullible enough to end up in that situation before, so nobody understands.)


Chapter 9: human things for human needs

I wasn’t going to have the events of this chapter happen but SURPRISE THEY DID so much for me having control over my own fics.  @_@

I also tried to draw the GHB fighting Gamzee twice, and lost my progress on both.  You’ll just have to picture it in your imaginations. UmU

Invincible Summer: [AO3] [tag]

Eventually you have to get up and remember that you’re a highly dignified forest spirit with a shitload of responsibility and dignity and stuff.  You squirm your way out of Gamzee’s skinny arms again—he growls, but only half-heartedly. 

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Welcome about the )(ICS G0 P411L Y0UR53LF

Your helmsman is completely in your power.

You are fully aware of that.  You are always fully aware of your power, and all the endless things that fall under it; your ship, your fleet, your planets, your people, your empire.

Your helmsman is completely in your power.

But you can’t reach him.

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trueluck asked:

hopefully you can get some good inspiration! I'm gonna do a combo: A favorite character of yours to draw roughed-up/badass, and if you want to do another bit, being comforted/patched-up by another character. c:

combining this request with a request from the stream!  paranoidkitsune there is your smallzee Gamkar!  :)  For Those Below is in need of more art and I’m glad of the excuse.  eue

Karkat probably got in a fight because of his tiny moirail.  *pets idiot boys*


Chapter 8: if i was king

So much paleness in this chapter.  I am pleased.    

Invincible Summer: [AO3] [tag]

The first thing you’re aware of is pain.

Not pain from any part of you—forest pain, and some part of you tells you it’s better than it was even though you can’t quite remember yet what ‘it’ was or why it hurt at all.

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It would appear that being stressed means I work on this AU, so in the wake of a stressful few days, have some more Satyr<>spirit shenanigans. =w=

Original Post: X

Previous Chapters: (I) (II)


When you wake up the next morning, he’s still there.

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wrenspaperwings asked:

o.o I love the new expressions (lets be honest I love ginger gamzee) but yea you mentioned Alternate endings and I was wondering if there was any way maybe we could go into the au idea from SotW where karkat really just cant see cause gamzee is like out in the middle of nowhere.

(I’m so not writing the entire epic saga of this AU, but I can write some key moments mostly Gamkar, sure! :D  But it’s gonna be HELLA DEPRESSING)

You’re in a back alley of some tiny, fucked up town when someone pisses off the empress.

You don’t know who, or where—maybe it’s not even a specific person, maybe she’s just pissed off today—but you feel the wave of terror roll over you and you lose yourself in it, let yourself go and sink down into your mind.

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ladysekh asked:

Solkat, Lalochezia, please :D

You don’t realize how much you need KK around to yell at until the night he breaks his husktop. 

It’s a pretty regular routine, getting online, talking to him, making big blocks of yellow and grey profanity, calling each other the most disgusting shit you can think of and then waiting for KK to cross a line in his own thinkpan and backpedal into apologizing for things and asking if you’re still friends.  You don’t do it every night or anything (getting on and chatting with someone every night to yell at them would be kind of…weird.) but you do it enough that after the first two times you send an angry rant at Karkat and get back nothing but -user is offline!- messages, you start getting pretty fucking FRUSTRATED.

It’s stupid of you to pick Terezi, but you weren’t thinking all that clearly.  You were frustrated, okay.  

Sollux, you can almost hear her voice as you force yourself to read the stupid teal number words.  I believe you are trying to provoke me into a yelling match with you.  >:[  (Even the frown is a little unhappy hmm in your overstretched pan.)  Did you miss your little date with a certain computerless someone?  Hmmm?  Just go talk to him, you doofus. 

One night later, hunched in KK’s respiteblock fixing his stupid computer and actually getting to listen to his obnoxious screaming in person, you think you’re going to have to send Terezi something colorful to slobber on, and you tell Karkat how much you missed your little hate-dates, just to hear him yell.

kiwisoap asked:

what if someone got SotW Kurloz one of those clip-on book lights as like, a present or something. So he didn't keep straining his eyes in the dark corners. Just. that would be cool. [ollies outie]


I mean he still needs glasses and he’s not going to stop reading in dark corners, but yeah, that would probably help! XD  Dumb nerd.  Plus he has a bad habit of losing stuff like that, and he likes the darkness even if it makes it hard to read.  But it would be worth a try? 

