etchesonstones said: I really miss seeing your ghb on my dash. If you’re up for this request, could you draw the big boy?

if you don’t wake up on the last day of All Colors Week with a pounding hornache and a hangover the size of the empress’s ego you didn’t fuckin do it right

beanellinies said:  hey! as far as homestuck requests go: what about an Ampora all dressed up and peacocking for the camera?


I like to think that gold jewelry is a seadweller conceit, so here’s a golden-jewelried conceited seadweller, about to turn a lowblood into a smear on the wall.

anonymous asked:

i was reminded of your Poor Unfortunate Shoals fic (which i still hold dear to my heart) and it made me wonder if you draw homestuck anymore? i sure miss those pretty amporas you did...!

not much any more, no!  But I can be persuaded. ;D

hey hey, River, where do you think that centaur keeps his junk??? HEY!!!  where do you keep your junk???

There’s a tiny Cat Lord face on River’s flail, and a tiny quetzelcoatl on the cap of Quetzel’s staff, but you can’t see the quetzel and I’m sad.  TuT  



I don’t know why y’all ask me for tutorials, I think mine might be the least helpful in the world haha. TuT  Mostly I just draw the thing people are asking about over and over again.  But!!! @floriani1 and @governmenthookerleaderofamerica, I hope this helps with your nose-drawing woes.

I still struggle with facial feature diversity, including noses (namely at this point I want to give everybody big hooky noses because I LOVE them ahhh) so I feel u guys, fight the good fight.


I know I posted the Eridan one at some point because…..ahhh, there was some pokestuck post that gave him nothing but magikarp and somebody pointed out that with persistance he could totally have the….big snake ones instead.  ((Gyardos???  In case it’s not obvious, I don’t do Pokemon.))

Anyway I’m going through my old files and I’m pretty sure I never posted the other two???  Good lord it’s been a while.  

Leonard Church: prince of heart.  inventing so many new and creative way to torture himself and shatter his own identity, they had to write whole new laws.


Cleared out all my commission slots, and ready to do more!  More information on my Commissions Page, which is also linked in my sidebar.  Quick rundown:

Some things I will draw:

  • Original characters (100% original OR gemsonas, god tiers, etc.)
  • Fanart (including for fandoms I’m not in) and pairing art
  • Character fusions
  • Fic/story illustrations
  • Suggestive/implied sexiness (negotiable, 18+ only)

Some things I will not draw:

  • Explicit gore (blood and injury are alright)
  • Explicit sexual content
  • Mechas/robotics (related: cars/vehicles without specific reference, sorry)

Night shift nursing makes my schedule spotty, so I’m only opening two slots so I can focus on one person at a time!  The rules/more details are at the Commissions page on my blog–send me a message or shoot me an email if you’re interested, and thanks for reading! :)

y’know what I should do instead of sleeping?  I should draw my OTP sleeping.

Pale Gamkar cuddles for the soul at 4:13 AM.  if you’re reading this you should probably be asleep.

Like seven people asked for Beforus pale Gamkar–so here!  

No listen though imagine Karkat is this sort of middle-aged general dude, like 35-40 years old, kind of weathered and jaded and he ends up getting together with this big, gangly highblood who still follows flutterbugs and repeatedly states a life-goal of making every single person he meets laugh and cheers about his birthdays. (”RIGHT, I FORGOT, YOU’RE STILL YOUNG ENOUGH YOU GET EXCITED ABOUT WIGGLING DAYS.”  “yeahhhh brother, don’t figure I won’t ever be so motherfuckin’ old as to not to.” “GOD YOU’RE SUCH A WRIGGLER. <>”)

And then he goes to the party and the goddamn empress is like “CLAMZ—E—E!! Hey crabsnack!  Yeah, we’ve been friends since we were wrigglers!  Happy 200th, sugargrub, mwah!”

Surprise, your boyfriend is literally four or five times older than you. UuU

[[if this link is broken, requests are closed]]

amazingspaceship  asked:

Karkat, F7?

Anonymous said:  F7 jack noir


For the rest of his life, without conscious thought, Karkat Noir will close his left eye when he’s giving somebody the death-glare.  This is absolutely not because of his dad’s badass missing eye and the hundreds of times Jack turned the one-eye-death-glare on somebody for messing with his son.  Of course.  Nothing to do with that at all.