December Blues || Peter Parker

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 1625

Summary: There’s some family issues at home making the holiday season just not feel the same

Warnings: December holidays mentioned, sad reader, separated parents, infidelity

Note: Peter Parker x Bug universe, takes place after photographs


It was another Friday that you had stayed after school. You had stayed after school to help student council set up holiday decorations and put up posters for the winter formal, but you weren’t really feeling the holiday spirit.

Things had been hard at home lately. Your parents were going through a rough spot which lead your father moving out. It just didn’t feel like the holidays without him at home. You felt like you were just walking through a haze.

“Hey Y/N, can you hand me a poster now?” Betty asked. You shock away the daze as you handed the poster up to where she was on the ladder.

She taped the Winter Formal poster up onto the wall as you watched. Jason stood holding the ladder for her. Jason wasn’t on student council, but he had a thing for Betty and was hoping to get her to go with him to the dance. You knew she would shot him down like she had for homecoming, but he was still going to try. You thought his persistence was endearing, but you had to say you were glad you weren’t in her position.

“How many more posters do we have to put up?” Jason asked.

“Well how many do we have left?” Betty asked as she made her way down the ladder. You took your time to count the posters you were holding: six, and you knew that there was more as well as at least one banner still in the student council room that you had to put up.

“There’s six here and some more in the student council room,” you said. Jason groaned, and Betty smiled at his reaction. You walked down the hall to the place designated for the next poster. The duo followed behind you fighting about something.

The three of you continued on that way. When you had finished with the posters, you went to grab the banner without the two bicker teens. You slowly walked down the quiet hallway. The only sound was your converse slapping against the ground evenly.

When you reached the student council room, you saw the banner on the table sitting on a still large pile of posters. You let a groan slip past your lips. Dragging your feet, you went to pick up the posters the piles off the table.

Slowly you made your back to the duo as slowly as you could. You walked past Peter’s locker to see your best friend was still there sitting with his back to the lockers.

Peter’s hair was a mess as if he been running his hands through it. He had his earbuds in and was looking down at his phone seemingly engrossed on whatever was on the screen. It was probably Ned texting him or more YouTube videos of Spider-man.

“Peter?” you said. The boy pulled out one of the ear buds and looked up from you from his spot on the floor.

“Hey, bug,” he said with a smile. Peter pushed off the ground using the lockers to stand just barely taller than you. He stepped closer to you leaving about a foot between the two of you.

“What are you still doing here?” you said. “I thought you left already. I thought you had stark internship stuff to do.”

“That stuff can wait,” He said shrugging and placing a hand on your arm. “I wanted to make sure you got home safe plus I didn’t know if you would need any extra help.”

You just nodded looking up at his smiling face. You took a brief glance in the direction that you had come expecting to see Betty and Jason, but neither of them had rounded the corner.

“If you could just use your webs and hang the rest of the posters, that be great then I could get away from all these winter wonderland themed monstrosities,” you said holing the posters you had just collected.

“Not feeling the Christmas spirit?” Peter asked. You just replied with a shrug taking a small step back away from Peter looking down the hallway once again. You just looked around trying to avoid Peter’s eyes. You hadn’t told him what was going on, but you knew that he already knew.

“Let’s get out of here,” Peter said gesturing to the door.

“I can’t,” you said looking at him. “I have to help put these posters up.”

“Just let Betty and Jason handle it,” Peter said shrugging. He took the posters from your hand and laced your fingers with his. You looked down at your interlocked fingers your mind wandering back to the night before your family fell apart. The night Peter told you he loved you think you were asleep.

You hadn’t said anything to him about. You didn’t want to embarrass him. At the time, you didn’t think that you felt that way about Peter, but the longer that you took to think about you began to realize that you actually did like the sweet superhero from queens.

“What do you say?” Peter snapped you out of your haze.

“What?” you said taking your eyes off your interlocked fingers to look the boy in the eyes.  A smile pitched at the corner of his lips.

“I said we could go get a sandwich from that place we both like and then we could just hang around for a little,” Peter said. You knew that when he said hang around he meant you get swing on webs with him while he stopped petty crimes. You loved watching Peter do his job. It actually was the highlight of your day some days. You really wanted to take him up on the offer.

“I can’t Peter,” you said sadly. “I have an obligation as Student Body VP to help with this.”

“Just have Betty handle it,” Peter said shrugging. “Let’s go give her these and let’s take off come on.”

You just rolled your eyes and smiled a little at him. Peter started dragging you down the hall hand in hand still carrying the posters. Betty and Jason rounded the corner as you approached it. Betty was scowling and her face was slightly red. Jason was happily yapping off her ear.

“Y/N,” Betty called to you. “What is taking you so long. All you had to do is grab the rest of the posters, but it’s been nearly fifteen minutes. I can promise you it does not take that long.”

It seemed that Batty didn’t even notice Peter standing there with his hand in yours. She stopped just in front of you and glaring at you.

“What are you doing here Parker?” Betty said after a few minutes of completely ignoring him. Peter just smiled at her and handed her the posters. She grabbed them from him harshly and Jason took a step back from her as if realizing that she was mad.

“I’m taking Y/N out for some much-needed best friend time,” Peter said briefly glancing at you. He offered you a small smile. “I’m afraid that she will not be able to help you put the rest of those posters up.”

It looked like smoke was about to billow out of Betty’s ears when Peter said that.

“Don’t worry Betty,” you said. “There’s only three posters and Banner left. I won’t take long and there’s no reason that I be here too. You got this and Jason will be here to help.”

“Fine,” Betty said. “But only because you did put most of them up.”