Today’s Tally II: Excerpt Edition


“Yes,” says Kankri, and points.  The girl with the big green eyes and oversized coat lowers her hand.  

“You said some of you left.”  She fidgets. “Is that…the ones who were after us?”

Kankri takes a deep breath.  You can feel it, you’re so attuned to him by now—the twinge of hurt and fear that comes with thinking about the deserters.  

“Yes,” he says, heavy. “There’s one whose allegiance we can’t confirm, but…the other three have nothing but their own interests and gain at heart.  I know a few others here had close calls with our enemies’ powers before they were recovered—I’m afraid that…in a world where there are real superheroes, there are always going to be real supervillains.”  He smiles, painful and crooked.  “As stereotypical as it sounds, uh…we think their goal is to instate themselves as the new world order.  World domination.”

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I love

When they finally kiss but it doesn’t end there 

and it’s not about they finally do it!

The rating went up to M!

it’s about they finally are!

When someone is broken and they fix themselves

and prove to the doubters and the ones that gave up on them that they could

because sometimes people pull themselves out of their pits

(sometimes they need help and I love that too.)

I love when people get the break they desperately needed.

Fraught struggles that nobody knows and they’ll never admit

but behind their back it’s revealed and everyone finally admires their strength

I love babies; unexpected babies and happy babies and sad babies and babies that bring people together most of all.

Mommies and daddies and mothers and fathers

especially the kind that doesn’t know what they’re doing.

I love the sexy stories–even the ones I am embarrassed to like

probably improbable and embarrassing and just the right level of explicit

(body parts embarrass me).

And boys and girls and boys and boys and girls and girls, men, women and everything else.

I love touching a lot

hair-petting and back-rubbing and fin-petting and horn-rubbing because I also love dumb alien kids and their dumb romances

I love intimacy without sex and no want for sex, no need for sex 

because for them being close is just that good and true and right.

I love fanfiction and I am not ashamed of that

because i know many of us are so good they could sell and sell and sell

and some of us got that good because we wrote and wrote and wrote (even if the characters weren’t ours). 

but instead here we are, sharing stories like a bunch of gifts with empty name-tags

here I wrote this fic for you

(I also love poetic writing, even if I suck at it.)

(But that’s another post.)

(I apologize for my feels.)

anonymous asked:

Hey! I have a request. Could you maybe do just a snippet from Sollux and Terezi's date in Heavyverse? I know you said the full scene'd be long, but maybe just a few lines? Thanks :)

“Hmmmm,” says Terezi, and flicks a piece of bright candy into her mouth.  "…alright.  Trush.  Truth.“

The drinks are really fucking good.  It takes a few seconds for Sollux’s brain to register the answer.  "Uh,” he says, and takes another swig of fizzy whatever-the-fuck.  "Uhhh okay, how many pale dates have you ever had?“

"You have taken my virgin diamond,” says Terezi promptly, and they trade the candy bowl and the drinks bottle.  Sollux fumbles the bowl on the word ‘virgin’, but recovers it, cheeks mustardy yellow.  "My turn.  Inquisition. Truth?“

Sollux groans.  ”…no,“ he grits out.  "Not after that last one, fuck you.”

“Alright then,” says Terezi brightly.  "You know what you have to do.  Impress me.“

Sollux rolls his glowing eyes.  ”…my kismesis’s favorite thing to do is make me cry,“ he mumbles.  ”–and it's easy.“

Terezi hoots.  "A most satisfying humiliation!”  

“Shut up.”  Sollux snatches the bottle.  "Inqui-fucking-sition.“

"Oh dear, how kinky,” Terezi says distantly, and eagerly pops more candies into her mouth.  "Truth.“

"You always choose truth.”

Terezi grins and runs her tongue over her bright, colorful teeth, and doesn’t answer.

Righa Forachtae 101
  • Righa Forachtae 101
  • Splickedylit
  • Poor Unfortunate Shoals

Basic grammar, conjugations, pronouns, tenses, and some important phrases to know when living in an insane clown theocracy.  Like, “I’m gonna kill you, you -CENSORED-” and “You have a nice ass.”  

Y'know.  The basics.

Pronunciation Guide: [X]

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Saviors Trivia Dump

Because someone on my stream was saying that they really enjoyed when I just poured out a bunch of random details about my stories.  So here.  Have some trivia, I guess? XD

  • The geneticist who created the first generation of clones was an eccentric billionaire with severely dissociated separate personalities, one male and one female.  Overall, they went by the name of Dr. Calmasis.

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