I’ve heard quite a few people  throw the idea of Shining training Spike to be a knight arround, so I drew a few dumb sketches about it.

No, I was NOT listening to Steven Universe’s ‘sworn to the sword’ episode while drawing this.


I was doodling today and got into a very Overwatch mood, so I ended up drawing some MLP characters cosplaying Overwatch characters. Vinyl Scratch is actually a gift to a friend though; he wanted to see what she’d look like as Lucio and I came up with what is seen above. The rest I was just playing around with, but I like how they all came out all the same. :3 The only one that isn’t Overwatch related is Spike; I’ve never drawn “Sir Spike” (I think he looks hilarious) so I decided to doodle him as well. All in all, a lot of fun was had. :3 I think I’ll try some more Overwatch/MLP crossovers in the future; I really enjoy drawing it. c:

Anyway, I hope you guys like them! ^.^

My best year in artwork, and most likely in life, comes to a close, here’s a collection of my best pieces per month. This is the first year my list contains work not done digitally and I’m really glad I’ve progressed in tradtional mediums enough to include them.

  • January: A Diabolical Kind. Elementary Tribute. Digital.
  • February: Bebop. Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Digital.
  • March: Punch Out. A mash up of Marina & The Diamonds and Nintendo’s Punch Out Franchise. Digital.
  • April: Logan. A wolverine redesign. Digital.
  • May: Goku. A more realistic teenaged Goku from Dragon Ball. Digital
  • June: Aquaman. Gene Kelley painted as Aquaman. Watercolor.
  • July: Celebrating the Caped Crusade. A 75th Anniversary tribute to the dark knight. Gouache and watercolor.
  • August: Traitor! A simple redrawing of a still from star wars IV. Ink and markers.
  • September: Gods Among Us. Superman in the pose of Oceanus from the Trevi Fountain in rome. Mixed Media.
  • October: Superman and Wonder Woman. Commissioned christmas gift. Digital.
  • November: Totally Alice! The poster I made for my school’s 80s themed production of Alice in Wonderland. Digital
  • December: Flash. My teacher painted as The Flash for scholastics. Gouache.

Here’s to a New Year!