PSA for peeps wanting to know which blogs are my blogs!

As much as I love the whole, “Wait, that blog is yours too?” thing, I figure I should just make a list. I’ve had 3 for a while, but then I added 2 more, and I recently added 2 more. And now another 2. I have a problem, I know. You can take it up with my therapist. So, without further ado, here are my blogs and what they are (plus content examples). 


This is my main blog. This is where I post and reblog mostly everything. It holds random things (like puppy vines), personal edits (that don’t fit into the construct of another blog), and anything else having to do with fandoms that don’t have their own blog (which can be edits, analyses, or just nonsense). 


This is my first Buffy based blog. I had the idea of making edits for Spike’s dialogue in Buffy, Angel, and the comics because, let’s be honest, his dialogue is iconic. Also, this blog houses rebloged posts of Buffyverse-related content. I made that decision because I wanted to have a blog that was 100% Buffy. Although, the edits for Spike’s quotes are the only original posts I make (besides asks, of course).


Buffyverse Banners came about because of the Buffy Birthweek back in March. One of the prompts for the week was 5 episodes. So, I made these banners for my top 5 Buffy episodes. Too late, I realized I wanted to make one for every episode of Buffy. I also wanted to do so for Angel, (hence the name “Buffyverse Banners”) but I couldn’t get the screencaps in time for the two shows leaving Netflix. I should probably change the name, but I do what I want. I don’t reblog anything onto here, it’s strictly the banners.


So, I recently started watching The 100 again, and I remembered how much I loved that show when I was actively watching it through the first two seasons. I also remembered how much I shipped Clarke and Bellamy. In fact, it’s the only show I watch where I can pinpoint the exact scene I realized I wanted a certain ship to be canon. This is one of the two new blogs. I named it “Bellarke Potential” because of the potential I see for the two characters to be together, and also the wasted potential of them not being together already. Basically, it’s going to be a place for my Bellarke-specific edits. Much like spike-quotes, I’m going to also use it to reblog anything pertaining to The 100. Again, though, the only original posts will be Bellarke edits. 


I’m sure you can guess what this one is. It’s a lot like spike-quotes in that it’s edits dealing with character quotes, except this blog (the second new blog) is strictly for quotes between Dean Winchester and Castiel. Not all of their conversations, but just ones that standout as quintessentially “Destiel.” I’ll only have the quotes up on this blog because I use my main blog for reblogging Supernatural-related content. 


This is my blog based on Charmed. It’s going to be for edits and my thoughts on the show as well as reblogging content from the show. I created it mostly because I wanted to have a space to work with Charmed as it is the show that holds the dearest place in my heart. The name is pretty self-explanatory. I wanted something a little more original than a name that would have “Charmed” in the title. 


Obviously, a Riverdale blog. Normally, I wouldn’t go so crazy over such a new show, but here I am. Again, it’s meant for thoughts, edits, and Riverdale reblogs. The name came partially from the fact that Riverdale is a town founded on maple syrup, basically. The other part is that Riverdale, for some reason, isn’t a show I overtly obsess over. I feel like I’ll be content with whatever the show puts out because it’s that high caliber. There isn’t anything I’d change right now, so I don’t get all let-me-analyze-everything about it. I was gonna use the word “chill” instead of “sweet,” but that sounded lame, therefore, we have sweet-riverdale. 


There’s just too many good shows out there! Apparently, I have to make a new blog every time I love a show. So, this is a blog mainly for my Delena edits (from The Vampire Diaries). I also reblog TVD content onto here. Delena has proven to be the most heartbreaking love story I’ve ever watched on a show, so I made this blog to honor that. The name is pretty obvious, but I chose it because “the-delena-diaries” was already taken!


This one is one I’ve been planning on making for a while. I’ve always wanted a place to reblog Smallville stuff because I hadn’t seen a lot of it before. But now I have a place! I’ll probably make edits of Clois or something, in fact, I already have some on my main blog (which is what the picture below is from), but this one is mostly for reblogging stuff from the show. The name actually comes from a Lois quote. “You put the Smallville in Smallville, Smallville.”

So, that’s it! Those are my you-need-to-stop-making-blogs-it’s-unhealthy blogs. The icons are all very similar, so it isn’t that hard to figure out, I don’t think, but I felt like I should have a master list anyway. And, in case you’re wondering, there’s no way I’m stopping at 9. 

But, hey. It’s the summer! What else am I gonna do?

  • Rarity: it’s too early for this shit
  • Twilight Sparkle: Oh my god neither of those are dinosaurs and there’s 145 million years separating them both, this conversation is a palaeontological disaster