Boat wake and sunset, near the Bahamas, Slow Motion.


Mermaiding is the increasingly popular hobby of swimming and lounging in the surf or a pool while wearing beautiful mermaid tail costumes. Both of these activities lend themselves to warm weather, so what’s a dedicated mermaid to do when summer ends? They swap their shiny silicone tails and fins for a cozy Mermaid Tail Blanket. These comfy crocheted tails are made of super soft acrylic yarn, handmade by Macomb, MI-based CassJamesDesigns.

Each crocheted mermaid tail is made to order in one of three different sizes to fit toddlers, children, or adults. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to feel like a fancy half-human sea creature from the comfort of their own couch.

Head over to CassJamesDesigns for additional information and to check out more of their crocheted creations.

[via OddityMall]