Went to take a soak and found a HUUUUUUGE spider in my bathtub!  Like HUUUUUUGE, you guys.  Like 2.5 inches across, not even kidding you. Uggggggh.  I was mature about it and took a bath anyway (after I childishly made my husband dispose of it).  But I thought about giant spiders the whoooole damn time…  *shudder*

Concept: an RPG setting where the ruling class consists of talking spiders with a penchant for fancy hats. Not anthropomorphic spiders - just regular-looking spiders, about the size of a largeish dog, that are sapient and capable of speech. The setting isn’t a horrifying arachnid dystopia or anything; it’s actually a fairly conventional high fantasy milieu, except that all the royals, most of the hereditary nobility, and a fair chunk of the gentry are spiders, with all the cultural strangeness that implies.

(Stairs are considered lower class - the spiders climb, of course - so wealthy humans build multi-level dwellings with no stairs and develop their free-climbing skills in order to imitate their eight-legged neighbours. The spiders, for their part, pointedly ignore the handholds cunningly disguised as decorative moulding, because it’s rude to draw attention to a person’s disability.)

Why don’t more ML fans talk about this?

In the Miraculous Ladybug Christmas Special, Pire noel gave “Gifts” to certain characters (Ladybug, Chloe, and The Gorilla specifically) and each of those “gifts” had a specific thing inside them.

Ladybug’s had bats, Chloe’s had cockroaches and The Gorilla’s had spiders. But why were they like that? was it random?


Each one of them reacted with a good amount of fear towards what came after them.

The answer is simple: Santa Claus normally gives people what they want for Christmas but Pire Noel, essentially being nega-Santa, gives them what they fear instead. It’s like nightmare before Christmas where all the toys were horrific monstrosities.

This does give us pretty good info on Actual fears these three have and hopefully that info gets used more often and we get to see more fears canonized in later seasons