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It’s Official: Brie Larson is Captain Marvel!
Larson's casting in the role was announced at the tail end of Saturday night's Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

“The rumors of Brie Larson being the favorite of Marvel Studios to play Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel have been circulating since last month (I weighed in on my feelings about the casting, as did Captain America himself Chris Evans)–and now Marvel themselves have put those rumors to rest.

Larson’s casting in the role was announced at the tail end of Saturday night’s Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con, as Marvel actors both new and old (including the casts of Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Doctor Strange) all came out on stage to take one group photo.

President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige mentioned they had to bring out the newest addition to the Marvel cast too: Brie Larson as Captain Marvel! You can watch a clip of the official announcement on stage at Hall H below.”

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Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man #2 Review - Marvel Mondays

When Civil War II was first being announced and I heard the main idea behind it, I thought that the argument was a little lopsided. I mean, I’ve seen Minority Report and countless other films about predicting the future and preemptive justice and so have most of the readers of comic books. These films usually show these things in a negative context and thus many reader would automatically gravitate towards Iron Man’s ideology. Marvel clearly anticipated this and so, many of the first tie-in issues gave the reader a reason to side with Captain Marvel. Honestly though, I wasn’t buying it. Then the first issue of Civil War II: Amazing Spider-Man came out. It presented the way that Peter Parker would be using Ulysses gift. It actually showed the potential that this ideology had. While I haven’t been the biggest fan of Civil War II, that issue at least gave me a legitimate reason to see the debate that was occurring. So, did this second issue deliver as nicely as the first? Let’s find out.

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