She smiled at you as you came closer to her. You released Peter’s hand to wrap your arms around the girl you had grown close to this year. You and Betty weren’t friends before you became VP, but when Liz had left just after Homecoming the two of you had grown close. You knew that her anger over you leaving was only kin deep and that was confirmed when she wrapped her arms around you in return.

“Bye, Betty, Jason,” You said as you walked back to the student council room to grab your bag.

“Bye, be safe,” Betty called. You gave her a wave before she turned around posters in hand to finish the job. Peter followed behind you quietly.

It was nearing the six o’clock hour and you were sitting with Spider-man bundled up in winter clothes on top an apartment building. Both of you hand your feet hung over the edge as you sat there eating sandwiches.

“I’m sorry about your parents bug,” Peter said. You looked down at your hands still holding half the sandwich. You didn’t really want to talk about it, but there was no way to avoid the subject any longer.

“It’s nothing really,” you said trying to sound nonchalant about it. Both of you knew that it was a big deal and even if Peter didn’t, the quiver in your voice would have given it away.

“If you don’t want to talk about it, we don’t have to, but I just need you to tell me that,” Peter said. You looked to the boy in his Spider-man get up. His mask was off and his curly chestnut hair was plastered to his forehead by the cold and sweat. There were tears budding at the corner of your eyes that you tired to blink away, but that just made it worse.

“My dad cheated on my mom,” you said. The floodgates brook ushering out tears. That was all you seemed to need to say as You felt Peter remove the sandwich from your hand and his arms envelope you. Soothing circles were rubbed into your back as he echoed over and over again the only words you wanted to hear him say.

“I’m here.”

A Big Day

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An: what can I say about this? I have no idea. I just started writing and this came out. fluff, mutual pining, crushes reveled ect. your usual fanfiction stuff. enjoy loves ;)

Note: Italics = thoughts

You were staring again … captivated as usual by dark, kind brown eyes and gorgeous chestnut hair—by the pure beauty that was Peter Benjamin Parker.

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Possible alternate Spider-people: Spider-Gwen

So Into the Spider-verse is said to have multiple Spider-people in it much to joy of fans and the consternation of others who feel that Miles has done enough to earn his own movie, and since I’ve written about Miles a lot, I figured not a lot of people know about other Spider-people so I guess whenever I have time, I will write at length of other lesser known Spider-people who fit the criteria of this blog which is only like three outside of Miles that I know of and they are all women. Well, four because one is weird, but we’ll get to genderbent Spider-woman later. Right now, let’s talk about Gwen Stacy.

Disclaimer: I do not like Spider-Gwen. I hope, no, pray that Spider-Gwen does not get into this movie. But there is a very good chance that she might be and I will do my best to put aside personal bias because while I might not like her, other girls who have not heard of her might come across this blog or this post and become inspired. And that is what we are about here. If you want to know why I do not like her, I’ll write a seperate post.

Gwen Stacy is legendary in Spider-man mythos to the point that she is synonymous with dead love interest. Spider-man is notable in that regard because it was the first in modern comics to kill off a major character or no less a major female character that was one of the most prominent love interests at the time. The issue is comic books are not exactly original in their intentions to create things or new narratives. People saw the Death of Gwen Stacy and the clout that it garnered and thoughtlessly started replicating it for the sake of drama and sales. It got so bad that it is hard to find a character that does not have killed off love interest or dead mother. Women were getting fridged left to right, even women who were otherwise capable and shouldn’t ever be placed in such a situation. Hence, Damsel in Distress and Fridged becoming very negative tropes to use when it comes to any female character.

Instead of becoming a very poignant part of Spider-man narrative that until this day drives a lot of character motivation for Peter, it became a sexist cliche. Like I swear  I think Batman has a graveyard of dead ex-love interests behind Wayne Manor probably because Joker is a BruceXSelina shipper. Who knows?

Anyways, Spider-Gwen is the answer to that unfortunate phenomena in superhero comics as more and more women start openly reading comics and slowly revealing that comic books are not a boys club or ever has been.

Gwen Stacy is the teenaged daughter of Captain George Stacy of the NYPD. Her mother died when she an infant and was raised in a single parent home. She goes to Midtown High and resides in Forest Hills, Queens, New York. Gwen Stacy is a music aficionado which is how she became best friends with the resident dork and fellow music lover, Peter Parker. She even joins a girl rock group called the Mary Janes as the drummer. An otherwise pretty normal girl. Then she gets bit by a genetically engineered Spider which gives her superpowers like being able to crawl on walls and superstrength and agility with Spider-sense. 

So naturally, Gwen uses her newfound abilities to become media superstar who does variety acts like…drumming on the ceiling because who the fuck wouldn’t?

However, her best friend and fellow music lover, Peter Parker, became envious of her abilities and decided to get some abilities of his own to prove that he was not “Pathetic Parker.” And that backfired and he became the Lisard, to which Gwen was forced to put down in front of Peter’s Aunt. This act got her known as a killer and now she is wanted in New York.

Gwen Stacy, however, mourns the loss of her former best friend and can never forget about what her actions  or lack thereof done.

Gwen Stacy was inspired by her father’s indirect critique of Spider-woman’s previous frivolousness and because of her father’s dutifulness, she sees her mask as a badge.

Because she believes in responsibility in authority, she also expects police officers to be better as well. She believes that as the executives of justice, police officers must be resolute and calm when they make their decisions or else people lose faith in the uniform.

Gwen respects poise under pressure and piety to doing right which goes beyond herself and those  aspects, she believes, that she serves to show that nothing she does can be seen as more special than the service to those ideals.

This is Spider-Gwen or Ghost-Spider. Next is Anya Corazon.