Undertale collab with my friend @spizacki​ !!!

I had so much fun working on this collaboration and I’m so happy with the results!
She sketched/shaded/colored: Greater Dog, Burgerpants, NiceCream Man, Napstablook, Bratty, and Annoying dog! I sketched/shaded/colored: Lesser Dog, Onionsan, Monster Kid, Temmie, Muffet, and Catty!
Please like/reblog her post as well (she has some snazzy extras) HERE!


…where Karkat is the barista and the sign in the entranceway says “Please Thank Your Barista”, and Jade’s known him since he was a tiny wriggler, and she comes in to get a cappuccino every other day. One day, when she notices the sign, she makes a pointing gesture and tells him “don’t mind if I do!”. She leans over the counter, moving her cappuccino out of the way, and “Thanks The Barista” right on the mouth. She pulls away, taking her drink and sits down not too far from the counter, and Karkat melts into the dessert display.

spizacki replied to your post:I don’t even like Hoenn but I’m still going to buy…

i’ll be honest idk why hoenn is what people wanted a remake/new game for (I don’t mean that in a mean way though, i’m just very confused/curious). I have ruby and Iiked it when played but ??? what was special about hoenn?

I think it’s just one of those games a lot of people played when they were little, maybe even their first pokemon game, so the nostalgia factor would be really high. But yeah I only just liked it too haha.