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David Tennant is back on BBC America! ‘Spies of Warsaw’ Has BBC AMERICA Premiere Date

via Anglophenia:

The channel has announced that its co-production Spies of Warsaw, the World War II-set miniseries which stars the former Doctor Who star, is set to premiere in the Dramaville block over two consecutive Wednesdays, April 3 and April 10, at 9/8c. 

Set in London, Paris, and Poland during World War II, the spy drama stars Tennant as French diplomat/aristocrat Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier, a war hero who is drawn into “a world of abduction, betrayal and intrigue in the diplomatic salons and back alleys of Warsaw.” He falls for a a Parisian lawyer for the League of Nations (played by Janet Montgomery), and their affair heats up as German tanks roll through the Black Forest.

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Spies of Warsaw Episode 1 (1/?)

Shower Scene

Bonus that was only in the trailer (aka to hot for tv):


David Tennant and sword fighting (or fencing)

“I like that sort of stuff.  I’ve done sword fights in various other productions down the years, and they’re hard work but they’re great when they start working.  It’s like a dance and you have to build it up literally by working the moves out very methodically before you can start to act it and… dance with it a bit, really.” – David Tennant from Doctor Who Confidential

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David Tennant Talks Spies Of Warsaw & Doctor Who – G4tv.com

I love characters who are clever and smart, and you have to run to catch up with. I think there’s something very appealing and rather heroic in that.