“I Believe In You” by Talk Talk // Spirit of Eden (1988)

An absolutely stunning album that paved the way for numerous experimenters and helped build the post rock genre through it’s influence on bands like Sigur Ros, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Low. I remember hearing early era Talk Talk growing up, but by the time they started to experiment with ambient and electronic sounds, they stopped being played in the states, and I was far too young to care enough to seek them out, but later on in life I would be reading music zines from the UK and regularly see this album name checked as a seminal album. Further down the line, during Radiohead’s recording process for “Kid A”, I remember several places citing this album as an inspiration on the band. By that point, I was floating around somewhere - Portland, I think - and I stumbled across a used bin that had all of Talk Talk’s albums. I picked them up and got in my car and continued to drive south. I remember listening to this song driving down the PCH toward San Francisco and feeling depressed that the band was no longer active. Everything that they had was sitting in my car’s console, ready to be played. “Spirit of Eden” was the highwater mark for me (and most people), and I’ve played it through at least once a month since discovering it’s power. It still sounds like no one else. 


“I Believe In You” by Talk Talk

Listen to the entire Spirit of Eden album, it’s fucking gorgeous. (Laughing Stock is very nearly as good.)

In ancient times the world of spirits was everywhere acknowledged because it was a matter of direct experience and open to all but the most insensitive. The world of spirits was as familiar to primitive man as is the dream world is to modern man. The spirit world became the later “spiritual” world after undue emphasis on mans’ mental development had obliterated the astral world in which he originally had moved with as much ease as in the mundane world.
—  Kenneth Grant, Nightside of Eden