Peter’s friends thinking he is in the Stark internship: wow you are a genius. I wish we were as put together as you.

Peter thinking about how he cried because he forgot how to spell atom after a long night as Spider-Man: yep. Totally smart and together.

Writing fall themed college Peter Parker smut.

Honestly my writing is like bowling. If it doesn’t go in the gutter I’m pleasantly surprised. Let me know if you want to be tagged.

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After Peter P. Returns:

Tony: okay so here’s your new updated suit with built in rocket blasters, anti-disintegrating materials, also yeah I put traces of an infinity stone in this but I’m not taking any chances anyways here you go, also there are 2 back up parachutes and if you press this every single avenger will be alerted oh and I cant forg-

Peter: uhhh are you sure about this? I dont think i.. I mean-

Tony: this here controls 20 of my suits that ar-

Peter: -its fine! It’s great but… mr stark???

Tony: call me dad

Ok so y'all know this scene

Peter is trying to pull the two sides of the ferry together

I did some research and that ferry weighs 6184 long/imperial tons!

That’s is 13852160 pounds!!!

That means that our lil’ spider baby was pulling 6, 926, 080 pounds on each individual arm :O

Thank you for coming to my ted talk. :)