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my main man Mercier :3

:D Ooo yes. Happily, my friend!

  • How I feel about this character - heart eyes!
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character - Betty
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character - hm. idk!
  • My unpopular opinion about this character - I like him best out of uniform ;) (ok ok I mean in his civilian clothes but he is also aesthetically pleasing in other scenes) 
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon. - I mean, I wish we had a whole series of him with Betty, but, you know. That’s what fic is for. ;)
    • Basically this gif of yours but like over an hour of it. lol 

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Ask Me About a Character!

@ahorriblecaseofwanderlust – Finished!  (BTW, I decided to start naming the buyer in my signature, to make it more personal and unique.  This will only be available for the person who ordered the commission.  Regular prints will have the personal note removed, so your print will be one of a kind!)

Anyway, hope you like it!  =)

Fic Writer Wednesday, 7/5

In which I read Too Much Fic™.

<<Doctor Who>>


Lean on Me by @countessselena: Established Nine/Rose with Rose being the bamf we all know her to be - this time, the Doctor’s the one on damage control. So wonderful!


Call of the Void (Chapter 2) by @fadewithfury​: a nailbiting follow up to an incredible first chapter! The setting/reunion is so unique and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

On Degrees of Forever by @thebaddestwolf​: I reread this periodically and with July starting up I needed a gorgeous reunion fic so of course I returned here. LDRs are one of my favourite tropes, especially unique takes on them like this one. Truly original and one of my favourite stories ever.  

A Thousand Synchronous Points of Light by @onthedriftinthetardis​: a gorgeous and well-researched historical fic that is wonderfully fluffy and the smut is super duper hot. Go read! 

Forever Bad Wolf by @chocolatequeennk​: I’m really glad I got my JE reunion published before this one, if only because then people would notice it. This fic is beautiful, romantic, everything I need in a reunion (it’s Nancy, so this should go without saying.) If you’re one of the tiny minority who has yet to read this fic, go do it. Now. 

With This Ring by @chocolatequeennk: Cute, fluffy setup to a bonding fic that I’m sure will rip out my heart in the best possible way. Stick around, because amazing things are a-coming!! (I know this, because Nancy.)

Forever and Never Apart (Chapter 9) by @chocolatequeennk: Conclusion of Planet of the Ood. More of Rose and Donna being brilliant as always and spades of protective!Doctor as well as Rose and this fic makes me so happy you have no idea. Do yourself a favour and read it, if you haven’t already!

The Lame Shall Enter First by @lastbluetardis​: another favourite in my quest for reunion fics, this one is 6 chapters of sheer glory. Reunion, hurt/comfort angst, fluff and telepathic bonding/bad wolf!Rose… everything I love in one fic, actually. Absolutely wonderful.

Beneath the Midnight Sky by @lastbluetardis: The dimension cannon drops Rose in the middle of a tour bus bound for the sapphire waterfalls of Midnight, and the Doctor has already been taken over by the entity. A super awesome, unique take both on the episode and the reunion! 

A Place For Us to Dream (Chapter 54) by @dimensionhoppingrose: Part One of Forest of the Dead. Donna’s stuck in the dream world and Rose is making horrible life choices. So pretty much business as usual :P

Getting Through (Chapter 6) by @khaelis: The mystery deepens! What’s wrong with the Doctor? Why is he being so evasive? So happy to get another chapter of this fantastic fic!

One Tiny Thread of Light by @khaelis: a Doomsday fixit in which the title is both literal and figurative. Absolutely gorgeously written, and a nice balm for the pain that is Doomsday month.

Every Doctor/Rose

Terra Glacies by Vampiyaa: Four/Rose plus reunion fic? Yes please!

Siúil A Rúin by Vampiyaa: Two/Rose and Nine/Rose because it’s something you never knew you needed until now. Nine is a little late picking Rose up and she is comforted by a strange man in a park with a recorder. Cute and lovely!

Ageless, Timeless by Vampiyaa: One/Rose, and one of the most adorable things you’ll ever read, were it not for the specter of Jimmy Stone hanging over all. In which One is the best thing that ever happened to Rose, and vice versa.



A Lapse In Fate (Chapter 18) by @lostinfic​: Betty is being so brave in the face of Borrel’s machinations, my heart goes out to her so much! The cliffhanger ending had me on the edge of my seat! 


Diary of a Single Rose by @ktrosesworld: Casanova moves in next door to Rose, who has been single for far too long. Shenanigans ensue, first Casanova’s alone, but then… ;)

<<Dragon Age>>


Fire, Walk With Me (Chapter 58) by @khirsahle​: Shit Goes Down, and I am Here for it! The way the battle with the Qunari is described is chaotic, uncomfortable, and spot on. (m!Hawke x Fenris)