May 6, 2014

I didn’t really did a lot this day. I was suppose to accompany my sister to the Philippine Embassy to renew her passport, but she’s too early. And I was also suppose to just meet her somewhere, but I was too tired and my head is aching. So instead I just waited for her all day. 

But by 6pm. We went to Simpang Bedok, to eat at Spize, Bedok Market. We were there to meet Ate’s friend, Nancy. And of course to have dinner too! Hihi. It didn’t really look like a Market that was like in the Philippines, I think it was just called that way because there a lot of variety in there. Like, in one place there’s a restaurant and then on the other side there is a clinic, and on another side there’s a salon. There are a lot of varieties! But for us, we were there to eat dinner. 

I ordered Turkish Lamb something, it’s a tomato Pasta with lamb meatballs. And of course the moment I ordered that one, I know I was open for new things, but when I tasted the lamb, it was actually a torture. It tasted like a meat at first but when you swallow it there’s another taste. Which is kinda new for me. Hahaha. Well, that’s for me. But if you guys want to try it, then you can try!! Changes are always welcomed!

After our dinner we walked through the nearest convenience store, which is 7eleven. And we just bought something to drink, but because I found these cute things that was #OnlyInSingapore, so I bought it! 

After that we walked until the bus stop, and Ate Nancy wait for us to aboard the bus before she left. 

Truffle fries. Tluffre flies.

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409 River Valley Road, Singapore: (65.6734.9194)

I was introduced to SPIZE the first time I came to Singapore after a long night at the bar. It seems that it was the “place to be” for late night eats as it was packed with people and most like me, seemed to be hungry for some nosh before heading home for the night. It was good. When I moved to Singapore, one of the first places I wanted to go to cure the jetlag was someplace with cheap, tasty eats so I went back to SPIZE and I’m glad I did. This place is hopping: it’s fast, it’s cheap, it’s always reliable and it’s always good.

Considered by some locals to be “fast food” while to others it’s merely the place to go after the club to get some “hangover killer”, SPIZE is always packed from open to close. There must be a reason for this right? Well, there is… the food is great. Try the Chicken/Cheese Murtabak, the Kung Pao Chicken, the Indian Mee Goreng, the Spicy Squid, the Wok Fried Beef and the Satays, they are all worthwhile. You can wash it down with a great Iced Teh Tarik or Iced Teh O Limau. For Singapore where service is never number one, it’s pretty reasonable here. Everyone is helpful but at the same time, everyone is busy because the place is usually filled. And when I say filled, I mean it spills out onto the sidewalk and their “Al Fresco” seating goes all the way down the block up until 5am.

My wife and I have been a few times as a couple and with a group of friends and have never been disappointed. We will be going back to SPIZE!