Godtier aesthetic improvements

Upon becoming godtier there are 2-3 bonus levels. If you climb up higher you should get aesthetic improvements to actually look godly. The outfits should get increasingly intricate and other bonuses are rewarded

Basically you can go from Caliborn’s outfit to Lord English’s

Here are some things me, sone followers , and some friends made up

Get a summonable cloak connected to their aspect
Space- can summon anything in space
Time- rainbow colored, tears in accordance to tears in time
Void- infinitely deep, can store whatever the Lord wishes
Rage- ominous and foreboding, changes to look more aggressive and intimidating to match the Lord’s temperament Breath- it is the sky with varying shades and clouds. It can turn into a mighty thunderstorm that propels the Lord forward while turning the actual sky into that very storm
Blood- the thick fibers of the robe correspond to the chain of relationships the Lord has amassed. The patterns become more intricate with their complexity of their chain of command

Aspect materializations form around them. If they max out they will gain the traits of their mentor (Jade’s dog ears, Handmaid’s clockwork majyyk eyes)
Space- miniature planets or meteors
Hope- St. Elmo’s fire burns around them
Heart- wisps float around them
Life- butterflies, birds, and flower petals float around them

They gain a jeweled crown. They also gain cracks, fissures, and scars in their aspect’s colors when they rend/rend with their aspect.
If they max out their presence cancels their aspect.
Space- made from black goldstone, has a miniature green sun as an inlayed jewel.
Time- made from iron with ticking gears integrated into it.
Void- their crown is dark black with navy blue pearls embedded into it. It is naturally brighter around them
Heart- A crown that has many changing forms. Your soul is laid bare. No tricks, no games, no lies, no facades.
Mind- electricity dances from it. They are like a speech jammer, people find it hard to think in their presence
Rage- made from jagged purple crystals. Everything calms down around them or sparks up violently.
Life- gain a flower crown with harmless thorns. Animals fear them and plants turn from their touch
Doom- an eastern crown with 12 black spikes.
Blood- gain an iron crown tinged with blood. Their veins become deep and dark

Gain more pockets with each additional tier. They glow brighter the more aspect related items and trinkets they are wearing or are in their pockets. If they max out they have special summoning gloves that can summon aspect items.
Light- glow golden the more gold they have on them and any Light related objects
Void- glow dark blue the more silver they have on them and any Void related objects

Gain armor pieces related to their aspect. If they max out they get a full set.
Time- changes age and shine depending on their mood. Instantly repairs itself
Light- shiny armor with golden edges. When cracked, the cracks glow a blinding light.
Heart- armor changes colors and styles depending on mood.
Rage- sleek and very dark purple. Creates spikes when the Knight is angry or afraid
Doom- cracked, has green glowing fissures. It gives poison effects when struck.
Blood- made stronger by each ally the Knight has. Drips if trying to look intimidating

Their aspect crops up around them
Light- leaves embers and fireflies as they walk
Void- their shadow is larger and darker than it should be. At night it becomes infinitely black and appears to be a swirling abyss
Life- small plants spring up at their feet Doom- items and the ground slightly crack and repair them self after the Maid touches them
Blood- blood drips from their fingertips

Get summonable spell tomes and scrolls with aspect knowledge in them. They radiate aspect energy.
Time- an old work book that contains the history of everything, from start to end.
Light- the pages dimly glow. Contains the information of 12,000 grand libraries
Void- the books leak infinitely black liquid. Contains thousands of secrets.
Heart- summons wisps when read. Contains the names, nicknames, true names, and character bios of all things with a soul.
Mind- people are shocked by electricity if they disturb the Mage’s reading. The book is a personal journal of inner thoughts for every sentient creature.
Hope- shimmers a faint gold that draws the eyes
Rage- creates gentle haunting music

Their eyes change to match their aspect. If they max our they are given a special eye ability. Space- you can see a galaxy in their eyes. They can show a projection of any area, as if they are projecting a video camera
Light- their pupils turn yellow and their sclera are pure white.
Void- eyes turn completely black. They appear to be swirling pools of infinity. You can learn many secrets by gazing into them
Heart- iris and pupil turn pale pink, almost like a ghost’s. People can view ghosts if the Seer is close.
Hope- their eyes appear to burn and radiate holy light. To see them is to stand before the all seeing eyes of a god
Rage- their eyes are a fierce, striking purple. To stare into their eyes is to gaze into the eyes of madness
Blood- veins in eyes become more pronounced and a red ring appears around their pupil. When they cry, they cry blood that makes anyone empathetic to them

