“All sorts were said about us, from being too big for our boots to a team that was more concerned with swanning round like playboys than playing football. None of it was true, as anyone who had been in our dressing room at Wembley would have known. The scene was one of total devastation.

But, in terms of Liverpool’s reputation, the damage was done. The Spice Boys had been born.”

Those Spice Boys Strike Again!

From Poets of the Fall’s Facebook Page:

We are very sorry to announce that our upcoming album has been delayed to at least 2015. Due to a series of unfortunate events that include a computer virus, electric blackouts, software bugs and human errors, everything we had recorded so far for the new album is now gone. Everyone always said we should make backups, but we didn’t really understand their importance - until now.

While we don’t have to compose everything again from scratch, we do need to re-record and re-mix everything, and that will take time. Unless we encounter more similar problems, we expect to release the re-recorded album on April 1st 2015.

Again, we are deeply sorry, and thank you for your patience and understanding!

Our Take:
While Poets of the Fall has had some pretty big technical hiccups over the years from hard drive failures to broken instruments, I feel this overshadows them all. It’s also so unfortunate that this would happen on today of all days! In fact… I have a slight sneaking suspicion this may be an April Fools joke but only because Captain hasn’t taken to the Twitters to describe his struggle with insanity before posting vast amounts of cat photos. He would fly to New York to walk in the footsteps of Max Payne and rededicate his life to seeking revenge. His only friend in his jouney would be the music he helped make for the series…Wait? That was accidently deleted too?! Oh…


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