COMICS AND NOSTALGIA: photorealistic oil on canvas by Florida-based artist Doug Bloodworth.

  • Doug Bloodworth has been recognized as one of our generation’s premier photorealist artists. His paintings hang in famous art galleries around the world.
  • Photorealism is a genre of oil painting in which a painting, when viewed from ten or twenty feet away, looks exactly like a photograph. Only when one gets just a few inches from the painting does one realize that in fact it is an oil painting and not a photo.

All artwork available for purchase on his website

Tom Holland Has Already Shot His Scenes For Captain America: Civil War

According to screenwriters  John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein, Tom Holland, aka Spider-Man or Peter Parker, has already shot his cameo for Captain America: Civil War. They said:

“We hear good things. We might even get to look at the Spidey suit, which is exciting.”

Source: Vulture

Sorry, I’m running late. I had an epic battle with my blue contacts and the contacts won (they burned by eyeballs) Here’s the adjusted @bostoncomiccon schedule :

12-1 Panel : Q&A
130-6 signing
8pm CRUISE SHIP SAILS- Im hosting :D

Costume by @castlecorsetry
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“Look out!” You drop to your knees and cover you head and Peter uses his web to stick some of the swarm of tiny micro-praying manti. 

There was a sickly sweet, sinister laugh, “Oh, Mr. Parker, do give it up.” You look around to place the voice to a body but all you see are mechanical green bugs. 

“You give it up first!” he said, slinging webs every which way. Peter picked you up and put you over his shoulder. “Get on my back!” he shouted at you as he ran for the both of your lives. The process took a bit of maneuvering, and for part of it you’re pretty sure you ended up choking Peter a little with your thighs, but it’s not like it would be the first time. 

“Who is she Peter? Why am I here? What’s going on?” 

“Her name is Babet Buggington, she has this weird thing about spiders, I dunno, I didn’t really stop to ask much about it, it seemed a little trivial at the time. She probably thinks I’m dating you or something, and wanted to poke at me to lure me out… And I’m here to save you. Hold onto me, and tuck your head in. Don’t scream.” You bury your head into Peter’s neck and shut your eyes, preparing for the worst. 

But nothing you could have done could prepare you for what came next. Peter leapt through a window, shattering it into a million tiny little pieces and slung a web at the roof of the closest building. 

“Oh my god! We’re flying!”

“It’s really more like swinging, but I’ll give it to you.” Your laughter can be heard across New York.

You land on your roof and Peter let you down gently so you don’t fall over. 

“You’ll get your land legs back in a second. I’ll see ya around, I’m sorry about this it won’t happen again.” Peter touched your shoulder before her turned to leave.

“Wait.” you say. He turns around and suddenly you’re so over whelmed with emotion you don’t know what to do with yourself.

“You said she thought we were dating, that I was someone close to you.” 

“Well, yeah, I’ve been hanging around you a lot. But, y'know misconceptions are had.” 

For a long time you just stare at him, trying to calm the part of you that wants to smack him across the face, while simultaneously trying not to kiss him full on the mouth. “You and I have spent everyday together for the last three months. We have gone on dates, we have gone on double dates. Hell, Peter! Yesterday I sent you a message about wanting PIzza at three in the morning and within the next ten minutes you were here with Pizza.”

“I mean I don’t know if you would call them dates, what are you trying to get at?”

“I don’t think Buggington is that far off about your feelings, because she certainly isn’t about mine.” Peter’s eyes widen and his mouth falls open, a blush creeping it’s way across his face. 

“Look, I-”

“Shut up! Yes or no, do you have feelings for me.” 

This time Peter was the one who was silent for a long time. “Of course she’s right.” he said finally. “Why would I spend every moment I possibly could with someone I wasn’t interested in. But we can’t. I can’t.I can’t do this again, I can’t watch you die because of me.” Peter turns around to brood over the city, and you wrap your arms around his chest and out your head on his back.

“I can’t say that I won’t die, because who knows how I"m supposed to go out, but I will say that you can’t let fear control you and run your life. I certainly won’t let it control mine, but if you leave here, you leave here for the last time, because I won’t wait for you.” the words hurt you to say them, but they were important. 

Peter turned around and cupped your face with his hand. Suddenly he was kissing you, hard and passionately, and just as soon he was gone. You opened up your eyes and look around, only to see that you are alone. A tear falls down your face and suddenly you can’t breathe. you fall to your knees and try to regain your ability to breathe but all you can do is cry. 

A figure steps out from the shadows. She’s in a bright green dress that shimmers in the city light. “Poor little girl.” it’s the same sickly sweet voice.

“Get away from me, Buggington. He left, we’re over. Leave me alone.” You feel broken. 

“He cares for you, little dove. That is why he will come for you!” Suddenly there were manti swarming all over you, you begin to scream but suddenly the world goes dark and you drift into black nothing.