Gain bengals and arm bands that reflect their aspect. If they max out they gain a special ability. Space- small gems orbit them
Light- glistening bands. Their radiance brings even the most hidden things to light.
Heart- the bracelets have a pink-ish tint. When maxed out they can make any ghosts nearby material.
Life- armbands and bengals made of wrapping vines. They grow flowers. If maxed out, the flowers can drop pollen and seeds that make plants spring up everywhere.
Doom- jet black crystal bands crystal. They
Breath- light blue bands with swirling patterns on them. Air swirls around them. If maxed out thick bands of wind cover them. The winds purify anything they touch.
Blood- dark ruby bands. They can duplicate the bands up to 12 times, creating rings, armbands, and other things. When worn they create an empathic connection and will never, ever feel alone.

They have an aspect colored aura making anything around it shift aesthetics slightly.
If they max out, they will gain a special armor piece related to their aspect.
Light- a visor that blocks all dust, dirt, and debris. It also prevents the Page from ever being stunned or anything impeding their vision
Void- a shoulder cape that absorbs any blow
Rage- spiked gauntlets
Breath- winged roman sandals, like Hermes. Clouds form at their feet when they run in the air
Blood- crimson chainmail armor.

Their hands glow their aspect, leaving glowing handprints of their aspect.
If they max out they get a magic satchel that summons and de-summons aspect related items. The satchel can be anything from a book bag to purse.
Space- holds a miniature universe. Can pull out mini versions of stars, planets, etc.
Heart- holds the keys to any heart, each key has a different pattern
Mind- holds glowing teal vials with names on them. Opening them voices the thoughts of that person
Breath- a bag of winds, just like in Greek myth
Blood- blessed friendship bracelets that create unbreakable bonds


Gain aspect related tattoos. If they max out they will have a special effect
Time- gears and cogs ticking like clockwork. There are also clocks and watches that tell the time, the relative time for the Heir, and the time for any time duplicates
Void- moving horrerterror tentacles. Secrets can be read, but they are in a language only the Heir can understand
Heart- reflects their splinters, spirit animals, and emotions
Mind- electrical circuits.
Hope- religious iconography and angel wings on their back
Rage- jagged lightning patterns and war paint. They crackle with energy when feeling strong emotions
Life- tattoos of plants and animals grow and change
Doom- complicated seals and sigils that glow a dim green
Breath- wind/water tattoos that move and breath
Blood- murals of the people and things they hold closest. They can shift to show stories of those people.

Their aspect warps into their outfit, shrouding them from all sides
Space- made from a pocket dimension that absorbs all that would harm them
Void- a jet black cloak that appears to swirl and churn and rips black liquids. It can unfold into horrerterror tentacles
Hope- 6 seraphim wings that drape over the Muse
Breath- floats freely, gently pushes a breeze around them. When defensive, they become the eye of a hurricane
Blood- veins appear more clearly through skin and has a blood red cloak. Anyone who touches the cloak can not harm the Muse

— — —

I probably won’t finish this post. If you want to add anything, tell me!

Thanks to all of my followers for their help!!!

I’ve heard quite a few people  throw the idea of Shining training Spike to be a knight arround, so I drew a few dumb sketches about it.

No, I was NOT listening to Steven Universe’s ‘sworn to the sword’ episode while drawing this.


I was doodling today and got into a very Overwatch mood, so I ended up drawing some MLP characters cosplaying Overwatch characters. Vinyl Scratch is actually a gift to a friend though; he wanted to see what she’d look like as Lucio and I came up with what is seen above. The rest I was just playing around with, but I like how they all came out all the same. :3 The only one that isn’t Overwatch related is Spike; I’ve never drawn “Sir Spike” (I think he looks hilarious) so I decided to doodle him as well. All in all, a lot of fun was had. :3 I think I’ll try some more Overwatch/MLP crossovers in the future; I really enjoy drawing it. c:

Anyway, I hope you guys like them! ^.^

anonymous asked:

ive heard you say a few times that you didn't like s7 spuffy, what was it that bothered you rlly about it?

