1. Would you take the risk and attack a Hornet moth (Sesia apiformis), a moth that looks just like a hornet?

2. The Sphingidae caterpillar (Hemeroplanes triptolemus) scares predators away by looking like a snake.

3. A Red ant-mimic jumping spider (Myrmarachne plataleoides), one of the over 100 species of ant-mimicking spiders.

4. A pink Orchid mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) sitting on an actual orchid.

5. Thorns on a branch or Thorn bugs (Umbonia spinosa)? 

6. Amazing leaf-mimicry by the appropriately named Leaf insect (Phyllidae) or Walking leaf.

Image sources: cassian001, Janzen & Hallwach, orionmystery, Thomas Marent, Murilo Porto, R. Straatman.


6/1/15                        Spider of the Day

Araneomorphae (True Spiders)- Oxyopidae (Lynx Spiders)-Oxyopes salticus (Striped Lynx) Males 5mm

Two Males SAME species but different coloration.

Range Eastern United States from Massachusetts and Iowa south to Florida and Texas, along Mexican border, north along Pacific coast to Oregon.  Also much of South and Central America. Habitat Grasses and leafy vegetation; grassy, weedy fields Food small insects and plant bugs.


Another unwarranted tantrum from the drama queen herself. 

Besides her usual displacing of the blue plant and throwing dirt in the water dish, she’s dug out the substrate almost all the way to the floor in the front half of her enclosure (see my hand in the fourth pic), successfully lost one of her rocks, and blocked off the entrance to her hide with substrate, webbing, and the infamous blue plant. And what does Ophelia have to say about this?

“The dragon made me do it!”


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