Spirit Week: Pack Day

Day one: character/pack day

My friends and I went as the sander sides!

I was Anxiety/Virgil, while my friends @communistchexmix was Creativiy/Roman/Princey and @ashburrytaylor was Logic/Logan


Thomas: We all love you and wish you the best! Please keep making videos that inspire things like this! You’re amazing and good luck with everything!!

So it’s spirit week at school, aka homecoming week, and for those of you non-’mericans, basically everyday there’s a different theme that you have to dress to accordingly. Today was alphabet day, meaning you had to dress up as something that began either with the first or last letter of your name. So if your name is Anna, you could be an Angel. If your last name is Johnson, you could be a jellybean or whatever floats your booty. This one guy whose name is Payton went as patriotic and

this is literally what being American means

stolenmelody  asked:

What are the school colors of EU? Is it lucky or unlucky to be found wearing them? I know Green is actually Bad Luck in Ireland whereas Blue is Good Luck instead. I know they don't have a mascot anymore but what sort of School Pride do they show?

Green might be bad luck, but it’s still the school colours (although the actual shades change frequently).That would explain a lot, honestly.

I imagine they have Spirit Week like a lot of similar schools do; despite the best efforts of the student council things get Weird by the end of the week. And the school chant sung at home games does some Bad Things to the opposing team’s dreams for a week afterwards.

one of the science teachers and i are planning a spirit month called “Study Abroad at Hogwarts” that is going to last for all of October.  We’re going to sort the kids into houses and have house competitions in which students gain house points for working hard and participating in activities.  we’re also going to do a book club and reread all of the books, have movie days to screen the movies, and end the month with a staff group costume of harry potter characters for Halloween.

we’ve been working really hard at work.