Well, number one, fandom was a hell pit at the time, (imagine having The Spike Discourse going on 24/7, on dozens of different forums and mailing lists) and I’m sure that taints my memory of the whole season.   The writers were so determined to play coy with what Buffy was feeling and why she was feeling it that every tiny nuance of SMG’s expressions got dissected and argued into the ground, every week.  I couldn’t enjoy the Spuffy moments we got, even though a lot of them are quite good in retrospect, because there was no real agreement at the time that they were Spuffy moments.

Number two, after a pretty promising start, the season arc fell apart after the first seven or eight episodes.  I don’t think they utilized the First Evil well at all.  If I could wave a magic wand over S7 and fix just one thing, I would absolutely choose to fix the season arc rather than change anything about Spuffy.

Number three, I was kind of disappointed that they gave Spike a soul.  I felt that they’d already done that story with Angel, and I was hoping they’d do something different with Spike.  But oh well, at least Spike chose to get it.

Mostly… Spike being mired in self-loathing and Buffy being his reluctant sponsor is just not a character dynamic that appeals to me.  There are a lot of fans who eat damaged, self-hating characters up with a spoon; I’m just not one of them.  There was a ton of meta written at the time comparing Spike to a chaste knight worshipping Buffy the (metaphorically) virginal queen, and stuff like that, and I just… don’t dig it.  I preferred them when they were both confident enough to challenge each other – it was great that they could be gentle with each other now, but I loved the spark and the fire, too.  And that was gone.  I hated that in putting Buffy through the depression of S6 and then the attempted rape and giving Spike a soul, the writers had utterly destroyed any chance that we would ever see either of them happy, much less happy together.  We’d never see them bantering or teasing each other, or just having a good healthy argument.  

Fandom kept talking about how mature Spike was now, when to me he just seemed suicidally depressed, and talking about how Buffy was obviously in love with him, when to me it seemed equally likely that she was just helping him out of obligation and guilt, because He Has A Soul Now.  And while I massively disagree with the people who argue that Spike getting a soul was a terrible selfish thing to do because it “forced” Buffy to forgive him, I do think that the fact that Buffy is determined to see souled Spike (and Angel) as completely different people is not all that great for her emotional health, because all the anger and betrayal she feels for what their unsouled selves did never gets resolved.  She just stuffs it down inside and never deals with it (until S10, thank you C. Gage.)

Also I kind of hate the false dichotomy of physical love = bad and dirty/spiritual love good and pure – Joss may not have meant that, but S6 and 7 taken together kinda promote it.   And while I think the final scene where Spike’s burning up is full of dramatic irony and stuff, on a personal level, I hate that TV Spuffy ends with Buffy finally baring her heart, and Spike basically telling her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  (I don’t buy that either of them was lying to the other.  I think Spike THOUGHT Buffy was lying to him, but he does her an enormous disservice in thinking so, because Buffy doesn’t tell pleasant lies.)  

I’m glad S7 works for so many people, it’s just always going to be a severely mixed bag for me, particularly if you consider it as the end game. The writers were so afraid of coming off anti-feminist (and rightly so) that S7 Spuffy fails for me as a romance, and comes off as a tragedy of two people who may care for one another, but who ultimately fail to connect.   If you take the comic seasons into account, then S7 becomes just one stage, and a necessary one, in a longer-term relationship, and I’m fine with that.  It’s just when people promote it as the be-all and end-all best of all possible Spuffy worlds, I’m like shoot me now.

I’ve watched a lot of Vampire tv shows in my life from bits of Dark Shadows reruns as a kid to Buffy to True Blood and the Vampire Diaries. It’s a guilty pleasure but I’ve got to say that Being Human(UK) was probably one of the best. None of the others really addressed that vampires are monsters, or at least not in the same way. By the end of that show or at least the end of the first couple seasons it makes clear that the only truly good thing Mitchell (the vampire) can do for the world is end his life. It doesn’t play around and it has one of the best episodes stating that no matter how much good the penitent vampire does he’ll never be able to make up for the evil he’s done. Now the show broke my heart and Mitchell’s end wrecked me but it was so well done. The show made a point to show that it wasn’t just the people he killed that were hurt, it was their friends and families and that by killing one he hurt countless others. It did such a good job of deconstructing the repentant vampire. (I know they kind of took a different direction with the last two seasons but still the whole thing with Lia was so well done!)